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Summer Sparklers was a limited time event from August 17th 2020 at 6:00 a.m. UTC to September 1st 2020 at 5:59 a.m. UTC.

Players were given one Friendship Sparklers to give to their favorite villager and would receive a special gift and letter in return based on the villager's personality.

Gifts and Letters[]

Personality Gift Letter
Cranky Blue-Flower Letter "To my pal [PLAYER],
It's been ages since I waved around a sparkler. I usually think of that kind of thing as kid stuff. I gotta say though, it was real fun to feel like a kid again. You always know how to get a smile out of me! Sometimes you don't realize how much you need something until a friend comes and gives it to you. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I really needed that smile, friend. Thanks for looking out for me.
Always got your back, [ANIMAL]"
Jock Blue-Flower Letter "To my buddy [PLAYER],
Thanks for inviting me to light up some sparklers. I had a lot of fun! Enjoying fireworks with you is just as awesome as doing deadlifts at the gym! It’s a real special memory. If you ever wanna get together and exercise, you know who to call. I’ll always be around!
We’re an unbeatable duo!-[ANIMAL]"
Smug Blue-Flower Letter "Sparkle-buddy [PLAYER],
This is just a little sparkle-note to thank you for the sparkle-time. It was a blast—almost literally! I was thinking, though, that those fireworks remind me of you in more ways than one, you know? Oh, I'll just explain it! It's 'cause hanging out with you always makes my day brighter, that's all.
Yours in sparkle-magic, [ANIMAL]"
Normal Pink-Flower Letter "To my best friend, [PLAYER],
Thank you so much for inviting me to light up sparklers with you! It was so much fun! Afterward, I thought about the chemical components of it all, so I took out a few library books. I hope we can spend next summer together too, [PLAYER]! I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for inspiring me to always be the best version of myself.
Peppy Pink-Flower Letter "To my #1 fan, [PLAYER],
Thanks for inviting me to light sparklers! It was SO much fun. It felt like a spotlight was on me! Spending time with you is priceless. I can always count on having fun with you no matter what we do! I just hope you feel the same way and cherish these memories too. If so, how about we agree to be BFFs forever and light sparklers every year! Wouldn't that be great?
From your favorite pop star, [ANIMAL]"
Snooty Pink-Flower Letter "My dear [PLAYER],
Your invitation to indulge in the whimsy of sparklers together absolutely made my day. There's something truly magical and alluring about a firework you can hold in your hand, isn't there? Still, I don't think I would have appreciated it as much as I did if it weren't for you. Not merely because you invited me. These things are simply better with company, wouldn't you say?
Hoping we'll make many more memories together, [ANIMAL]"
Lazy Yellow-Flower Letter "To my best friend, [PLAYER],
Thank you for inviting me to light up sparklers! It was really exciting. My parents always told me that the proper way to thank someone is by writing a letter. So I did! Also, I doodled some flowers and spaceships 'cause those things remind me of you. A huh huh huh, I hope we can stay friends forever. It'd make me happy if we do this again next year. Fireworks are just like magic!
Big sister Yellow-Flower Letter "To my bestest bud, [PLAYER],
When you showed up and said, "Let's light up sparklers," I wasn't expecting that at all! Your spontaneity is awesome and I'm glad we always have a good time together. Never a dull moment. Let's keep making lots of memories. I hope you'll invite me again next year. It's too much fun to pass up! Seriously, you rock!
From [ANIMAL]"

Villager Personalities[]

Cranky Jock Smug Normal Peppy Snooty Lazy Big sister
Admiral Icon.png Admiral
Angus Icon.png Angus
Apollo Icon.png Apollo
Avery Icon.png Avery
Boris Icon.png Boris
Boyd Icon.png Boyd
Bruce Icon.png Bruce
Butch Icon.png Butch
Buzz Icon.png Buzz
Chief Icon.png Chief
Curt Icon.png Curt
Cyd Icon.png Cyd
Cyrano Icon.png Cyrano
Del Icon.png Del
Dobie Icon.png Dobie
Fang Icon.png Fang
Frank Icon.png Frank
Gaston Icon.png Gaston
Gonzo Icon.png Gonzo
Grizzly Icon.png Grizzly
Groucho Icon.png Groucho
Kabuki Icon.png Kabuki
Lobo Icon.png Lobo
Murphy Icon.png Murphy
Octavian Icon.png Octavian
Peewee Icon.png Peewee
Rizzo Icon.png Rizzo
Rocco Icon.png Rocco
Rolf Icon.png Rolf
Rooney Icon.png Rooney
Roscoe Icon.png Roscoe
Spike Icon.png Spike
Static Icon.png Static
Tom Icon.png Tom
Vic Icon.png Vic
Wolfgang Icon.png Wolfgang
Antonio Icon.png Antonio
Bam Icon.png Bam
Bill Icon.png Bill
Billy Icon.png Billy
Boone Icon.png Boone
Boots Icon.png Boots
Buck Icon.png Buck
Bud Icon.png Bud
Cobb Icon.png Cobb
Curly Icon.png Curly
Dom Icon.png Dom
Drift Icon.png Drift
Flip Icon.png Flip
Frobert Icon.png Frobert
Genji Icon.png Genji
Goose Icon.png Goose
Hamlet Icon.png Hamlet
Jay Icon.png Jay
Jitters Icon.png Jitters
Kevin Icon.png Kevin
Kid Cat Icon.png Kid Cat
Lyman Icon.png Lyman
Pierce Icon.png Pierce
Poncho Icon.png Poncho
Ribbot Icon.png Ribbot
Roald Icon.png Roald
Rod Icon.png Rod
Rowan Icon.png Rowan
Rudy Icon.png Rudy
Scoot Icon.png Scoot
Snake Icon.png Snake
Sprocket Icon.png Sprocket
Tad Icon.png Tad
Tank Icon.png Tank
Teddy Icon.png Teddy
Beardo Icon.png Beardo
Chadder Icon.png Chadder
Colton Icon.png Colton
Eugene Icon.png Eugene
Graham Icon.png Graham
Hans Icon.png Hans
Henry Icon.png Henry
Hippeux Icon.png Hippeux
Huck Icon.png Huck
Jacques Icon.png Jacques
Julian Icon.png Julian
Kidd Icon.png Kidd
Klaus Icon.png Klaus
Kyle Icon.png Kyle
Leopold Icon.png Leopold
Marshal Icon.png Marshal
O'Hare Icon.png O'Hare
Pietro Icon.png Pietro
Raymond Icon.png Raymond
Tex Icon.png Tex
Toby Icon.png Toby
Zell Icon.png Zell
Alice Icon.png Alice
Annalisa Icon.png Annalisa
Aurora Icon.png Aurora
Ava Icon.png Ava
Bea Icon.png Bea
Bertha Icon.png Bertha
Carrie Icon.png Carrie
Celia Icon.png Celia
Chelsea Icon.png Chelsea
Chevre Icon.png Chevre
Coco Icon.png Coco
Daisy Icon.png Daisy
Dora Icon.png Dora
Ellie Icon.png Ellie
Étoile Icon.png Étoile
Fauna Icon.png Fauna
Flurry Icon.png Flurry
Gala Icon.png Gala
Gayle Icon.png Gayle
Gladys Icon.png Gladys
Goldie Icon.png Goldie
June Icon.png June
Kiki Icon.png Kiki
Kitt Icon.png Kitt
Lily Icon.png Lily
Lolly Icon.png Lolly
Maggie Icon.png Maggie
Maple Icon.png Maple
Marcie Icon.png Marcie
Margie Icon.png Margie
Marina Icon.png Marina
Megan Icon.png Megan
Merengue Icon.png Merengue
Mitzi Icon.png Mitzi
Molly Icon.png Molly
Nana Icon.png Nana
Norma Icon.png Norma
Olive Icon.png Olive
Peaches Icon.png Peaches
Pekoe Icon.png Pekoe
Poppy Icon.png Poppy
Rhonda Icon.png Rhonda
Sandy Icon.png Sandy
Savannah Icon.png Savannah
Skye Icon.png Skye
Stella Icon.png Stella
Sylvana Icon.png Sylvana
Tia Icon.png Tia
Vesta Icon.png Vesta
Agent S Icon.png Agent S
Anabelle Icon.png Anabelle
Anicotti Icon.png Anicotti
Apple Icon.png Apple
Audie Icon.png Audie
Bianca Icon.png Bianca
Bluebear Icon.png Bluebear
Bonbon Icon.png Bonbon
Bunnie Icon.png Bunnie
Candi Icon.png Candi
Carmen Icon.png Carmen
Chai Icon.png Chai
Cheri Icon.png Cheri
Chrissy Icon.png Chrissy
Dotty Icon.png Dotty
Felicity Icon.png Felicity
Flora Icon.png Flora
Ketchup Icon.png Ketchup
Maddie Icon.png Maddie
Merry Icon.png Merry
Pate Icon.png Pate
Patty Icon.png Patty
Peanut Icon.png Peanut
Peggy Icon.png Peggy
Penelope Icon.png Penelope
Pinky Icon.png Pinky
Piper Icon.png Piper
Pompom Icon.png Pompom
Rilla Icon.png Rilla
Rosie Icon.png Rosie
Ruby Icon.png Ruby
Sprinkle Icon.png Sprinkle
Tangy Icon.png Tangy
Truffles Icon.png Truffles
Twiggy Icon.png Twiggy
Wendy Icon.png Wendy
Alli Icon.png Alli
Annalise Icon.png Annalise
Astrid Icon.png Astrid
Bitty Icon.png Bitty
Blanche Icon.png Blanche
Bree Icon.png Bree
Cashmere Icon.png Cashmere
Claudia Icon.png Claudia
Cleo Icon.png Cleo
Diana Icon.png Diana
Elise Icon.png Elise
Eloise Icon.png Eloise
Francine Icon.png Francine
Freya Icon.png Freya
Friga Icon.png Friga
Gloria Icon.png Gloria
Greta Icon.png Greta
Judy Icon.png Judy
Julia Icon.png Julia
Kitty Icon.png Kitty
Mint Icon.png Mint
Naomi Icon.png Naomi
Olivia Icon.png Olivia
Opal Icon.png Opal
Pancetti Icon.png Pancetti
Pecan Icon.png Pecan
Purrl Icon.png Purrl
Queenie Icon.png Queenie
Robin Icon.png Robin
Snooty Icon.png Snooty
Soleil Icon.png Soleil
Tasha Icon.png Tasha
Tipper Icon.png Tipper
Vivian Icon.png Vivian
Whitney Icon.png Whitney
Willow Icon.png Willow
Yuka Icon.png Yuka
Al Icon.png Al
Alfonso Icon.png Alfonso
Beau Icon.png Beau
Benedict Icon.png Benedict
Big Top Icon.png Big Top
Biskit Icon.png Biskit
Bob Icon.png Bob
Boomer Icon.png Boomer
Broccolo Icon.png Broccolo
Claude Icon.png Claude
Cole Icon.png Cole
Cranston Icon.png Cranston
Cube Icon.png Cube
Drago Icon.png Drago
Drake Icon.png Drake
Egbert Icon.png Egbert
Erik Icon.png Erik
Filbert Icon.png Filbert
Hopkins Icon.png Hopkins
Hornsby Icon.png Hornsby
Jacob Icon.png Jacob
Jeremiah Icon.png Jeremiah
Lucky Icon.png Lucky
Marty Icon.png Marty
Moe Icon.png Moe
Paolo Icon.png Paolo
Puck Icon.png Puck
Punchy Icon.png Punchy
Raddle Icon.png Raddle
Rex Icon.png Rex
Rodeo Icon.png Rodeo
Sherb Icon.png Sherb
Simon Icon.png Simon
Stitches Icon.png Stitches
Stu Icon.png Stu
Tucker Icon.png Tucker
Wade Icon.png Wade
Weber Icon.png Weber
Zucker Icon.png Zucker
Agnes Icon.png Agnes
Charlise Icon.png Charlise
Cherry Icon.png Cherry
Diva Icon.png Diva
Frita Icon.png Frita
Fuchsia Icon.png Fuchsia
Katt Icon.png Katt
Mira Icon.png Mira
Muffy Icon.png Muffy
Phoebe Icon.png Phoebe
Plucky Icon.png Plucky
Reneigh Icon.png Reneigh
Rocket Icon.png Rocket
Shari Icon.png Shari
Tammy Icon.png Tammy
Ursala Icon.png Ursala