Yellow-Blue Pansies

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Yellow-Blue Pansies
Yellow-Blue Pansies.png
Catalog Category
Other - Flowers
Sells For
60 Bells

How to Obtain[edit source]

Obtained via planting Yellow-Blue Pansy Seeds.png Yellow-Blue Pansy Seeds and harvesting after 4 Hour(s).

Lloid Trade-in Rewards[edit source]

Furniture[edit source]

Name Theme Catalog Category Size Obtain Rarity
Furniture Potted Yellow-Blue Pansies.png
Ptd. Yellow-Blue Pansies
Natural Banner.png
Potted Plants 2x2 Obtained via trading Yellow-Blue Pansies.png Yellow-Blue Pansies x10 with Lloid in the garden. ★★

Clothing[edit source]

Name Theme Catalog Category Animal Suitability Obtain Rarity
Floral Tee (Yellow-Blue Pansies).png
Floral Tee (Yellow-Blue Pansies)
Natural Banner.png
Floral Clothes Can wear Trade with Lloid at the Garden for 25 Yellow-Blue Pansies.png Yellow-Blue Pansies ★★