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The game tutorial will walk a player through creating their character, selecting a display name, and also introduce to the player to the game mechanics.

Speaking with K.K. Slider[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the game, the player will speak with K.K. Slider, who will ask the player a few questions. It was confirmed in the Japanese Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Guidebook that the questions he asks do not have any effect on the rest of the game.

Character Creation[edit | edit source]

After speaking with K.K. Slider, a player can then create and customize the look of their character. It is possible to change a character's look at any time from the Settings menu after if a player wants to change looks again.

The features a player can modify are the character's:

  • Gender
  • Hairstyle
  • Eyes
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Skin Tone

The Japanese Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Guidebook mentions that the eye style selected affects the starting clothes of the character, but since all starting clothes are still obtainable in-game, a player should choose whichever eye style they desire. Additionally, if a player starts the game during the Spring/Summer, they will receive a short-sleeved version of the shirt.

Introductions with Isabelle[edit | edit source]

After creating a character, the player will then be introduced to Isabelle who will guide the player through the rest of the tutorial and into the player's role as Camp Manager.

Choosing a Name[edit | edit source]

Isabelle first asks the player for their nickname. This will be the name displayed to other players and cannot be changed.

Choosing a Theme[edit | edit source]

Isabelle will then ask the player to select a theme for their campsite. This only affects which animal starts at a player's campsite as well as which furniture piece a character first crafts during the tutorial. As the game says, it is possible to invite all villagers and craft all furniture no matter which theme is selected.

The following table details the villager and furniture the player crafts in the tutorial depending on the theme selected:

Theme Villager Furniture Craft
Natural Goldie Icon.png
Furniture Ranch Couch.png
Ranch Couch
Sporty Jay Icon.png
Furniture Stripe Sofa.png
Stripe Sofa
Cool Apollo Icon.png
Furniture Modern Sofa.png
Modern Sofa
Cute Rosie Icon.png
Rmk lov chairL.png
Lovely Love Seat (Basic)

Helping Out Villagers / Villager Requests[edit | edit source]

After selecting a theme, Isabelle will then tell the villager to visit the Breezy Hollows campsite where the player will meet their first villager. The villager will then request Apple.png Apple (Item)s from the player, which can be found on one of the fruit trees in Breezy Hollow. Completing the request will give the player request reward materials (Material Cotton.png Cotton) as well as level up the friendship level the player has with that villager.

Crafting Furniture[edit | edit source]

After completing the villager's request, the player can return to the campsite where Isabelle will then introduce the player to Cyrus and Reese, the NPCs who handle crafting in-game. The player will then craft the villager's desired furniture with the Material Cotton.png Cotton received earlier.

Decorating and Inviting Villagers[edit | edit source]

Once the furniture has finished crafting, Isabelle then guides through how to decorate the campsite as well as how to invite villagers to be hosted at the player's campsite. The player must place all the furniture down in their campsite that the villager desires and then call the villager to invite them to the campsite. A cutscene will then play with the villager.

Tutorial Rewards[edit | edit source]

Upon successful completion of the tutorial, Isabelle gives the player the following items:

  • 2,000 Bells.png Bells
  • 3 Fertilizer.png Fertilizer
  • 1 Honey.png Honey
  • 1 Sea Throw Net.png Sea Throw Net
  • 1 River Throw Net.png River Throw Net
  • 15 Material Wood.png Wood
  • 15 Material Cotton.png Cotton