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This is the template used for all furniture pages.


{{Furniture Page
|conversationPiece= <!-- Yes or No -->
|memory= <!-- Yes or No -->
|craftingDifficulty= <!-- ★ -->
|favGiftGroup= <!-- see Villager Furniture Gifts page -->


<!-- for crafted furniture -->
|craftTime= <!-- in seconds -->

|reCraftTime= <!-- in seconds -->



furnitureType What this furniture gets categorized under in-game (eg. Bed, Table, Seat, etc.)
image the filename of the image, without file type. File type assumed to be png.
theme Theme of the object in-game (eg. Cute, Cool, Modern, Rustic, etc.)
catalogCategory The category the furniture belongs to in the catalog
size Dimensions of the furniture when placed (Common dimensions are 2x2, 4x2, 4x4, 8x8)
buyingPrice If this is a shop-exclusive item, the amount of bells needed to purchase the furniture.
sellingPrice How much the furniture sells for to NPCs
animalReactions The in-game Animal Reactions text in the catalog for the furniture
conversationPiece In-game Yes/No on whether the furniture is a conversation piece or not
memory In-game Yes/No in the catalog on whether the furniture provides a scrapbook memory or not
craftingDifficulty In-game crafting difficulty amount of stars
favGiftGroup The hidden identifier for matching up which villager loves which furniture, used when asked by one villager which furniture piece to give to another villager (Event items are excluded).
obtain How to obtain the furniture (eg. By crafting, by default at the start of game, exclusively from the Market Place shop, etc.)
event The name of the event the furniture is related to, if any
startDate start date of above event
endDate end date of above event
craftTime Amount of time it takes to craft the furniture in seconds. (eg. If it takes 10 hours to craft, then 36000 would be input). The template will convert and display the time in hours/minutes.
mat1 / mat2 / mat3 / mat4 / mat5 / mat6 The type of material needed (eg. Wood)
mat1Cost / mat2Cost / mat3Cost ... etc. Amount of material needed
furnitureReq If the crafting requirement includes another piece of furniture, it's name goes here
bells How many bells it costs to craft / buy furniture
unlock How to unlock the furniture to craft
reissue if limited time furniture is reissued, the notice or event link. crafting info is same as above with a re- prefix.
reAvailibility the availability period of the reissue
trivia Trivia about the furniture. Use bullet points to format.

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