Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki

Villagers sometimes ask what furniture to give to another villager as a request, giving the player three options to pick from.

The three options are randomly selected from different groups, based on the villager receiving the gift.

The outcome of rewards is not linked to whether the villager likes the item or not. You will still receive the same rewards if you give a non-favorited item.

The lists below show the possible gift options for each group of villager receiving the gift:

Group 101[ | ]

Name Theme
Rmk lov chestC Lovely Armoire Cute
Rmk lov bedW Lovely Bed Cute
Rmk lov chairS Lovely Chair Cute
Rmk lov kitchen Lovely Kitchen Cute
Rmk lov lamp Lovely Lamp Cute
Rmk lov chairL Lovely Love Seat Cute
Rmk lov tableM Lovely Table Cute
Rmk oth marshmallow Marshmallow Chair Hip
Furniture Soft-Serve Lamp Soft-Serve Lamp Hip
Int swt bedw Sweets Bed Hip
Int swt chesta Sweets Dresser Hip
Furniture Sweets Sofa Sweets Sofa Hip
Int swt tableL Sweets Table (Basic) Hip

Group 102[ | ]

Name Theme
Int bal bedW Balloon Bed Hip
Int bal chairS Balloon Chair Hip
Int bal lamp Balloon Lamp Hip
Int bal tableL Balloon Table Hip
Int bal tv Balloon TV Hip
Rmk bal lamp dog Balloon-Dog Lamp Hip
Int egg chairl Egg Bench Hip
Int egg clockb Egg Clock Hip
Int egg tables Egg Table Hip
Int ctr g tables Grapefruit Table Hip
Rmk col bedS Kiddie Bed Hip
Rmk col bookshelf Kiddie Bookcase Hip
Rmk col chestC Kiddie Bureau Hip
Rmk col chairS Kiddie Chair Hip
Rmk col clockN Kiddie Clock Hip
Rmk col chairL Kiddie Couch Hip
Rmk col chestA Kiddie Dresser Hip
Rmk col tableL Kiddie Table (Basic) Hip
Rmk ctr stool Kiwi Stool Hip
Furniture Mush Hanger Mush Hanger Hip
Furniture Mush Lamp Mush Lamp Hip
Furniture Mush Table Mush Table Hip
Furniture Mush TV Mush TV Hip
Furniture Mush Wide Stool Mush Wide Stool Hip
Furniture Polka-Dot Bed Polka-Dot Bed Hip
Furniture Polka-Dot Chair Polka-Dot Chair Hip
Furniture Polka-Dot Closet Polka-Dot Closet Hip
Furniture Polka-Dot Dresser Polka-Dot Dresser Hip
Furniture Polka-Dot Lamp Polka-Dot Lamp Hip
Furniture Polka-Dot Low Table Polka-Dot Low Table Hip
Furniture Polka-Dot Sofa Polka-Dot Sofa Hip
Furniture Polka-Dot Stool Polka-Dot Stool Hip
Furniture Polka-Dot Table Polka-Dot Table Hip
Furniture Polka-Dot TV Polka-Dot TV Hip
Rmk ctr chairs Tangerine Chair Hip
Furniture Toy Piano Toy Piano Hip

Group 103[ | ]

Name Theme
Rmk scd lamp Alpine Lamp Natural
Rmk scd tableM Alpine Low Table Natural
Rmk scd chairL Alpine Sofa Natural
Rmk blu bedS Blue Bed Natural
Rmk blu chairL Blue Bench Natural
Rmk blu bookshelf Blue Bookcase Natural
Rmk blu chestC Blue Cabinet Natural
Rmk blu chairS Blue Chair Natural
Rmk blu tableL Blue Table Natural
Rmk chc bedw Classic Bed Natural
Rmk chc tablem Classic Buffet Natural
Rmk chc byuro Classic Desk Natural
Rmk chc chairL Classic Sofa Natural
Rmk grn chairL Green Bench Natural
Rmk grn chairS Green Chair Natural
Rmk grn counter Green Counter Natural
Rmk grn desk Green Desk Natural
Rmk grn lamp Green Lamp Natural
Rmk grn tableL Green Table Natural
Rmk grn chestC Green Wardrobe Natural
Furniture Modern Wood Closet Modern Wood Closet Natural
Rmk mxw lamp Modern Wood Lamp Natural
Furniture Modern Wood Sofa Modern Wood Sofa Natural
Rmk mxw stool Modern Wood Stool Natural
Rmk mxw tablem Modern Wood Table Natural
Furniture Ranch Armchair Ranch Armchair Natural
Furniture Ranch Bed Ranch Bed Natural
Furniture Ranch Bookcase Ranch Bookcase Natural
Furniture Ranch Chair Ranch Chair Natural
Furniture Ranch Couch Ranch Couch Natural
Rmk cnt chesta Ranch Dresser Natural
Furniture Ranch Hutch Ranch Hutch Natural
Rmk cnt tableL Ranch Table Natural
Furniture Ranch Tea Table Ranch Tea Table Natural
Furniture Ranch Wardrobe Ranch Wardrobe Natural

Group 104[ | ]

Name Theme
Int oth amp Amp Cool
Rmk oth drum Drum Set Cool
Int oth effects Effects Rack Cool
Rmk gtr Egtr02 Electric Guitar Cool
Furniture Metal Guitar Metal Guitar Cool
Furniture Modern Bed Modern Bed Cool
Furniture Modern Chair Modern Chair Cool
Furniture Modern Dresser Modern Dresser Cool
Furniture Modern End Table Modern End Table Cool
Furniture Modern Lamp Modern Lamp Cool
Furniture Modern Sofa Modern Sofa Cool
Rmk mnc tablem01 Modern Table (Basic) Cool
Furniture Modern Wardrobe Modern Wardrobe Cool
Furniture Silver Mic Silver Mic Cool
Furniture Sleek Chair Sleek Chair Cool
Furniture Sleek Closet Sleek Closet Cool
Furniture Sleek Dresser Sleek Dresser Cool
Furniture Sleek Lamp Sleek Lamp Cool
Furniture Sleek Side Table Sleek Side Table Cool
Furniture Sleek Sideboard Sleek Sideboard Cool
Furniture Sleek Sofa Sleek Sofa Cool
Furniture Sleek Table Sleek Table Cool
Furniture Speaker Speaker Cool

Group 106[ | ]

Name Theme
Furniture Turkey Turkey Rustic
Int fns barbell Barbell Sporty
Int fns bike Exercise Bike Sporty
Int oth greennet Green Net Sporty
Int sch hurdle Hurdle Sporty
Int fns lat Lat Pulldown Machine Sporty
Furniture Metal Bench Metal Bench Sporty
Furniture Mountain Bike Mountain Bike Sporty
Furniture Soccer Ball Soccer Ball Sporty
Int wrs speedbag Speed Bag Sporty
Furniture Stripe Bed Stripe Bed Sporty
Furniture Stripe Chair Stripe Chair Sporty
Furniture Stripe Closet Stripe Closet Sporty
Furniture Stripe Lamp Stripe Lamp Sporty
Furniture Stripe Shelf Stripe Shelf Sporty
Furniture Stripe Sofa Stripe Sofa Sporty
Furniture Stripe Table Stripe Table Sporty
Furniture Surfboard Surfboard Sporty
Int fns running Treadmill Sporty

Group 107[ | ]

Name Theme
Int gdn lawnmower Lawn Mower Cool
Int frt fire Beacon Fire Harmonious
Int pcs jb Djimbe Drum Natural
Int oth fagot Firewood Natural
Rmk gdn bedS Hammock Natural
Furniture Picnic Basket Picnic Basket Natural
Furniture Plain Tree Stump Plain Tree Stump Natural
Furniture Ukulele Ukulele Natural
Rmk log chairs02 Cabin Armchair Rustic
Rmk log chairS01 Cabin Chair Rustic
Rmk log clockB Cabin Clock Rustic
Rmk log chairL Cabin Couch Rustic
Rmk log tableM Cabin Low Table Rustic
Rmk log tablel Cabin Table Rustic
Int wst wagon Covered Wagon Rustic
Fobj bench log Log Bench Rustic
Int wst saddlefence Saddle Fence Rustic
Furniture Watering Trough Watering Trough Rustic
Int wst well Well Rustic
Int tnt backpack Backpack Sporty
Int gdn barbecue Barbecue Sporty
Int tnt messtin Campfire Cookware Sporty
Int sch lavatory Handwashing Area Sporty
Int tnt lamp Lantern Sporty
Furniture Propane Stove Propane Stove Sporty
Furniture Sleeping Bag Sleeping Bag Sporty
Furniture Smoker Smoker Sporty
Int gdn sprinkler Sprinkler Sporty
Furniture Tiki Torch Tiki Torch Sporty

Group 108[ | ]

Name Theme
Rmk rst chairs01 Cabana Armchair Harmonious
Rmk rst chairS02 Cabana Chair Harmonious
Rmk rst lamp Cabana Lamp Harmonious
Rmk rst screen Cabana Screen Harmonious
Rmk rst tablem Cabana Table Harmonious
Rmk rst dresser Cabana Vanity Harmonious
Rmk asi chairl Exotic Bench Harmonious
Rmk asi trunk Exotic Chest Harmonious
Rmk asi lamp Exotic Lamp Harmonious
Rmk asi screen Exotic Screen Harmonious
Rmk asi tablem Exotic Table Harmonious
Rmk oth chinacheir Imperial Chair Harmonious
Int isl bedS Beach Chair Sporty
Rmk isl parasol Beach Table Sporty

Group 109[ | ]

Name Theme
Int oth kcandle sp Candelabra Elegant
Rmk oth couch Chaise Lounge Elegant
Rmk oth mirror Desk Mirror Elegant
Rmk oth elechairs Elegant Chair Elegant
Rmk oth teaset Fancy Tea Set Elegant
Int gor c tablem Gorgeous Counter Elegant
Rmk oth handbag Handbag Elegant
Int oth perfume Perfume Bottles Elegant
Rmk ryl bedw Regal Bed Elegant
Rmk ryl chairs Regal Chair Elegant
Rmk ryl clockn Regal Clock Elegant
Rmk ryl lamp Regal Lamp Elegant
Rmk ryl chairl Regal Sofa Elegant
Rmk ryl tablem Regal Table Elegant
Rmk ryl dresser Regal Vanity Elegant
Rmk rcc chairs Rococo Chair Elegant
Rmk rcc bookshelf Rococo Shelf Elegant
Rmk rcc chairl Rococo Sofa Elegant
Rmk rcc tablem Rococo Table Elegant
Rmk rcc chestc Rococo Wardrobe Elegant
Rmk oth rose Single Rose Elegant
Int oth casablanca Casablanca Lilies Natural

Group 110[ | ]

Name Theme
Int uvs meteo Asteroid Cool
Int sff chairs02 Crew Member's Seat Cool
Int sff meterm Large Space Console Cool
Int uvs rover Lunar Rover Cool
Furniture Oil Barrel Oil Barrel Cool
Furniture Red Cone Red Cone Cool
Rmk rob chairs Robo-Chair Cool
Rmk rob lamp Robo-Lamp Cool
Rmk rob tablel Robo-Table Cool
Rmk rob tv Robo-TV Cool
Int uvs spacesuit Spaceman Sam Cool
Furniture Octopus Chair Octopus Chair Hip
Furniture Tire Stack Tire Stack Sporty

Group 111[ | ]

Name Theme
Int hsp graph EKG Machine Civic
Int hsp exambed Exam Table Civic
Int ofc cabinetl File Cabinet (L) Civic
Int ofc cabinetm File Cabinet (M) Civic
Rmk mse case01 Flat Display Case Civic
Int hsp screen Hospital Screen Civic
Int oth iced chestb Kitchen Refrigerator Civic
Int ofc chairs Office Chair Civic
Int ofc phone Office Phone Civic
Furniture Operating-Room Cart Operating-Room Cart Civic
Furniture Reception Counter Reception Counter Civic
Int ofc timeclock Time Clock Civic
Int hsp chairs Trunk Measure Civic
Furniture Waiting-Room Bench Waiting-Room Bench Civic
Int hsp sterilizer Washbasin Civic
Rmk ofc tablem White Office Desk Civic
Int hsp scale Scale Cool
Furniture Medicine Cabinet Medicine Cabinet Historical
Int hsp mdn beds Modern Hospital Bed Modern

Group 112[ | ]

Name Theme
Int jpn bamboo chairL Bamboo Bench Harmonious
Int jpn fence Bamboo Fence Harmonious
Int oth bamboo cmps Bamboo Tree Harmonious
Int oth lute Biwa Lute Harmonious
Int jpn swordb Black Katana Harmonious
Int jar jar seiji Blue Vase Harmonious
Rmk dhr dharmal Giant Dharma Harmonious
Int oth ska tablem Glass-Top Table Harmonious
Int jpn hearth Hearth Harmonious
Rmk oth kotatsu Kotatsu Harmonious
Int jpn tablel Large Tea Table Harmonious
Int jpn lamp Paper Lantern Harmonious
Int oth sushigeta Sushi Tray Harmonious
Int oth alcove Tokonoma Harmonious
Fobj bench jpn Zen Bench Harmonious
Furniture Zen Chair Zen Chair Harmonious
Rmk jpn cushion Zen Cushion Harmonious
Rmk jpn ochauke Zen Tea Set Harmonious
Int oth phone bl Black Phone Historical
Rmk oth ezara Decorative Plate Historical
Rmk jpn zaisu Floor Seat Historical
Furniture Red Vase Red Vase Historical
Int oth iceb chestb Retro Fridge Historical
Int sdo camera Vintage Camera Historical
Furniture Zen Barrel Zen Barrel Historical
Int jpn fuzukue Zen Desk Historical
Fobj rice Rack of Rice Rustic

Group 113[ | ]

Name Theme
Rmk flo stool Azalea Stool Cute
Furniture Tin Watering Can Tin Watering Can Historical
Furniture Wooden Bucket Wooden Bucket Historical
Int plt dracaena Corn Plant Modern
Int plt aloe Aloe Natural
Rmk oth planter Barrel Planter Natural
Int plt ananas Bromeliaceae Natural
Int plt cacao Cacao Tree Natural
Int cct smooth Cactus Natural
Int plt caladium Caladium Natural
Int plt croton Croton Natural
Rmk oth goldcrest Cypress Plant Natural
Int plt happy Dracaena Natural
Int plt yamadori Fan Palm Natural
Int gdn tools Garden Tools Natural
Fence 03 int Hedge Natural
Int gdn hose Hose Reel Natural
Furniture Pachira Pachira Natural
Furniture Pothos Pothos Natural
Furniture Round Mini Cactus Round Mini Cactus Natural
Furniture Snake Plant Snake Plant Natural
Int cct gather Succulent Plant Natural
Furniture Swinging Bench Swinging Bench Natural
Furniture Weeping Fig Weeping Fig Natural
Int oth corn Cornstalks Rustic
Furniture Wheat Bundle Wheat Bundle Rustic

Group 114[ | ]

Name Theme
Int cst arrowsign Detour Arrow Cool
Rmk oth casterpail Garbage Bin Cool
Int cst weightp Traffic Cone Cool
Int pir ancho Anchor Historical
Int pir barrel01 Barrel Historical
Int oth earth Cool Globe Historical
Int pir wheel Helm Historical
Int pir barrel02 Keg Historical