Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki

Each piece of Special Furniture has a Special Character that can be spoken to for some unique dialog.

Almost all pieces of Special Furniture have two pools of dialog the Special Character will use a random line from when they are interacted with. One pool is for when they are first spoken to after refreshing the area (Initial Dialog), and one is for each time they are spoken to thereafter (Consecutive Dialog).

Some pieces of Special Furniture also have different dialog based on whether it is currently daytime (5:00 am - 4:59 pm) or nighttime (5:00 pm - 4:59 am). These have 4 pools of dialog; first time spoken to during the day after refreshing the area (Initial Daytime Dialog), consecutively spoken to during the day (Consecutive Daytime Dialog), first time spoken to at night after refreshing the area (Initial Nighttime Dialog), and consecutively spoken to at night (Consecutive Nighttime Dialog).

Int pge cafewagon cmps.png Brewster's Coop, Int snp05 pge cmps.png Brewster's Winter Cote and Int 2610 pool cmps.png Pascal's Kiddie Pool have some additional mechanics that are explained in their respective sections. Int snp01 bpt cmps.png Katrina's Fortune Tent and the Int 3470 snw cmps.png Snowfall Snowman work differently altogether.

In places on this page that say "[PLAYER]", the Special Character says the player's name.

Some Special Characters use different words to refer to the player depending on the player character's gender. (e.g. "mister" if the player character is male and "lady" if the player character is female)

Int snp02 owl cmps.pngBlathers's Desk[]

Initial Daytime Dialog
  • "Hoo... Hoo! Where am I? Where did that enormous dinosaur go? Wait a moment. I was simply having a nightmare, wasn't I? Oh dear. I suppose that's what I get for falling asleep in the middle of my fossil research."
  • "Hoo... Engage thrusters... Hoo! Oh no, we're going to crash right into that asteroid! ...Hm? Was I having a bad dream? But it was so vivid. I was reading a book about space and I must have drifted off. My apologies for the commotion."
  • "Hoo... Could it be... Hoo-reka! Oh, you're here! What serendipitous timing. I've made a monumental discovery! You simply won't believe it when I tell you, [PLAYER]! Wait a moment... It was a dream? How embarrassing—and how very disappointing!"
Consecutive Daytime Dialog
  • "Hoo... Hoo! Oh dear, was I asleep? I'm terribly sorry! I'm a bit of a night owl, so during the day I sometimes have trouble keeping my eyes open. My apologies, truly. I will try to have more discipline going forward."
  • "Hoo... Hoo! Oh, I'm terribly sorry! How very embarrassing. It seems weariness overcame me and I just dozed off! The more I try to fight it, the sleepier I become. I'm very sorry. I will try not to left it happen again."
  • "Hoo... Hoo! Oh, bother! It seems that I drifted off to sleep. I wish I were an early bird. But at the end of the day I'm a night owl, through and through. One can't fight their true nature, I suppose. Eh wot?"
Initial Nighttime Dialog
  • "Hoo hoo, it's you! What auspicious timing. I've made a groundbreaking discovery, [PLAYER]. Ah, I'm practically molting with excitement! You see, I discovered a fossil that... Oh! Pardon me. I got rather carried away there. Look at me, blathering on and on about my research. Apologies for expending so much of your time. You must be quite busy. I'm terribly sorry, indeed."
  • "Well, if it isn't the esteemed campsite manager! Greetings, [PLAYER]! This may seem a bit out of the blue, but I can't help but wonder, have you any interest in astronomy? I find the movement of our earth and other celestial bodies to be an enthralling subject, personally. Then again—when it comes to the star, my sister Celeste is very much more knowledgeable than I! I regret that I didn't discover the joys of astronomy sooner in life... But one is never too old to learn!"
  • "I always have an abundance of books and fossils on my desk. It's my favorite place in the world! It's optimal for perusing books and admiring fossils at the same time, eh wot?"
Consecutive Nighttime Dialog
  • "Hoo hoo! It's a pleasure to see you, [PLAYER]! You know, for health reasons, I had considered taking some time to stretch my legs every day. But... It's terribly dangerous out there! Despicable insects are lurking in the grasses and under the rocks. In a word, ICK! Skittering hither and thither on their tiny little legs! How revolting!"
  • "Ah, hello, [PLAYER]! Was it you who designed the layout of this space? Ah, silly of me to ask. Of course it was. Well, bravo! I haven't much talent for creative pursuits myself. But I appreciate your interior design artistry."
  • "It's the great [PLAYER]! How are you today? My sister, Celeste, has always been enchanted with the stars. As for me, I love fossils... When we're together, we tell each other about our fields of study! Indeed, we talk about little else."

Int pge cafewagon cmps.pngBrewster's Coop[]

Initial Dialog

In Brewster's Coop's Initial Dialog, Brewster Icon.png Brewster will greet the player and offer them some coffee. This is followed by a cutscene of the player character drinking the coffee and reflecting upon it.

The lines of dialog that start with Brewster Icon.png Brewster welcoming the player are randomly followed by one of three different comments from the player character:

  • "...Welcome. Hope this coffee serves you well. ...Go ahead—take a sip."
  • "...Welcome. Normally I prefer to serve coffee orders in proper mugs... For to-go orders, though, I serve in Coop cups. They're paper. My own design... Coo... They keep your coffee hot without adding any cardboard aftertaste... And they're biodegradable. Enjoy."
  • "...Welcome. Here you are... It's piping hot. Drink up—before it cools."
  • "...Welcome. Had a feeling you'd be in a coffee mood about now. Just ground these beans for you... Bottoms up."

  • "Hot, hot, HOT! Even with a burnt tongue, the flavor of piping-hot coffee simply can't be beat!"
  • "Yum! Just the right ratio of acidity to bitterness! The flavor really makes you feel sophisticated!"
  • "Phew! I feel like I'm wrapped up in a warm blanket made entirely out of the scent of coffee! What bliss!"

The lines of dialog in which Brewster Icon.png Brewster brews a specific type of coffee, are each followed up by a unique comment from the player character:

  • "Coo... Great timing. Just brewed a cup of the special house blend. ...Bottoms up."
  • "Mmmm-MM! Now that's something to write home about! I can tell this really is Brewster's specialty brew!"

  • "Coo... Fine timing. Just brewed a cup with some top-shelf Mocha beans. ...Drink up."
  • "Yikes! The acidic taste combined with the fruity scent of this brew really packs a punch! ...Delicious!"

  • "Coo... Nice timing. Just brewed a cup with some first-rate Kilimanjaro beans. ...Go ahead—try it."
  • "Phew! Such sharp acidity and full-bodied flavor! I'm floored!"

  • "Coo... Good timing. Just brewed a cup with some premium Blue Mountain beans. ...Enjoy."
  • "WHOA! Such exquisite balance... I can see how folks could make a habit out of drinking this stuff!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "...Hello. ...Ever been struck by the depth of a cup of coffee? Not the cup's size, of course... The profound reality in each sip. Every brew is made from the bean, the roast, the grind, the water...and how they all combine in the cup. Supreme coffee is made with all that in mind, balancing everything to create the sublime cup. Coo... ...The more coffee I drink, the more appeal I find in each sip—both to the mouth and to the mind."
  • "...Greetings. ...You ever considered the craft behind coffee? It's eye-opening. Just think... Even the temperature of the water affects the ultimate experience of each cup... And optimal temperature depends on the character of the roast itself, of course... Coo... My house blend, for instance, must be brewed at 176 degrees...which may seem low to so-called experts. ...But to brew the most divine coffee, I've done many experiments to hone my methods. Coo."
  • "...Salutations. ...Ever reflected on the cup's role in a coffee's flavor? By mastering such details, you master the coffee... That's why I polish most of my cups until they sparkle... For some cups, though, I let stains build up until each sip is seasoned with the flavor of past brews. Coo... A skilled barista can make a great cup of coffee with either method... ...Shame to-go coffee has to be served in paper cups."

Int snp05 pge cmps.pngBrewster's Winter Cote[]

Initial Dialog

In Brewster's Winter Cote's Initial Dialog, Brewster Icon.png Brewster will greet the player and offer them some coffee. This is followed by a cutscene of the player character drinking the coffee and reflecting upon it.

  • "...Welcome. I made this blend with the holidays in mind... Please, sip...and be merry."
  • "Whoa! Delightfully delicious! This flavor is like a warm blanket wrapping me in holiday happiness!"

  • "Ah. I've been waiting... For a change of pace...give this a try... Here."
  • "This flavor! It's the perfect essence of hot cocoa! The rich warmth is comforting to the core!"

  • "Hello... I brewed this just for you... Drink up. Before it cools..."
  • "YUMMM! That spice sure is nice! I taste cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and...pumpkin?! Huh? Who knew!"

  • "...Greetings. This spiced coffee was made to taste like gingerbread... Have at it. Coo..."
  • "What a nice zing! The ginger adds some sweet heat and gets me warmed up and ready to go!"

  • "Good timing... I added marshmallows to this coffee so it would look like snow... Enjoy. Coo..."
  • "This fluff is the stuff! The creamy flavor of the melted marshmallows makes for one sweet coffee!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Hello... Enjoying my hat? Coo... The holiday spirit spreads easily... I hope it suits me..."
  • "On cool days, hot cocoa is nice... It's no coffee, but stepping outside the norm can be refreshing..."
  • "When it's cold, all the more reason to drink coffee piping hot... Coffee warms more than the body. There is mysterious power in its heat... A deep warmth. Or so it seems. But that could be the coffee talking... Coo..."
  • "This café may be small, but it is comforting... The decor alone warms the heart. Coo..."
  • "Normally, I drink coffee black... But to keep my customers coming back, I brewed up a few special drinks for the season... I hope you enjoy the winter's seasonal offerings. They're made with the cold weather in mind..."
  • "Coo? You like my hat, you say... Coo! ...But flattery will get you nothing besides coffee."

Int snp16 bey cmps.pngC.J.'s Cooler[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Hey, hey! Lookin' taut today, flyfisher. Are you checkin' out my cooler? Nyuk! You must have good taste in aquacessories. I bought the splashiest one I could find. Wanna give my scaly pals a five-star containment experience."
  • "I always keep my rod and cooler in shipshape, fishionista! Just like my old man taught me. As he likes to say: "Junior, treat your tools right and they'll return the favor." These days the old man's enjoyin' his retirement. Sittin' on his stern with a line in the water, nyuk! That and admirin' his collection of antique lures. I don't blame him—it's totally livestream-worthy."
  • "I see you scopin' out the custom lure on my fishing rod. Hope you're not too jelly, fishionista. This ashorable lure is an original number by your favorite seasports star! I wanted to step up my game with something clamorous. You'd think a spritz of class woulda made it easier for me to attract fish. But, um...nope!"
  • "Can you even wrap your noggin net around how great this rod and cooler look? Y'know what? Tie off your vessel over there for a sec. I'm gonna snap some selfies for my blog. What up! Thar she blooows! Thanks, flyfisher. I gotta keep the fresh content flowin' for my followers, y'know?"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Not gonna lie, that outfit is pretty stylfish. Mind if I snapper some pics with ya for my blog? SPLISH! SPLASH! YOOO! Thanks, fishionista. Just wait till Flick gets a load of these! Flick's my partner! We go way back. Me and him have known each other for, like, forever. That's why he's splashed all over my camera roll too!"
  • "When I was a little kipper, I used to go on lotsa fishin' trips with my old man. That's why I'm such a seasports finnatic. It isn't just a hobby for me. It's a WAY of LIFE. Nyuk! I'm just pullin' your flipper. I'm not that ebbsessed. As much as my old man loves fishin', um, he's never been what you'd call good at it. And, well, the sea apple didn't fall far from the tree. I'm just in it for luff of the game. Nyuk!"
  • "These shades are, like, the catfish's pajamas, right? They make me feel cool as a sea cucumber. My outlook is, wear what makes ya feel good. Don't let anyone else tell ya how to paint your hull!"
  • "Yo! How are ya keeling today, flyfisher? The camp manager life seems a little, um, hectic. You're doin' a great job at the helm, don't get me wrong! I can tell everyone's having a ballast. But you gotta drop anchor now and again, y'know? Tie off at the pier and flop around on deck. The waters out there can get pretty choppy, so take shore leave as often as you can! Nyuk!"
  • "As you know, I'm reel splashionate about seasports. But I like learnin' about other people's interests too. Flick's dad, for instance—he's, like, REALLY into bugs. He's rudderly fascinated by 'em. Even if we're all at a barbecue or somethin', he'll zip off after bugs like a trout on a line! One time, he was in such a hurry to catch a butterfly, he spilled potato salad everywhere. It was gillarious!"

Int snp14 ows cmps.pngCeleste's Café Corner[]

Initial Daytime Dialog
  • "Mmm... Ah! Eek... I'm so sorry! I dozed off! Did you just say something to me? I was listening to music on my portable radio and then I fell asleep just like that! Why don't you try giving it a listen too? I think it'll calm your nerves."
  • "Mmm, these stars are so beautiful... Ah! Pardon me! I was perusing this astronomy book and must have fallen asleep! One day...I want to discover a star. It's been my dream since I was younger. I've always wondered what I should name it after. A friend? Perhaps a character from mythology? The possibilities are endless. What name would you choose? Just thinking about it is exciting!"
  • "Heave-ho, heave-ho... Ah! Oh my! I didn't realize you were standing here, [PLAYER]! I must have fallen asleep... Before I came here, I packed this suitcase full of books. It is quite heavy, and I dozed off... I suppose it was inevitable that I fell asleep while drinking coffee and reading. But having a book nearby is second nature. So even though I'll be tired, I'll always have one ready to read!"
Consecutive Daytime Dialog
  • "Mmm... Ah! P-pardon me! I must have spaced out! No matter what I do, I can't help getting sleepy during the daytime... How is it that everyone else can stay awake all day? Oh, if you have any advice, please share!"
  • "Hmm, this is the first time I've seen this star... Ah! Pardon me! I must have drifted off a bit! In that short time, I had a dream where I discovered a new star... If this dream were to come true, I'd be so ecstatic!"
  • "Huh...Brother, the horned's OK? Ah! ...Hm? Was I asleep? Oh, I knew it had to be a dream. That was startling! Blathers was calmly handling a horned dynastid. I'm sure if he had heard me say that right now, he'd panic. So let's please keep it a secret, OK?"
Initial Nighttime Dialog
  • "Good evening, [PLAYER]! Nighttime is quite relaxing, isn't it? The liveliness of the daytime is nice too, but I like being able to read at my own pace. I've got my favorite books, some coffee, and sweets on the table! And even a radio for lovely music! Isn't this space just wonderful? If you'd like, you can take a break with me!"
  • "Oh, [PLAYER]! Good evening! When do you normally prefer to read? During the daytime or evening? I feel like I am able to concentrate more on my reading during the evening, so I read a lot then! During the day, my eyelids just get so heavy when I try to follow the letters. So I don't get very far... There's many books on my to-read list, so I must make progress during the day. It's not going well, though."
  • "Hmmm... To eat...or not to eat... Oh, hello there! Just now, I was debating whether or not I should eat this tart. I set it out on the table earlier but then I forgot... I wonder if it would be too late to nibble on it. What would you do? Oh, never mind. I can't return it now. Time to savor its deliciousness!"
Consecutive Nighttime Dialog
  • "Oh, [PLAYER]! Good evening to you. Do you like stargazing? It's truly one of my favorite things to do. One can never get bored. Sometimes when I'm feeling down, I'll look up and send my thoughts up to my favorite star. It's like all of my worries float away and I can rest easy. No matter what happens, the stars are with me. So when you're in need of a mood change, I recommend stargazing!"
  • "Oh, [PLAYER]. Greetings! A camp manager's work is never over, is it? But thanks to your hard work, everyone can enjoy themselves!"
  • "Oh! How are you feeling? Are you more active during the evening too? I always get sleepy during the day, so I tend to leave what I need to do for the nighttime. In order to maximize productivity, I recommend taking advantage of the quiet hours like a night owl!"

Int oth ows telescope.pngCeleste's Telescope[]

Initial Daytime Dialog
  • "Wow! This is incredible... Oh! Oh, no. I had just discovered a remarkable new galaxy, but I see now that it was only a dream. I really must stay focused if I want to make a major discovery! But it's so hard during the daytime..."
  • "At last! I've reached the rings of Saturn! Oh! Oh, dear. I was just about to alight on one of Saturn's glorious rings. It was a wondrous, glowing arc! Oh, but Saturn's rings are made of rocks and ice, of course. So it must have been a dream. Well, rocks and ice though they may be, I'd still like to visit them someday..."
  • "I...I've never seen anything MOVE like that... Oh! I was certain that I had discovered a real UFO just now. Alas, it seems I dozed off yet again... is so vast...and filled with so many planets and stars. We simply CAN'T be alone. Ooh! It's so exciting to think about! This telescope doesn't just magnify light... It magnifies my dreams!"
Consecutive Daytime Dialog
  • "Zzz... Oh! Excuse me! I was just resting my eyes! My poor, tired eyes...that would like nothing more than to be tucked under a cozy down comforter... I'm awake! I'm awake!"
  • "Ugh, come on, Brother... Oh! I'm sorry. I must have dozed off for a moment there. I was dreaming about my brother, Blathers. He's quite good at what he does. Only he takes rather a lot of naps. Far more naps than I do! Of course, they say that naps can improve your efficiency at work... Maybe he's onto something!"
  • "Why, yes! I am awake. Thank you for asking... Oh! Was...was I not actually awake just then? Oh, dear. Well, if it counts for anything, I was WIDE awake in my dream. It should count for something!"
Initial Nighttime Dialog
  • "Oh, good evening! I love using this telescope to look at the stars, don't you, [PLAYER]? Yes...stargazing is a passion of mine. I could spend all night admiring those twinkling lights. I especially love to pick out constellations! Of course, there are the old favorites—the zodiac constellations. But I like making up new ones, too. For example, I just spotted five stars that look exactly like a croissant! Can you believe it?! Oh, dear! Maybe I'm just a bit peckish..."
  • "Evenings like this are the best for stargazing. The sky is in the perfect condition to use my telescope. Believe it or not, the starlight we're seeing now was emitted many, many years ago! Light from stars takes millions of years to reach Earth. In fact, some of the stars we see today have already burnt out... But their light is only reaching us now! Ah, isn't the cosmos fascinating? I could discuss the vastness of our incredible universe for hours."
  • "This telescope is state-of-the-art! The eyepiece provides fantastic magnification of the constellations. In order to keep my telescope in top condition, I try to clean the lens almost daily. Oh, my, [PLAYER]. Am I mistaken, or did you try to touch the lens just now...? I know it's tempting, but please refrain from touching it. Smudges are nearly impossible to clean!"
Consecutive Nighttime Dialog
  • "Ah! Good evening, [PLAYER]. I must say...your place is lovely. The atmosphere you and your friends have cultivated is a delight. I'm just so happy to be here!"
  • "Well, if it isn't [PLAYER]! You're a bit of a night owl, aren't you? I suppose it takes one to know one. You've really done a fantastic job with this place, but do please remember to take breaks, OK?"
  • "Ah, good to see you again, [PLAYER]! I suppose you might have caught me taking a tiny nap here and there, but I do try to stay alert. By contrast, you should see how often my brother naps on the job! It's a good thing he's his own boss."

Int snp15 boc cmps.pngDaisy Mae's Fall Stall[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Why hullo there. I'm Daisy Mae! Halloween season's here, so that means I've got pumpkins galore! No such thing as too many gourds... These ones sure are tasty, but they also make for some real delightful decorations! I arranged these myself, but it was hard to resist tasting them. A-heeheehee!"
  • "There's more than just pumpkins at this stall. I've also got a big ol' basket of candy! I tried one of the lollipops myself, and it's super sweet, just like a spoonful of honey! Maybe I'll have one more piece just to make sure I've tried everything!"
  • "Isn't this pumpkin stand charming? Someone named Mister Silas made it. Or was it Cyrus... Anyways, the li'l wagon in the front is cute too! Oh and so are the orange and purple balloons!"
  • "Gram-Gram told me every veggie's got both a short name and a long one that only scientists use! I learned both for each veggie here so I can be ready in case any scientist customers drop by!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Gram-Gram's veggies are the cream of the crop. All that hard work and love makes 'em taste so great! Some folks don't like veggies, right? But I bet if they tried hers, they'd change their tune for sure! True happiness is showing everyone just how tasty veggies are. That's why I just love sellin' em."
  • "Halloween is all about trickin' and treatin', right? I could go for some sweets. But I sure don't wanna be duped! Guess I need to think of a trick myself..."
  • "After workin' in the fields with my gram-gram, sometimes we chow on fresh-picked veggies together. There's nothin' better than being tired and then getting a boost of energy from all those greens!"
  • "Trick or treat! Folks decorate pumpkins for Halloween, right? I'm sure we could decorate other types of veggies too. The possibilities are endless! Now I love Halloween even more!"
  • "Did you know pumpkins are part of the gourd family? They come in all kinds o' sizes too! Kinda reminds me of my own family! I'll get a li'l one for me and then a bigger pumpkin for Gram-Gram!"
  • "Look at this li'l-witch getup! I wanted to get myself all dolled up in the spirit of Halloween. Frilly dresses ain't much my style, but they're real easy to move around in. Gotta let Gram-Gram know!"

Int 2380 hammock cmps.pngDigby's Hammock[]

Initial Daytime Dialog
  • "Oh! Hello, [PLAYER]! I was just admiring this hammock's unusual design. I really like it! Of course, it has to be functional, but design is just as important! The same could be said about houses. You see, I work in the housing field, so I tend to see things from an architectural perspective. Call it an occupational hazard, I suppose?"
  • "Oh, [PLAYER]! I was just sitting on this hammock and admiring the lovely scenery! This place was so tastefully designed. You did such a wonderful job decorating! I can even use some of these ideas for my own work. I'm learning so much from your expertise!"
  • "This is such a nice place! I can't help but look around just to admire everything here. I usually walk around a lot for work, so my legs and my stamina are pretty good. But I still get tired out. When that happens, I just take a break on this hammock here!"
Consecutive Daytime Dialog
  • "I'm always so busy with work. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have this chance to truly relax! If I spent time doing a little focused relaxation every day, I might even be more efficient at work. I'm sure I'll get the hang of this work-life-balance thing eventually!"
  • "Isabelle is my sister, so we have plenty in common. However, there is one major thing we disagree on... Believe it or not, we have very different tastes in coffee! She has a sweet tooth, so she puts loads of cream and sugar into hers, while I like my coffee black!"
  • "This place is so comfortable and cozy! I truly feel right at home. I love it so much here. I want to share the experience with my coworkers. Oh! I think I'll write an article about the campsite for our company newsletter!"
Initial Nighttime Dialog
  • "When I lay down in this hammock, my mind starts to wander, and I think about a variety of things... For example, I think about what kind of house plans are popular. ...Ack! I came out here to relax, not to think about work!"
  • "Oh! Sorry, I didn't see you there, [PLAYER]! I was dozing off in this comfortable hammock. I'm not sure if I've ever slept in a hammock before today. I had no idea how refreshing it could be!"
  • "I'm seriously considering switching my current bed out for a hammock. It might sound silly, but I sleep so well in this hammock, and it's not too harsh on my back. Oh no! Maybe it's TOO comfortable! What if I oversleep and get to work late?! Hmmm...maybe I'd better play it safe and stick with a standard bed."
Consecutive Nighttime Dialog
  • "I don't know if you know this, but it takes stamina to work as hard as I do. So, I try to stretch and even work out whenever I have time for it. I find it invigorating! It gives me energy when I need it, but it also makes me just tired enough that I sleep well at night."
  • "Do you know Lottie? She's my coworker, and she's extremely good at her job! Her uncle Lyle is my boss. You could say the business is a family affair! I'm grateful every day to work with such wonderful people!"
  • "OH! You startled me! I was nodding off just now. Sorry you caught me doing something so emberrassing. This is probably further evidence that I need to learn how to get a full, restful night of sleep!"

Int 4200 end cmps.pngDJ KK's Beat Booth[]

Initial Dialog
  • "I gotta admit, kid, this DJ booth is sensory overload. Music to my ears and easy on the eyes. When you've got the right tools for the job, the music practically makes itself, ya dig? You're the reason I'm standing in this booth right now, so I'm gonna make sure I deliver far-out sets."
  • "When the music starts groovin', the lights start flashin' too. It's all part of the ambiance, daddio/sister. The light show elevates my performance to new heights. I want my music to keep the cats swingin'. I hope you're diggin' the show. I want to see you out there swaying to the beat."
  • "There's nothing like the view from the DJ booth. I love watching the jambakers as I lay down a beat. They're one with nature and one with the music. That's the best way to be. Diggin' all the vibes."
  • "When I'm laying down some tunes, nothing can stop me. There's power in music, man. Nothing quite like the vibes you get from a packed crowd while you're playing music from the soul. It takes more than soul, though. You need a sweet stage, ya dig? That's why I've got this beat booth. It's not just for makin' music. It's for shakin' up the place too! Gotta give 'em what they want...hip beats!"
  • "Man, I'm diggin' this beat booth so hard that I broke my shovel. It's off the wall! The lasers and the lights are a killer combo. They can't be beat... Except by my beats, cool cat."
  • "You diggin' these boss beats, [PLAYER]? Groovy, man. I've been taking good care of the beat booth. Regular maintenance is what makes this machine tick. Gotta grease the cogs in the booth from time to time. Otherwise, I can't lay down smooth tracks."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "The days are straight draggin' when I'm on the stage. Not in the negative, cool cat! They're draggin' because I could keep playing til' the goons kicks me out. The booth is my main pad."
  • "Whenever I need a change of scenery, I put on some killer tunes and tune into my emotions. Groovin' to a rad beat will always do ya some good."
  • "When you're a cool cat like me, makin' music and meetin' all types of folks is just part of the gig."
  • "I wouldn't be where I am today without the folks who have been diggin' my tunes all along the way."
  • "You diggin' my threads, man? Groovy. I made this shirt for my last tour. Once you start wearing shirts with your name on them, it's hard to go back to wearing plain old tees."
  • "Sometimes inspiration strikes when I'm in the middle of a jam session. Whenn the muse comes a knockin', you gotta answer the door. Always let that good racket in. Same goes for a good convo. Chatting with my fans sets me on a course straight to beatsville."
  • "You're diggin' the music? Now, that's what I like to hear, daddio/sister! Music feeds the soul, ya know."
  • "Why are you buggin', man? Oh, my shirt, huh? Yeah, I put my name on my threads, and here's why... When you wear your handle, all the cats in the crowd will know what to call out during a show."

Int snp17 chy cmps.pngFlick's Bug Cage[]

Initial Dialog
  • "G-greetings, uh, bipedal one. I'm a bit of [sic] mite maven. A swarm scholar. An arthropod artiste. Hi... Ahem. What sits before you is a divine encasement—a sacred relic of the Infested Realms. The less enlightened ones know it by another name...a bug cage. Such sublime creatures sent to grace the land with their presence deserve naught but the best."
  • "A pilgrim in search of divine earth scuttlers is only as good as their net, you see. T-true enlightened ones—true, uh, artistes—know that to respect the tool is to respect the craft. My beloved net Bügnir was crafted to my exact specifications: a studded black exoskeleton bound by web."
  • "Fellow bug buff, between the horned hercules and the giant stag, which is more magnificent? The horned hercules wields its sublime horn like a celestial spear on behalf of the Infested Realms! But the giant stag, with its stalwart mandible apparatus, crushes all foes who cross its path with ease. The universe tempts those of us who are insect enthusiasts to crystallize impossible quandaries like these. A-ah, gotta rein it back... Ahem. When the universe is ready to reveal the answer, it will tell us."
  • "Y-you, uh, sure seem ensnared by the craftsmanship of this bug cage... Or is it my net you're admiring? My eyes, compound though they are not, reveal the truth. You like both, don't you? Your devotion to the way of the antennae is inspiring. I'm glad to have met another six-legged fan. You're, uh, pretty cool."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Few windows peer into the realm beyond our own. One such gateway lies behind the gaze of an insect. Their eyes see all there is to be seen, know all there is to be known...and in one look, they can gift that to you. Don't be alarmed if the gaze absorbs your very being, like light through a black hole. That only means— You were doing it again, Flick..."
  • "There is nothing so captivating as the ever-glistening sheen of a bug's coruscating exoskeleton. Fragments of multi-color specks glimmer in the light, revealing to us a hint of nature's purest beauty. Picture in your mind's eye the vibrant hues of a rainbow stag or jewel beetle—like living gemstones. Such is my inspiration, using the form of the arthropod to convey truth to the world. Commissions available."
  • "I've wandered far and wide in search of my soul bug, and I've yet to find a place quite like this. You may not see them, but the ground dwellers here speak to me of this site. One attuned to the frequency of their voices can hear the subtle inflections of glee. Your care of this place has not gone unnoticed. On behalf of the bugs, we most ardently thank you."
  • "I, known to do art commissions... For those who are interested, that is. Taking the transcendental arthropod form and molding materials to mimic its divine proportions is just... Uh, well... I-it's art in its purest form is what it is."

Int snp04 cwa cmps.pngGiovanni's Pop-Up Stand[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Hey there, chief. How's it going? ...What? You suprised to see me somewhere besides OK Motors? Sometimes, a bird doesn't wanna be cooped up in a garage all day. Gotta spread my wings. Plus, Isabelle asked us to try some advertising, so I'm workin' this pop-up booth today. You ever wanna change the look of your camper, you come see me at OK Motors, capiche? Me and the boys will take good care of you. Only the best paint jobs for our customers."
  • "I don't mind working the booth alone. Gives me time to clear my head a little and escape the paint. Lemme tell ya, boss, those paint fumes will do a number on you. Breaks are important in this biz."
  • "Check out these balloons! Pretty great, huh? It's like looking in a little mirror or something! Beppe did a custom paint job just for the booth. Great preview of what we do over at OK Motors. Like I said before, if you need something for your camper, you come see me and the boys, got it?"
  • "Look, I'm not a flashy guy. I tried to keep this booth nice and simple. Carlo convinced me to up the oomph a bit with the balloons and sign, but that's as far as I'll go. Folks gotta come for the paint, not the pizzazz. Come visit us at OK Motors and see for yourself."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Did you design this place? Looks pretty good, slugger! I'm not the outdoorsy type, but I think I'd try camping here if I got the chance... Don't expect to find me pitching my tent anytime soon, though!"
  • "Yo! I'm lookin' pretty sharp in this tux, huh? Isabelle got it for me. I'm not used to wearing something this fancy. I like my paint-stained work uniform. But, I guess I gotta dress the part if I want to attract some new customers, right?"
  • "I showed this getup to Carlo, and do you wanna know what he said to me? "I think my grandkid has that same tux." Pfft, what a guy, huh? I'm taking it as a compliment, though. Made me feel young again!"
  • "When I went to show Beppe my flashy new suit, he didn't even recognize me! Thought I was a customer coming in to request a paint job for a limo or something. What a birdbrain, huh? I guess he's never seen me without my shop uniform on."
  • "Hey, chief, you let me know if you ever need anything, OK? Because odds are I know a guy... And that guy is me! But, I've also got Beppe and Carlo back at OK Motors. They can help out too. When it comes to technical finesse and designs that please the eye, you can always count on those two!"

Int snp11 salon cmps.pngHarriet's Salon Station[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Hmm... I love the energy of this one, but blending it with that one would fill it out nicely... Ah! Sorry. I was just trying to work out a color blend to go along with a style I'm doing for a client. These color charts give me endless possibilities to think about. My imagination tends to run wild! Even if it's hard to make up my mind, it's quite a bit of fun."
  • "Stylists are only as good as their tools. No amount of talent can make up for a dull pair of scissors! That's why maintenance is so important. I always keep the tools of my trade in tip-top shape! It's the same in every profession. No matter what you do, be sure you've got proper equipment!"
  • "One of my favorite things about working in a salon is the smell. There's nothing else like it! The scents of all the different shampoos, conditioners, and soaps mingling lovely! The fruity aromas are my favorites. Sometimes I close my eyes and feel transported to a tropical paradise!"
  • "I have a styling tip for you! When you're drying your hair, blow the air in the direction the hair grows. That's the way the salons do it because it minimizes damage to your hair. So if you ever wondered why a blowout at the salon makes your hair super you know!"
  • "Have you ever thought about becoming a stylist? I'll bet you'd have a natural talent for it. How do I know? seem to be a natural at everything you set your mind to, [PLAYER]! Say, how would you like to try being my assistant for a day? Just to get a feel for it? Together, we could make so many clients' style dreams come true!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Not everyone thinks of their hair as delicate, but it really is. Washing, drying, brushing and combing...they're all essential, but they can all damage the hair too! If you're gentle with your hair and nourish it well, though, it will thank you with a glorious shine."
  • "If you ever get the urge to change your image, you come right to me. Whether you're looking to reinvent yourself or get a little change of pace, I'll have tons of ideas for you. Helping folks through the turning points in their lives is actually one of the best perks of being a stylist."
  • "Are you the type of person who wants the same haircut every time? Or are you the adventurous type? Some people take comfort in having their hair look familiar whenever they visit the salon to freshen up. Others want to try out new looks every time, to spice things up! If you're looking for a middle ground, try out a new color! It's a change without a big commitment."
  • "The beauty industry moves quickly, so it's very important to keep up with the trends. Different styles require different techniques, so stylists like me really need to be on their toes! You strike me as someone who's up to the minute on this sort of thing, [PLAYER]. How would you like to do a little work as a consultant?"
  • "I'm so blessed to be able to do what I love for a living! Styling hair never feels like work to me. At the same time, because I love it so much, I have a hard time leaving work at work, you know? I catch myself reading style mags at home and I have to say to myself, "OK, time to step away." Otherwise my life would be nothing but my job all the time! I don't want to get burned out."

Int snp20 spn cmps.pngHarvey's Wood Cabin[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Hey, man... Are you picking up on this vibe too? My cabin has this really earthy scent. I can't quite describe it... It's like...being on a permanent camping this is our own little forest, ya dig? Hey, I may not look the part, but I've got a pretty good sniffer right here!"
  • "The deck on this log house is my favorite place on the planet to chill out, man! It has everything... It's a great space to relax with a book or watch folks stroll on by! I could spend hours sitting in that one spot... Wow, time really files [sic] when you love your pad, am I right?"
  • "So like, you may not know this about me, but I'm pretty big into photography... I'm always looking for that perfect composition when I'm snapping photos in the forest. But here's the thing... You can't rearrange the woods. Sometimes, you just have to find another spot. It's all part of the artistic process, man. You can't rush these things."
  • "Check out that little yellow bird on my doorplate! Groovy, right? Man, I love birds. They have the ultimate freedom...flight. No trains, planes, or cars to hold them back. Hey, I'm not saying I wanna sprout wings or anything, but I don't think I'd be mad if it did happen..."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Hey, this campsite is happening! It's definitely the place to be. I'm really diggin' the sense of community here. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Great vibes all around!"
  • "I love reading anything, but I really dig books about photography. They've got books on cameras, exposure, composition... Really, you name it, and they've got it, man! Yeah, if you really sit back and think about it, photography is pretty deep... That's why I love it."
  • "You ever get the feeling that folks are just rushing around, trying to keep up with the daily grind? Me, I wanna focus on taking things slow. You gotta stop and take in all the scenery, you know? I feel like time flows slower here... Feels good, man."
  • "Hey, man! Did you organize all this? Wow, that's incredible! You've got the perfect little community going on here... Seriously, though! Everyone's got a grin on their face when they walk around the camp. That's how I can tell it's groovy!"
  • "I always try to soak in the vibes, but sometimes life gets in the way... That's why I bring a camera with me wherever I go, man. It's one of my travel essentials. You never know when something groovy might happen, so I'm always prepared to capture the moment."

Int snp07 sza cmps.pngIsabelle's Leisure Tree[]

Initial Dialog
  • "People sometimes wonder how I handle working so hard all the time. Well, here's one of my little secrets! When I'm stressed out, I come here to relax. Something about this place just makes the tension melt away. It's important to step back and get some perspective once in a while!"
  • "This big tree is one of my favorite spots in the world, you know. Seeing these branches always helps me recharge after a long day!"
  • "A calm spot like under this tree is the best for homemade sandwiches. Of course, I came prepared! Cucumbers are great on a sandwich all by themselves, but I like to add a little cream cheese. Not too much, though! Cucumber is a subtle flavor you have to be careful not to overpower."
  • "All it takes for me to unwind is to take a seat under this tree, here. I think it's because it reminds me of the big tree in Market Place. The comfort of familiarity, you know?"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Sitting under this tree is so comfy, I might be liable to doze off. Don't be offended if I...fall asleep on you...OK?"
  • "It was about time for a break from work, so I decided to come here. What could be more peaceful than sitting under a canopy of green leaves, in a bed of pretty flowers? Thank you for putting this delight together, [PLAYER]!"
  • "The air around a big tree like this is so refreshing. Do you smell it? Go on, take a deep breath! Isn't that nice, [PLAYER]?"
  • "I was hoping I might run into you here, [PLAYER]! Why? Oh, no particular reason! I just thought it might be nice to sit and chat awhile. I guess it's my lucky day, isn't it?"

Int 2940 sza cmps.pngIsabelle's Slideshow[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Oh, hello, [PLAYER]! I set up this screen here so we can display our campsite memories! Viewing them all in a row like this actually makes me a bit emotional... Each memory is just so precious!"
  • "Photos are a lovely way to capture and share memories, don't you think, [PLAYER]? You can look at them anytime, and the warmth of memories from times past will fill you right up. Those feelings make me want to keep making happy memories with you and everyone here!"
  • "Looking at these pictures reminds me of how this place used to be... The campsite was pretty bare to start, but thanks to all your hard work, now it's full of life! Let's keep striving to make this campsite as welcoming and lively as we possibly can!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Oh! Hello, [PLAYER]! I've really been enjoying the layout of your furniture lately. It's lovely! The arrangement of my furniture is pretty much always the same, but I'm getting inspired by your setup!"
  • "Oh, hi, [PLAYER]! Thank you for having me! It seems like the recreation areas have gotten more active lately. Lots of new folks are showing up! I just know it's all thanks to you taking over as campsite manager, [PLAYER]! I truly appreciate all the work you do! I don't know what we'd do without you! You're the best!"
  • "Which recreation area is your favorite? There are so many, it's hard for me to choose just one! I love each of them, and all for different reasons—I'm not sure I can choose any one over another!"
  • "Do you like my outfit? I thought I'd try matching this screen and wear something a bit more formal! I like this outfit because it makes me feel smart and stylish! Plus, it's nice to switch things up sometimes!"

Int 2800 pkn cmps.pngJack's Puppet Theater[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Hee hee hee! What a spectacularly spooky piece of furniture! Perfect for the czar of Halloween—ME! I admire your taste! This peculiar puppet show has improved your style tremendously. Yes. Yes indeed. You are most certainly worthy of being my loyal subject!"
  • "I do love a good puppet show... Especially one that is scary and yet sweet at the same time. I know! You should put on a puppet show and make ME the starring character! The story will be about...ehm... I've got it! The story will be about this spooky night during which everyone wears scary costumes and eats sweets. And the sweets are handed out by yours truly—Jack, the czar of Halloween! You should have a starring role, too. You can be my loyal subject. The finest subject a czar ever had!"
  • "Just look at those pumpkins. I must say, this furniture really captures my likeness, don't you think? You may not know this, but I'm quite busy. My schedule is full with scaring people and eating treats. But laying eyes upon this splendid furniture... Well, it makes me want to spend my time here with you."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Trick or treat? Hee hee hee! I have come to crash the party! And by "crash the party" I mean, I have come to crash this frightfully delightful hangout you have here. I'm quite impressed! It reminds me how good it is to spend time relaxing. Yes, even the czar of Halloween needs to relax every once in a while!"
  • "Trick or treat? Oh! No, no, no. You don't have to choose one or the other. That's just my way of saying hello! It's not a trick. I promise!"
  • "Do you like treats? Why, of course you do! I mean, who DOESN'T like treats? I, for one, love them! And I especially love candy. So simple. So sweet. So terribly tasty! I'm usually called the czar of Halloween. However, you may call me the king of treats, too."
  • "I do so love my yard. One of the best things about it is the way it allows me to trick passersby! When they glance at it, what do they happen to see? A pumpkin staring back at them! But in the time it takes them to do a double take...the grinning pumpkin has vanished! Hee hee hee! It's a trick for them and a treat for me!"
  • "Ack! Stop that! This isn't a costume, it's my head! Please stop tapping on it as if it was a drum!"

Int snp21 pkn cmps.pngJack's Throne of Darkness[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Ho ho ho! Hee hee hee! This throne is spectacularly spooky! I daresay it is nearly perfect for me—Jack, the reigning czar of Halloween! With a throne like this, who could resist? I'll have even more loyal subjects in my midst!"
  • "This throne really is top-notch. It is delightfully frightful...and wonderfully comfortable too! Best of all, it comes to life when I sit down! The magic circle is especially eerie! Hee hee hee! I might need a new royal title to match the dazzling darkness of this throne! Actually, "czar of darkness" does have a nice ring to it... That does it! My loyal subject, you are now to address me as Jack, the czar of darkness!"
  • "Hee hee hee! I am Jack, the czar of darkness! Are you here to challenge me, brave hero? Come at me with everything you've got! ...That's what I'd say if I were a powerful foe in a heroic tale. I'd be a dark-magic user, of course! The hero always wins in those stories, but as my loyal subject, I hope you'll overlook that part."
  • "I just love imagining what it would be like to have magical powers. It's spine-chillingly thrilling! If you could use magic, pumpkin, what kind of power would you want to possess? I would want magic that allowed me to eat lots of candy without ever running out! Or the ability to conjure more candy...endlessly! Those are the same thing, you say? I suppose my royal love for sweet treats is endless as well!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "I simply adore sweets, so I've eaten all different kinds! It's difficult to pick just one favorite, but I never get tired of the classics. My loyal subject, do you have a favorite candy?"
  • "Hee hee hee! This place is perfect for Jack, the czar of darkness! Oh? Aren't I the rex of Halloween, you say? Well, to be honest, I've always wanted to be a dark ruler. But more importantly, how is my czar of darkness vibe? I believe I'm pulling it off!"
  • "During the spooky season, I try to eat as much candy as I can. I always think I have enough to last me until Halloween, but before I know it, I've run out! I suppose that's part of enjoying the season. Still, I demand more sweets for all my loyal subjects!"
  • "When I'm feeling down, I like to eat sweet treats to cheer my royal self up. Candies, chocolates... Just thinking about all the delectable choices can lift my spirits! What do I do if I run out of candy? Well... I'll talk about my problems with one of my loyal subjects! That way, they'll know to bring me more candy!"
  • "The other day, someone told me that I look like a pumpkin with a face drawn on it... First of all, how dare they! My face is NOT drawn on! This is just what I look like!"

Int 3220 snt cmps.pngJingle's Holiday Balloon[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Ho, ho, hello! And happy holidays! Have you seen my newest method for the present-moving madness? It's this balloon! Pretty neat, huh? For Toy Day, I'm going to ride around the world in this balloon. I bet I can deliver, triple the amount of presents now!"
  • "Seasons greetings! Guess what? Well, I've decided this balloon is the perfect vehicle for me. Not only does it look like a toy, but it can fit lots of presents inside, too! What more could I ask for? ...Maybe a hot-cocoa machine, but I won't get carried away."
  • "I love riding over the campsite in this balloon because it gives me a nice view of this place you've built! Both on the ground and high above, it's obvious how much love and care you put into your campsite. My only suggestion would be to find a way to make it feel like winter all the time here!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Hi there, [PLAYER]! Oh, ho ho are you? Thanks for having me here! I'm usually so busy stealthily hiding presents inside that I don't get a chance to enjoy the outdoors. The scenery is especially beautiful during the holiday season! I just love how everything glistens!"
  • "I'm here to fill the holiday season with plenty of cheer! After all, I am a black-nosed reindeer. I can't light the way, but when it comes to carrying presents, I'm a nose above the rest!"
  • "I love the work I do! Every year, I get to spread cheer and make dreams come true! Making a career out of spreading joy... Who would've thought that was possible?! I'm so lucky. I bet you feel the same way about your job, [PLAYER]! You must bring lots of joy and plenty of smiles as the campsite manager. Your campers are lucky!"
  • "Oh! It's you, [PLAYER]! Your outfit is lovely, but I must admit... It's not quite what I was picturing for the holidays. What about a different color scheme? Red is a very jolly color! I always wear red while I deliver presents. It makes me look and feel merry!"

Int oth end chairS.pngK.K. Slider's Chair[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Man, sitting in this chair really mellows me out. I can feel some new tunes brewing already... This place of yours has been a big inspiration, brother/sister. Maybe I'll name a track after it."
  • "Hey, [PLAYER]... What's the most special place in the world to you? For me, it's this chair. In fact, it's anyplace I bring this chair. It always gets me in a nice groove."
  • "I had a chair like this when I was writing my first record. I used to sit here and strum and compose... Thing's not about the chair. When you're really groovin', there IS no chair, man. Think about that."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Hey, brother/sister. You feelin' groovy today? All right. That's what I like to hear."
  • "Hey, [PLAYER]. This place is really chill, you dig? It's like, I can totally mellow out."
  • "I'm working on some new tunes and this place is, like, inspiring me. It's real cool, [PLAYER]!"

Int 2960 end cmps.pngK.K. Slider's Prize Guitar[]

Initial Dialog
  • "This guitar? It's real unique. I only perform with it on special occasions. Man, talk about a sublime instrument. It's like, the conduit to my innermost feelings."
  • "This guitar is my tool of choice... But that's not all it is. It shares my successes and my joys and my suffering. It's my one true partner, you dig?"
  • "Hey, [PLAYER]. I'm totally digging the vibe around here today. It's like, I can feel that I'm going to play a truly great tune. Even my guitar is in the mood to sing."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Man, I don't know about you, but as a celebration gets closer, I start getting real restless. If I were to compare the feeling to something...I'd say it's like the adrenaline rush before a live show."
  • "My hat? Well now, it's a special kinda hat that signifies how much of a celebratory mood I'm in. Thing is, I feel groovy just putting it on. My fingers start dancing right away, keen to play a cool tune."
  • "Something about hanging out with you, brother/sister... It inspires me to write one song after the other. I think it's the way you work. It stimulates my mind."
  • "Man oh man, [PLAYER]. I just got hit with the inspiration to write a new song. Maybe it's because I put on this hat. It makes me feel like I could write a truly groovy party song."

Int 3870 lom01 cmps.pngKatie's Sakura Swing[]

Initial Dialog
  • "When I wiggle my legs and make this swing start swinging, lotsa pretty petals fall down! I've been practicing my swinging. I can swing all by myself now! I don't even need a push to start! Now I can swing back and forth and back and forth, over and over and over! Hooray!"
  • "Hm... I learned in school that cherry blossoms only bloom in the spring. But this tree is always blooming! I'm going to ask my science teacher why. I bet she'll have an answer!"
  • "Hey, mister/lady! Can I ask you a really, really big favor? My mommy isn't here, and she usually watches me swing. So, I was kinda wondering... Will you watch me swing? Pretty please! I promise I'm really, really good and go really, really high! You'll watch me?! You mean it?! Thanks, mister/lady! I'm gonna swing so hard that I swing over the top!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "When my mommy lets me, I like to go on adventures all by myself. It's really, really fun to travel! I don't travel too far, though. Just far enough to catch some bugs and still be home in time for dinner!"
  • "Hiya, mister/lady! My name is Katie! No, I'm not lost or anything. I'm just exploring the campsite! ...And my mommy knows I'm here, I promise. I got lost before, so now I always tell her where I'm going!"
  • "Can I ask you a question, mister/lady? What's your favorite place at the campsite? Can I tell you mine? It's right here! I love your campsite, and I love this swing! They both make me happy. I know one thing for sure... I never want to leave!"
  • "Camping makes me feel like such a grown-up! I kinda sorta wanna stay here forever!"

Int snp01 bpt cmps.pngKatrina's Fortune Tent[]

With Katrina's Fortune Tent, players have the option to choose between having their fortune read by Katrina Icon.png Katrina, or chatting with her. She can read the player's fortune once per day day, starting at 12:00 am, based on the player's device's time. Afterwards, the player will have the option to ask her to repeat the fortune she read for that day.

Opening Dialog

If the player's fortune has not been read yet that day, Katrina Icon.png Katrina will greet the player with the following dialog:

  • "Ah. I had a feeling you would come speak to me. And here you are. Do you wish to have me read your fortune?"

The player will then have the option to either have her read their fortune, or to simply chat with her:

  • "Yes, please."
  • "Let's just chat."

If the player has already had their fortune read that day, she will greet the player with the following dialog instead:

  • "Keeee heh ha mo-ata... Ah. It's you. How can I be of service, [PLAYER]?"

To which the player can reply by asking her to repeat their fortune, or to chat:

  • "What was my fortune?"
  • "Let's chat."
Fortune Readings

If the player has not had their fortune read that day yet and chooses "Yes, please.", Katrina Icon.png Katrina will start chanting:

  • "Very well. I will read your fortune for today. Let us begin...
    Keeee heh ha mo-atata...
    Keeee ha ha mo-atatata...
    Eena ro sheho-to bati...
    ...Ah! I see. I see. Very interesting..."

Katrina Icon.png Katrina will then proceed to read one out of ten, seemingly random, different fortunes. The following is a list of different fortunes the player may get:

  • "I sense that today, you're filled with inspiration and creative potential. Your mind teems with new ideas... Follow these imaginative impulses, and they may take you somewhere exciting and unexpected."
  • "Your aura today makes you warm and approachable. You will find it easy to make others smile. Introduce yourself to people, start conversations, and you are bound to forge new friendships..."
  • "Today, I sense that your spirit is burning bright with motivation and the willingness to get things done. Whatever you choose to do with this productive energy, you are likely to succeed..."
  • "I sense within you a desire for knowledge. You are hungry to learn something new today. Consider picking up a book you've never read or finding a new hobby. It might change your life..."
  • "You may find today uneventful, with nothing particularly good or bad likely to happen. Not all days are ups and downs. Sometimes a day is simply a day..."
  • "Your aura today is cool and calm, like the surface of a lake on a tranquil morning. Consider spending some relaxing time alone today. I sense you will find the seclusion nourishing."
  • Today, I sense that you have a spark of decisiveness, as though you can cut through uncertainty. You may find that it's easier to help others with difficult decisions, and to make decisions of your own..."
  • "The hum of your spirit is a little muted today. You will likely find you have less energy than usual. No need to push yourself too hard. If you're feeling tired, take a break. Your spirit will thank you..."
  • "I sense you are vulnerable to feeling anxious today. Your spirit vibrates with restless energy. If you do feel nervous, take deep breaths and remember the feeling will pass in time..."
  • "The shimmering of your aura today indicates uncertainty. You may feel a sense of doubt or confusion. But keep pushing forward bit by bit. Even in the thickest fog, one can still see as far as the next step."

Finally, Katrina Icon.png Katrina will then tell the player what 'advice word' will be the key to their good fortune that day, and wishes them a happy future:

  • "[advice word]... That is the key that will unlock the door to your good fortune...
    Now then... Hopefully there is lots of happiness in your future... Or, failing that, hopefully things are mostly OK."

Similarly to the fortunes the player may receive, the 'advice word' is also seemingly randomly determined from a list of 100 different words:

Advice Words
Drinks Food Sports Desserts Music Genres Clothing
Iced coffee
Bubble tea
Sweet tea
Tomato juice
Rice milk
Hot cocoa
Green tea
Oolong tea
Peach lassi
Carrot juice
Coconut soda
Herbal tea
Fizzy water
Potato salad
Shrimp gumbo
Green curry
Grilled cheese
Lentil soup
Chow mein
Baked ziti
Fish tempura
Creamed spinach
Pesto pizza
Papas bravas
French toast
Veggie pho
Split-pea soup
Creamed corn
Table tennis
Sponge cake
Banana bread
Chocolate pie
Bread pudding
Vanilla gelato
Peanut brittle
Coconut cream pie
Figgy pudding
Fried dough
Pumpkin pie
Fruit parfait
French toast
Yogurt parfait
Rainbow sherbet
Peach crisp
Baked alaska
Spice cake
Power pop
Rock 'n' roll
New wave music
Folk music
Cabaret music
Swing music
Mariachi music
Heavy metal music
Dance-hall music
Pair of eyeglasses
Pair of sneakers
Pair of boots
Pair of shorts
Pair of pants
Pair of pants or shorts
Hair accessory
Pair of sunglasses
Pair of sandals
Tank top

If the player has already had their fortune read that day and chooses "What was my fortune?", Katrina Icon.png Katrina will not perform the chanting sequence again. Instead, she just repeats the fortune and 'advice word' for that day, and instead of wishing the player a happy fortune she gives the player a reminder:

  • "Very well. Once again, here is your fortune for today...
    [The fortune the player got that day]
    [The advice word the player got that day]... That is the key that will unlock the door to your good fortune...
    Remember, your future is decided by your own actions. I can only give you a glimpse of the possibilities. Let me know if you'd like to hear your fortune again..."
Chat Dialog

If the player chooses "Let's just chat." or "Let's chat.", Katrina Icon.png Katrina will say one of the following lines:

  • "Keeee heh ha mo-atata... Keeee ha ha mo-atatata... Ah... I have spent so many years telling fortunes that I sometimes find myself chanting involuntarily. Perhaps this is the spirits' way of telling me I need a vacation."
  • "There are various ways to approach fortune telling. Crystal balls. Astrology. Tarot cards. Which way is "right," you ask? What a silly question. None of these methods is right or wrong. They are simply different ways of hearing...what the universe tells us.
  • "From time to time, someone will ask me to help them make a choice of some kind. But doing so is beyond my abilities. I am a fortune teller... I can glimpse the future, not control it. When the road forks, only you can choose which path to follow."
  • "You seem nervous. You are awed to be in my presence, I take it. That is perfectly understandable. But there's no need to worry... I won't bite."
  • "The air in this spot is vibrating with spiritual energy... Can you feel it, [PLAYER]? Oh... You can't? I should have expected as much. Few share my sensitivity to such events."
  • "Ah, I'm receiving some wisdom from the stars... They are telling me that you should avoid purchasing a boat of any kind today, even a toy boat. The reason is unclear, but it may be because the stars do not know how to swim."

Int snp12 skk cmps.pngKicks's Vintage Camera[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Y'know how restaurants will show off photos of big-name chums who've eaten there? I figure now I've got this camera, I oughta take pictures of famous people who've bought my shoes! And what better place to start than a snapshot of my old pal [PLAYER]? Folks are sure to line up when they know a luminary like you trusts me to furnish your feet!"
  • "When it comes to tendin' to shoes, I never miss a day. That's why my wares are always in top condition. And ever since I got this camera, I've treated it no different. Camera maintenance isn't quite the same as shinin' shoes, but the love comes through all the same. Shoes, cameras, friendships... You gotta put in some effort if you want 'em to last for the long haul."
  • "Me, I'm not one to shy away from somethin' merely because it's a mite old-fashioned. Sometimes the old ways of doing things are the best ways. Take a gander at my camera, for instance. If I took pictures with a phone, I'd miss out on the charm of luggin' this giant contraption around!"
  • "Why'd I take up photography, you ask? Well, see, I was hopin' to broaden my horizons a tad. "Kicks," I said to m'self, "you're a Renaissance skunk. Your whole life oughtn't be about peddlin' footwear." The funny bit is that as soon as I got my camera, I realized shoes were all I wanted to point it at!"
  • "Y'know, you can completely change the way a picture looks by using a different lens. It's like putting a new shine on an old pair of oxfords! ...Oi. Give it to me straight. Do I talk about shoes too much?"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Whatta sociable chum you are! You're always gabbin' with friends, handing people treats, all that. Whereas, look at me—most of my closest pals have soles and laces. Maybe I oughta try channeling summa that social-butterfly energy of yours, eh? Ahem hem. Hem. Hey, everybody! It's a beautiful day at the campsite! Let's all hang out and make friendship bracelets and... Oi, that was exhaustin'. Reckon it's best for me to be who I am, innit?"
  • "You can tell when something's been made by an artisan—crafted with a smidgen of love, y'know? Like chartreuse rain boots that glint just the right way when the sun comes out. Or your place here! Visiting this li'l retreat feels like easin' into a swanky pair o' slippers."
  • "You like coffee? The spot I go to makes a cup that'll knock your socks off. Only thing is, the barista always gets my name wrong. They say, "Clicks! Cappuccino for Clicks!" But truth be told, for such a tip-top cuppa, I'll let 'em call me whatever they fancy!"

"Hm? You like the new duds, huh? Well, thanks much for saying so, my good chum! See, now that I've got this camera, I tried going for that rugged, globe-trotting photographer look. I'm still an amateur, to be all the way honest. But at least I look the part of a pro."

Int snp18 hgc cmps.pngLabel's Crystal Tree[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Have you taken a moment to admire the gorgeous design of this tree? Beautiful, isn't it? Not to brag, but I decorated it myself! I'm very into the crystal aesthetic lately, as you can see."
  • "Even on the coldest days, sipping a warm cup of coffee near this tree warms me up almost instantly! My mug also reminds me of my sister, Sable. She has the exact same one! You may have seen it. Since it reminds me of her, I decided to bring it along."
  • "I designed this coat myself! What do you think of it, [PLAYER]? I was inspired by sitting under this lovely tree. However, the pièce de résistance of this outfit is this snowflake brooch on my scarf. It ties the entire ensemble together! Lovely, isn't it?"
  • "Hmm... Oh, pardon me! I must have gotten lost in my thoughts! That happens sometimes. I tend to daydream when I'm not at my usual workspace. It's how I come up with my best designs! There's inspiration all around us. Sometimes you just need to go looking for it!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "I use my given name, Label, now, but you may know me as Labelle. I've used both in the past. The latter was a nickname from an old design teacher. It was all about the branding!"
  • "Working in fasion is all about finding inspiration in the daily grind of life! Even this very conversation may lead me to a breakthrough on the outfit I'm currently constructing."
  • "Your outfit, [PLAYER]... It's so! What I mean to say is that your fashion choices are an expression of your unique sense of style. I'm always looking at other folks' outfits, and I'm so inspired by your ensemble today! Great choice!"
  • "My old mentor always spoke so elegantly. She took her time and made sure to enunciate. She'd always tell us the way we choose to present ourselves is as important as the outfits we create. After all, you're not just selling clothes... You're selling a brand, and that brand is YOU!"
  • "Ah, [PLAYER], hello! Care to join me for a break? Taking a moment to clear your mind can help increase your creativity and productivity!"

Int 2710 slo cmps.pngLeif's Flower Stand[]

Initial Dialog
  • "These shelves are just lovely! I can fit so many plants and other accessories on them. I'd say even the flowers look happy to sit upon such fine shelves. Haha, well, I get that feeling anyway!"
  • "Oh, heya, [PLAYER]! You might have noticed that these shelves are quite handy. And let's see...if I put my weed-pulling tools here, they would be even more handy! With those tools, I'd quickly get rid of any unsightly weeds. I don't want my potted plants here to be displaced by weeds, so I must take good care of them!"
  • "The flowers on these shelves are so pretty, aren't they? Just looking at them fills me with happiness! I wonder...when did my love for flowers first blossom? Hmm... Let me think for a moment... ...Flowers...Zzz...Zzz... ...I ...So...pretty... ...*gasp*! Oh! I guess I nodded off there! Now, what were we talking about?"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Heya, heya! I have to ask you something, [PLAYER]... Do you like flowers? I love them! They're so pretty and smell so sweet. Looking at them soothes the soul, don't you think? If I could live my whole life surrounded by flowers... Well, I would be beyond happy!
  • "This one time, I visited a town covered entirely in weeds. I fainted from the shock of it! Goodness! Even now, I have nightmares about it sometimes. I think that a tiny, organized place filled with flowers is MUCH better than one covered in weeds!"
  • "Heya! Good to see you. I must say, spending time here is really quite soothing. And while it's lovely as it is, I wonder...have you considered adding even more flowers? Having flowers surround you is like being wrapped in a warm hug. It's the best feeling in the world!"

Int snp19 hgh cmps.pngMabel's Vintage Corner[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Oh! Hey, [PLAYER]. Aren't these great? I love bright, colorful retro clothes. Just about everyone looks great in them! I actually didn't want to bring so many items, but they're all so nice I just couldn't choose, you know? But that's OK! It just means more things to browse, so don't let me stop you!"
  • "Oh dear! You caught me sitting on the job, didn't you? That's embarrassing My sisters are always saying I work too much. They tell me I should take more breaks and get off my feet. It's good advice, so I'll give it to you too. Remember to take a break if you're feeling tired, OK?"
  • "I know I may say this a lot, but isn't everything here wonderful? All our clothing is designed by my sister Label, then made lovingly by claw by my other sister, Sable. I'm so happy I get to work with my sisters. They're both so talented!"
  • "Opening a pop-up shop someplace new can be so refreshing. It's nice to change things up. Even something simple as putting together a new outfit can be enough to make you feel like a new person. And if new clothes make you a new person, that could mean you get new perspectives, and that's always good!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "You look fantastic in that outfit, [PLAYER]. I love seeing everyone's style. Clothes are such a perfect way to express yourself. Take my sisters, for instance. Sable likes lighter colors, while Label prefers a bold, fashionable look. And then there's me... I just like practical clothes that are easy to move around in."
  • "My sisters and I would never be able to keep our shop going without the support of our customers. I guess that's true of every shop, but... It means a lot to us that we can keep doing this. So in case I haven't said it to you lately, thank you so much for your business!"
  • "It's tough to run a shop if you're shy, and both of my sisters take a while to open up to others. But me? Ever since I was young, I've always been happy to walk right up and talk to folks. So if you've ever got a moment, you're always welcome to drop by for a chat."
  • "I think I need to put more effort into cooking and cleaning. Ever since we were little, Sable's handled most of the housework. I really should help her out more. It's just that she's so much better at claws-on work, and I'm worried I'd just get in her way."
  • "It's a lot of fun looking at clothes, isn't it? If I'm looking at an outfit, I like to imagine all the different places and events I could wear it to. And when I look at my favorite clothes, I just imagine myself happy and comfy at home."

Int 2610 pool cmps.pngPascal's Kiddie Pool[]

Initial Dialog

In Pascal's Kiddie Pool Initial Dialog, Pascal Icon.png Pascal will first greet the player, proceeded by him enlightening the player with one out of 38 random 'deep truths', and close with one of three random lines of dialog.

  • "Hey there, [PLAYER]... Mind if I lay some deep truths on you? ...*inhale*... *exhale*..."

  • "Love is like a cookie: your world is great until it's all gone, leaving your life all crummy."
  • "Ever notice how they call it "fishing" and not "poling" or "casting" or something? Maaan, why is that?"
  • "Why is a pizza folded over called a calzone? Why isn't it still called a pizza? What's their agenda, maaan?"
  • "Once you're soaked, that's it. You've hit maximum soakage. You can't get any wetter, maaan!"
  • "Maaan, folks who say they have no worries are just the folks who know how to ignore those same worries."
  • "If fish can't close their eyes to sleep, maybe they're so tired they think hooks are pillows, maaan."
  • "Why do people think the moon is made of cheese? Maaan, what kind of cheese is gray? BAD cheese."
  • "If some peppers are hot and some are mild, then why is pepper always considered spicy, maaan?"
  • "Squids must know they look like octopuses, right? Maaan, do you think one's copying the other?"
  • "You ever been forced to play the tuba while blindfolded and falling from a helicopter? 'Cause, maaan..."
  • "What's up with people scuba diving, maaan? That's just a hobby based around not drowning. Weird..."
  • "If you walk an unknown road once, maaan, it's not unknown anymore!"
  • "Friends gladly lend things to other friends, but, maaan, don't lend more than you're willing to lose."
  • "Opinions are like birthdays, since everyone has them. But at least with birthdays you get free cake."
  • "Clouds, maaan. What are they plottin' up there?"
  • "Have you ever planned to take a nap but slept in too late? Is that lazy, or is it just REALLY on it, maaan?"
  • "The grass is always greener, except when you live in a desert, maaan. Whoa, I just boggled my otter brain."
  • "If you see a red button somewhere, maaan, don't PUSH it, even though I know how badly you want to."
  • "You ever seen a spider the size of a yacht? Maaan, me either. And I want to KEEP it that way..."
  • "If big things always come from small places, maaan, why don't we just give tiny gifts at parties?"
  • "People say there are always other fish in the sea, but, maaan, there are giant squids in there too."
  • "The ends of the earth exist, but, maaan, they're just all connected."
  • "If you want to adopt a houseplant, maaan, make sure it's housebroken."
  • "Swimming is like flying, except it's in water instead of the sky. So I guess it's nothing like flying, maaan."
  • "If you have nine apples, and I take three away, maaan, you're gonna be really mad at me."
  • "Never let a dog know you're scared, or that you have a biscuit in your pocket, maaan."
  • "I heard that pet birds get fed three times a day, but they have to live in a cage. Maaan, fair trade..."
  • "Some people just like to hear the sound of their own voices. Maaaan... I TOTALLY understand why."
  • "Starfish don't glow in the dark. Maaaaan, doesn't that just feel like such a WASTE?"
  • "I hear that honesty is the best policy, but I also hear that the best policy has low interest, maaan."
  • "Have you ever seen a submarine fire torpedoes? Maaan, what about a torpedo that fired submarines?"
  • "If you're a reporter but you report on something we already know... Maaaan, you must have slept in..."
  • "The speed of light isn't so fast. Maaan, I want to travel faster than the speed of TIME. Whoa..."
  • "If you can get seasick, does that mean that the sea can get person sick? Maaaan, what if...?"
  • "Ever seen a whale sneeze? Maaan, you are missing out!"
  • "You can't change your spots, unless you never had spots to begin with. Maaan, then just GO for it."
  • "Some bugs can glow, but I don't get why that is. Maaan, why are they trying to confuse me like that?"
  • "In school, they give you a free study period, but you're not free to NOT study. It's just an illusion, maaaaan."

  • "...Ya dig, maaan?"
  • "...It's the truth, maaan."
  • "...Wrap your noggin around that, maaan."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Maaaan... I dig floating in the water. It's like I'm a bird flying in the sky... Only I don't have to work as hard."
  • "Maaaan, these nuggets of wisdom I lay down... I don't think them up. They think ME up."
  • "You probably think sea otters love to swim... Maaan, we just don't like to walk."
  • "Maaaan... When you eat a scallop, make sure it's fresh. A bad scallop is a recipe for a bad week."
  • "Why do oysters get all the credit for making pearls? Scallops make pearls too, maaan."

Int 3660 pck cmps.pngPavé's Dance Stage[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Pavé LOVES this stage! It is perfect for the glory that is Pavé! You have heard of the Pavé, yes? Now! Pavé will dance for you! WOOHOO! One and TWO! Three and FOUR! Pavé is ON FIRE! VIVA...FESTIVALE!"
  • "On this stage, Pavé's dance— it is even more divine, no?! Pavé is overflowing with PASSION! Pavé can dance FOREVER! WOOHOO! Hey, now YOU! Ready to ROAR? In the dancing...LOSE YOURSELF! LION...FESTIVALE!♪"
  • "When Pavé is on this stage, Pavé's feathers look ENORMOUS. Very woohoo! Pavé is approving! Yes! They are so dramatic. Not as beautiful as Pavé's own feathers, no. But Pavé looks GOOD. SPICY...FESTIVALE!♪"
  • "Pavé wants? Pavé GETS! Bring Pavé the floating feathers! What?! What does this mean, "Wrong game"?! YOU! Still your hips do not move! Dance! Gyrate! Flail to the rhythm like a wet fish! VIVA...FESTIVALE!♪"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "WOOHOO! One and TWO! Three and FOUR! Pavé is on the DANCE FLOOR!"
  • "Pavé's dancing—it is so precise, so magnificent, no? YOU! Why have you not caught the rhythm that is Pavé?! Come! With me! One and TWO!"
  • "AYYYYYY! Pavé has just forgotten the new dance moves he thought up! The travesty! The horror! The...FEELING! TRAGIC...FESTIVALE!♪"
  • "Look at YOU! Those rags! SO NICE! This fashion... It inspires Pavé to move! WOOHOO! [PLAYER]! So trendy! STYLE...FESTIVALE!♪"
  • "[PLAYER]?! What is wrong with your hips? Why do they not move? DANCE...FESTIVALE!"
  • "Huff... Huff... Pavé is...without breath. The glory that is Pavé has made you breathless too, no?"
  • "Tell me! Are you in love? Pavé? He is in love. With the rhythm of the music! With the music of LIFE! VIVA...FESTIVALE!"
  • "It is good to let your feathers down, no? Be like Pavé. The music... Let it speak to you. The rhythm... Let it move you. See! Already your hips begin to gyrate! Dance with Pavé!"
  • "Are you wondering if Pavé dances ALL DAY? OF COURSE Pavé is dancing all day! Pavé is Festivale Dancer Extraordinaire! The passionate fire that is Pavé roars day and night!"
  • "How can you stand here at the epicenter that is Pavé and not be shaking?!"
  • "What?! You have worries? You must dance, live Pavé. Gyrate bad thoughts away!"

Int 2540 shop cmps.pngRedd's Mask Emporium[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Hey there, cousin! Welcome, welcome! Boy, this place is mighty splendid, huh? Great spot, great spot! It's enough to soften even ol' Redd's hardened heart, cuz! But enough of my yappin'... Since I'm so lucky as to have ya, take your time and look around! ...Hee hee hee!"
  • "Hey there, cuz! Welcome! Have yourself a look around! The masks we got here have all been worn by famous folks and are quite valuable—thus the price! But it don't cost nothin' to look! touchin' the goods. ...Hee hee hee!"
  • "Hey there, cousin! This place has some real class, don't it? What would ya say to a capable merchant—such as myself—settin' up shop around here? Whaddaya think about that, cuz? Wanna hire me on? Actually, on second thought... maybe not. Sorry if I went and got your hopes up, there! See, ol' Redd's a self-made man! Workin' under someone else just ain't me... Forget I mentioned it!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Y'know, cuz, as the premier merchant around these parts, I know a thing or two... In fact, I'd hafta say I'm pretty much the only one who really gets when somethin' has value... That bein' said, lookin' around this place, I get a strong sense about ya, [PLAYER]... Ya really have an eye for quality. But that's just one expert's opinion! Don't read too much into it!"
  • "First rule of the merchant code is the customer always comes first! Those're the words I live by, cuz! 'Course, that bein' said, sometimes I get these customers who say all manner of rude things to me, like... "All your goods are fake!" "That's false advertising!" "You're a lousy con man!" How could they say such things to ol' Redd when I have only their best interests at heart, cuz?! I'm just out here offerin' crazy deals—that's all! Can't blame me if ya get swept up in the savings!"
  • "I'm a businessman through and through, as you know, cousin. I do all KINDS of business! I've been in some rough spots, though—no doubt about that! But I always manage somehow. Truth is, I've only been able to keep my business going 'cause of the support I get from the customers. Without their business, I'd be— well, I'd be out of business!"
  • "I gotta ask, [PLAYER]... which do you prefer: raccoons or foxes? Just a li'l survey I'm doin'. Think of it as one of those, uh... personality tests! Yeah, that's it! ...Hee hee hee! Has nothin' to do with real folks! You can trust your ol' pal Redd on that one, cousin—yes, sirree!"

Int snp03 xct cmps.pngRover's Treat Trolley[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Oops! You just saw me eating a treat from the trolley, didn't you? Well, so what. I gotta sample the treats to make sure they're suitable for customers, mya ha ha howr!"
  • "The design of this trolley is pretty great, if you ask me. It looks just like a vampire's castle. You know, maybe some day I'll hop on a train and go to a real-life vampire's castle. Got to make sure I don't get bitten though. Do you by any chance have vampire repellent I could borrow?"
  • "This trolley is loaded with great treats. Really, whatever you pick, you can't go wrong. The pumpkin treats are definitely high on my list. They look and taste so sublimely pumpkin-ish!"
  • "The treats on this trolley have some pretty nifty Halloween designs, don't you think? A bat, a ghost, more pumpkins than you can shake a stick at. And best of all...a cat! Hold the phone. I just realized, that cat cookie bears a not insignificant resemblance to yours truly... I guess that means that one basically has my name on it! Don't mind if I do!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Rover? I know not this Rover of whom you speak. I am a mysterious count from a faraway land... Mya ha ha, just kidding! It's me, Rover. Had you fooled for a sec though, right?
  • "I'm what you might call a traveler. I like wandering around, going from place to place. When I find a spot I really like, I'll visit it over and over. And I gotta say, your campsite is one of my favorite places ever! I'll definitely be stopping by here again."
  • "I love eating treats. What's your take on treats, [PLAYER]? You ask me, sweet treats are great, but salty treats are also great. Which do you prefer? Oh, I almost forgot about sweet-and-salty treats! Maybe that's more your scene? Ah! Sorry, I'm asking you an awful lot of questions. Old habits die hard, I guess. Wouldn't you agree?"
  • "If you ask me, the best kind of travel is train travel. The comfy seats, the scenic window views... And best of all, you meet a ton of interesting folks! If I had a Bell for every fascinating person I met on the train, I'd be a wealthy cat indeed."

Int snp06 hgs cmps.pngSable's Knitting Table[]

Since Sable's Knitting Table came out before the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Sable Icon.png Sable still refers to Labelle Icon.png Label as 'Labelle'.

Initial Dialog
  • "One of my favorite things about this little space is it helps me clear my head to focus on what matters. Without any distractions, I can just think about how to make folks happy with my designs! Seeing Mabel or Labelle's face light up at the sight of my work is the best feeling in the whole world."
  • "I like having a relaxing place to do my knitting. It's more important than you might think! If you're stressed out, the stitching will be too tight, and whatever you make will end up uncomfortable."
  • "I really prefer to knit everything by hand, but I have to use a machine to keep up with sewing demand. The machine's gotten pretty slow lately, though... I hope it doesn't cause any trouble for Mabel."
  • "All the books you see here were gifts from my sister, Labelle. She has a great eye for fasion. To be honest, it's a bit intimidating. The designs are advanced... I'm not sure my knitting skills are up to it. It's really nice to know she has so much faith in me, though. I'll just have to do my best."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "I should apologize for not being too talkative at our shop in Market Place, [PLAYER]. I'm always focused on giving our customers the best. That takes a lot of concentration!"
  • "I'm trying to think of a gift to knit for an old friend I've not seen in a long time. What should I make? Gloves? Socks? A cap? Oh! I know! A scarf would be perfect! One size fits all. You can't go wrong! Of course, scarves aren't good in all kinds of weather. Hmm, I may need to give this some more thought..."
  • "Knitting, sewing... Machine or by hand... There are all kinds of ways to make cute garments to wear. What matters most, I think, isn't the way you make it, but how much of your heart you put into it. Whenever I make something, I think all the while about how I hope wearing it makes someone happy."
  • "I'm working on something special right now. I'm afraid it's not going to be for sale, though. Promise to keep it a secret, OK? I'm knitting matching mittens for Mabel and Labelle. I'm so excited!"

Int 3470 snw cmps.pngSnowfall Snowman[]

The Snowfall Snowman is different from other pieces of Special Furniture in that it functions like regular furniture that displays text when it is interacted with instead of initiating a 'cutscene' in which the player speaks to a character. Therefore, the Snowfall Snowman can also be interacted with and display its dialog inside the Camper. It also does not have separate pools of dialog for when the player interacts with it for the first time upon refreshing the area and for when they interact with it thereafter.

Interaction Text
  • "You might be wondering why you should care about getting your snowman's proportions perfect. It's easy to get something 70 percent of the way done. But being dedicated enough to go that extra 30 percent takes you from amateur hour to pro."
  • "You can't do things halfway when you're crafting a snowperson! You have to put your whole heart into it. Place every flake with care! You can't just plop a head on a heap of snow and say, "Gee, that looks good enough to me!""
  • "Hey! You wanna play rock-paper-scissors? One, two... Sorry...I just wanted to try."
  • "Even snowmen have times when we're cold! Sometimes I just need someone to hold me tight..."
  • "Man, every time I think about how well made I am, it just makes me want to sing!"
  • "I feel like everyone's checking me out 'cause I look soooo goooood! It's a little embarrassing!"
  • "Yeah, I'm pretty much this place's new mascot. I mean, can you blame folks for liking me so much? I'm gorgeous! But I've gotta stand out even more if I wanna liven this place up!"
  • "To melt because of the passionate stares of one's fans is an honor for a snowperson. That said... I suppose I can't melt here, can I? Stare away, adoring fans! Stare away!"
  • "I'm considering entering a contest for finest snowman in the world, despite not being wholly perfect. Fortunately, people are drawn to slight imperfections rather than outright flawlessness."
  • "Snowpeople really do draw a lot of energy from the cold. This constant dusting of snow has me feeling gloriously alive!"
  • "If I had arms and legs, I would roll me up the perfect girlfriend! Her head would be slightly smaller than her body, and her complexion would be pure as the driven snow! Awwww... Chasing dreams can be tough."
  • "Name my best feature? That's easy. My sparkling personality is what makes me so popular. Of course, having a body molded after the gods is a close second."
  • "This color! This shine! This shape! All flawlessly executed! If you take a picture with me, it'll knock everybody's wool socks off. It'd cause a blizzard of praise! Feel free to take our picture at any time. I won't be...going anywhere."
  • "This heavyset body! This tightly packed head! And the solid stability created from uniting the two! Whoever made me this time was obviously a true master. And now I'm the recipient of a constant shower of snow, you can admire my perfection all year long!"
  • "It's hard to imagine how my good looks could be improved. However...perhaps some new accessories are in order? After all, I won't be dissolving into a puddle of expired snowman this time around!"
  • "My handsome presence here clearly makes this place cool. The only thing that'd be cooler is if you had a whole family of snowpeople! ...Cough, cough!"
  • "Brrrrrrr! I know I'm under a snow cloud and all, but DANG it's cold!"
  • "While I recognize the magnificence of the original snowman form... Would it kill someone to design me ONCE with a proper set of limbs?"
  • "As a snowman, normally I personify the fleeting nature of things. With these new living arrangements however..."
  • "Just like every snowflake is different, no two snowpeople are quite the same! Unfortunately for some..."
  • "...Huh?! Sorry! You've caught me lost in thought. Did you want something?"
  • "When it's really cold, I wouldn't mind a nice, cozy sleeping bag! Or a hug..."
  • "......Zzzzz. Mumble mumble... Mockery of wintertime fun... Why'd you do it...mumble mumble..."

Int snp00 lrm cmps.pngTimmy's Golden Harp[]

Initial Dialog
  • "This harp has quite an impressive shape and sound, does it not? Perhaps this harp would be a nice addition to my shop? It would liven up the atmosphere. Yes, yes!"
  • "This harp seems to have powers beyond my comprehension. When I pick it up, I sprout my wings and fly! I don't understand how it's possible, but it certainly makes for interesting furniture, yes?"
  • "My brother and I are not the greatest harp players, but we have spent many nights practicing. Regardless, we'd like to play a song for your enjoyment. Will you give it a listen? ...listen? We would be most honored to play for you and your fellow campers!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Welcome, welcome! Great to see you today! My name is Timmy. Forgive me for the informal introduction, but I'd hate for you to confuse myself and my brother! People often do. We look very much alike. Wouldn't you agree?"
  • "My brother is actually quite shy! I know it's difficult to distinguish, so maybe that fact will be useful. It may become more confusing, though. What if I'm simply not feeling talkative one day? I guess it's best if we introduce ourselves frequently to avoid confusion at all costs! ...all costs!"
  • "Hello, hello! How are you today? My name is Tommy... See?! You didn't think twice about it. I'm actually Timmy! Do we really look that similar? If you look closely, we actually do have many distinguishing factors, such as this mole on my wrist. ...Or does Tommy have one too? Ah, I can't remember at the moment."
  • "It's you, [PLAYER]! I'm glad you made time to chat with me today! Yes, yes! This ring above my head? I believe it's called a halo! So shiny! Ah, I sense your confusion. I'm no angel, but I can certainly play you a song on my harp! Listen, listen!"
  • "Thank you for your interest in my new pastel robe! Unfortunately, this item is not for sale."
  • "Being outside and flying about is so different from managing a store. I feel out of my element, but I must admit that a change of scenery is nice! Yes, yes!"

Int snp08 lrm cmps.pngTimmy's Nook Inc. Banner[]

Initial Dialog
  • "What do you think of this flag? It's promotional material for the Deserted Island Getaway Package offered by Nook Inc.! This is your chance to relax on the beach, explore, and take in all of nature's bounty on a lovely island! We're accepting applicants now, so...think about it, won't you?"
  • "When we designed this flag, we were inspired by thinking of a white sky shining down on green grass. It represents the beauty of nature, in all its untrammeled glory! Isn't it so pretty? Do you want to go there? The Deserted Island Getaway Package from Nook Inc. can make it happen! Get out there into the wild! Craft something wonderful with your own two hands!"
  • "Hey. Can I say something? Can I be real with you? Honestly... You look so tired. What you need is to get away from it all. A vacation! Return to the arms of mother nature and all that! Might I recommend Nook Inc.'s Deserted Island Getaway Package? It's just the change of pace you need to rejuvenate your body and mind!"
  • "You might be thinking, "Sure, a deserted island sounds great, but can I hang on to my anxieties too?" Well the answer is NO! YOU CAN'T! Because under Nook Inc.'s attentive staff, worrying's not allowed! Sorry! You'll just have to enjoy getting away from it all with Nook Inc.'s Deserted Island Getaway Package!"
  • "This flag represents Mr. Nook's latest venture: Nook Inc.! The company was founded on the same business principles that have given Mr. Nook so much success. SYNERGY! That's not one of the principles. I just like saying SYNERGY! It's empowering."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "I'm Timmy! Folks occasionally mistake me for my younger brother, Tommy, but that's OK. It's easy to remember that Timmy is older than Tommy, and Tommy is younger than Timmy, but... If folks forget whether I'm Timmy or Tommy, I don't mind. I'll answer to Tommy or Timmy, to be polite."
  • "I've been to the island already. You know, the one for Nook Inc.'s new Deserted Island Getaway Package? It's pretty deserted right now, but once you swing on by, it'll be... slightly less deserted!"
  • "What do you think of my shirt? I got this one to match with my younger brother. Some folks think we should dress differently, to make it easier to tell us apart. But why would we need to do that? He's got an orange flag, and I don't. Easy as can be!"
  • "Hello there! I'm so happy you've decided to come and speak to me, [PLAYER]. Great news! Nook Inc. is offering an exciting Deserted Island Getaway Package so you can live your wildest dream! Assuming your wildest dream is to live on a deserted island, of course. But why wouldn't it be, hm?"

Furniture Tom Nook's Chair.pngTom Nook's Chair[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Ah, I see you've found my favorite chair of all time, yes, yes! I've had this chair ever since I started my first business. In a way, it's my most loyal employee!"
  • "Do you have a favorite piece of furniture, [PLAYER]? Mine's this chair. I'm no interior decorator, but I think I have an eye for quality, hm?"
  • "What do you think of the chair I was sitting in just now, hm? It's quite nice, isn't it? And the best part? It's completely portable. A cozy chair that you can pack up and bring anywhere. It's quite useful for me on the job. Yes, yes. Because I have to visit so many properties each day. Oh, I'm not complaining. Far from it! I love my work, and I put my heart and soul into it every day!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Ah, hello! Good day! I love what you've done with the place here. A great place to rest and reflect. Yes, yes!"
  • "You've really gone above and beyond with this place. I bet Isabelle is quite pleased, yes?"
  • "Ahh, this place is so quaint and peaceful. I could see myself retiring somewhere like this..."

Int snp09 rco cmps.pngTom Nook's Office Table[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Well, well—look who it is! Good to see you, [PLAYER]. So glad you wandered by. It just so happens I'm here promoting my latest venture. It's called Nook Inc.! Nook Inc. is sending folks off to commune with nature with its new Deserted Island Getaway Package. Want to hear more? Well, I'm right here! Yes, yes!"
  • "Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to get away from it all on a deserted island? Relaxing on the beach, the waves lapping gently at your feet... Or exploring places no one's ever seen. For a real estate fellow like myself, it was a bit of a risk to pioneer the Deserted Island Getaway Package. But I've wanted to do this for a long time, and I'm confident it will be a massive success!"
  • "Hey, you're a camper. You enjoy a little DIY from time to time, don't you, [PLAYER]? If so, you should consider our Deserted Island Getaway Package. You can do so much for yourself! Imagine it—living on an island never touched by civilization. Carving out your niche with your own hands! If you want to take your crafting to the next level, this is an exciting opportunity! Yes, yes!"
  • "Have you ever wanted to design and develop a plot of land from scratch, [PLAYER]? Well, great news! With Nook Inc.'s Deserted Island Getaway Package, you can do exactly that! And if you're thinking that sounds like too much work, don't worry. Nook Inc.'s staff is here for you! Together, we'll make sure all your plans go off without a single hitch. Yes, yes!"
  • "What do you think of this airplane logo? It's not just a nice-looking symbol, [PLAYER]! Travelers to our deserted islands will get to fly on a real airplane! To an actual airport! How can we call an island deserted if there's an airport on it? Don't worry about that too much. Just think about how much fun you can have on an island surrounded by all your friends! Yes, yes!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "These aloha shirts may look casual, but they're actually the official uniform of Nook Inc.! It's important we nail down that island paradise vibe, since that's what the company's all about!"
  • "I quite like it here. It's a charming place, [PLAYER]. It helps that I've got this cozy little spot to relax in. It's surprisingly comfortable, you know. So comfortable I might even...doze off. Yes, yes..."
  • "I don't want to brag...but I'm known about town as something of a fasion genius, you know. That's why these aloha shirts are so irresistably stylish. They are calculated to appeal to the senses! I have to look my best when I'm representing the company, after all."
  • "Timmy and Tommy have been out laying some groundwork for the Deserted Island Getaway Package. It's their first time heading out to a place like that on their own. I'm so proud of them. I'm so happy to have raised such... Er, such valuable employees!"

Int snp00 lrt cmps.pngTommy's Golden Harp[]

Initial Dialog
  • "This harp looks fantastic! Wouldn't you agree, [PLAYER]? It is an ideal centerpiece for a campsite as lovely as yours! Yes, Yes!"
  • "My brother and I are shop owners first and foremost. We're known for selling home decor and the like. So, needless to say, we've encountered a few difficulties on our journey to becoming musicians. Ah! For example, have you ever attempted to restring a harp? Neither had we until today!!"
  • "Is this the first harp you've seen at the campsite? Most excellent! It is not a common camping item. Please stop by if you ever want to gander at this harp...or speak with me! Yes, Yes!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Hello, hello! It's great to see you, [PLAYER]! I'm Tommy. My apologies if I've introduced myself before. I tend to remind others of who I am frequently. It really helps folks tell me apart from my brother. We look quite similar, yes?"
  • "I used to spend all my time with my brother, so this independent lifestyle is very new to me. He probably misses me as much as I miss him, if not more! ...more!"
  • "Hello, I'm Timmy! Good to see you again! ...See? Even someone as knowledgeable as yourself can't tell my brother and me apart. That does indeed mean that I'm actually Tommy! Yes, yes!"
  • "This ring above my head is very misleading. I'm not an angel. I'm just a simple shop clerk. I'm sure my ability to fly is confusing too. I apologize for the confusion I'm causing! Sorry, sorry!"
  • "I'm not sure if you noticed, but my brother and I are wearing the same robe in different colors! We tend to dress very similarly. ...I wonder if that's why folks have such a hard time telling us apart?
  • "Tom Nook has taught me so much! He's the greatest boss I could ever ask for. Did you know it was his idea to open up the Fortune Cookie Shop? Such a brilliant idea, yes?"

Int snp08 lrt cmps.pngTommy's Nook Inc. Banner[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Curious about the flag? It's part of our promotion for the Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package. During your getaway on an isolated island, you'll enjoy fishing and bug catching all year round! Live a full life in the heart of nature, experiencing all the seasons and weather the island has to offer!"
  • "These colors really catch the eye, don't they? So bright! If you like what you see, Nook Inc. is looking for folks to take part in a Deserted Island Getaway Package. What do you think? You don't have to answer now. Give it some thought, [PLAYER]."
  • "Let's face facts. You need a break. You deserve it! That's why you should consider some good ol' DIY. What could be more relaxing than getting back to basics? Getting in touch with your ingenuity?! With the Deserted Island Getaway Package offered by Nook Inc., it's as simple as materials and a recipe!"
  • "You might be thinking, "I'd love to get away, but a deserted island's a bit much. Can I really get by alone?" Well rest easy, because the staff at Nook Inc. have got you covered! We'll support you at every step! And you won't be alone. You can hang out with other residents, and even visit other folks' islands!"
  • "What do you think of Mr. Nook's new company flag? We're trying out some new branding! When Mr. Nook first started out, he was already the greatest, most talented businessman ever. But one thing that makes him so great is he knows he's got to keep up with the times. NEW BRANDING! My older brother and I are learning from Mr. Nook's every move. One day we'll be just like him!"
Consecutive Dialog
  • "I'm Tommy! Sometimes folks mistake me for my older brother, Timmy. But I'm not Timmy. I see how you might hear Timmy right before Tommy and get mixed up. Tommy and Timmy sound alike. But you can hear Tommy right after Timmy and still remember whether I'm Timmy or Tommy, right?"
  • "I've just been to the island. You know, the one we're using for the Deserted Island Getaway Package. I can't say too much, but I can tell you it's some very exciting stuff. This venture's bound to succeed!"
  • "Do you like my shirt? Mr. Nook has one just like it. That's why I'm wearing it! His style is impeccable! Relaxed, yet dignified. Comfortable, yet fashionable. Mr. Nook gets it. He should start a clothing line!"
  • "Great to see you! Have you got a minute to discuss an exciting opportunity, [PLAYER]? Nook Inc. is looking for enterprising folks who want to get in on the ground floor of something great. So what do you say? Do the words Deserted Island Getaway Package strike your fancy?"

Int snp13 gst00 cmps.pngWisp's Willow Tree[]

Initial Dialog
  • "AAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE! A G-G-GHOOOOOOST! I can't believe ghosts really exist... Well, I CAN believe it. I just don't WANT to believe it... Huh? You're not a ghost! You're... A human? A real, live human! Oh man, that was soooo scary. Because I did hear that ghosts are real and like to live in willow trees. I must have mistook [sic] you for one. Sorry about that."
  • "OH NOOOOOOOOO! A G-G-GHOOOOOST! Huh? You're not a ghost at all... You're a human! Please don't sneak up on me like that again. You nearly scared me to pieces! I'm absolutely terrified of ghosts... That's why I was hiding behind this tree. If I hide here, there's no way the ghosts will be able to find me."
  • "This willow tree is great, but if I'm being honest, there's one thing I really don't like about it... When the wind blows, the leaves start to rustle. It almost sounds like they're whispering to me... It's so spooky! It makes me feel like something is about to jump out and scare me!"
  • "I'm always happiest in any small, dark space. That's why I lived in a lamp for so long! The space under this willow tree does the trick. The shade is just right, even during the daytime."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "TA-DA! Sorry to bother you! I may look pretty tough, but the truth is, I'm actually a huge scaredy-cat. I was hiding because I thought you might be a ghost. But, when I realized you're just a human, I figured it was safe to come out and say hello!"
  • "Is there anything out there that just completely scares you to pieces? I hate to admit it, but there is one thing that really, really scares me... GHOSTS! I can't stand them. I'm frozen in fear just thinking about how spooooky they can be!"
  • "TA-DA! Oh, this thing on my head? I wear it all the time! It's part of my signature look. Anyways, pleased to make your acquaintance!"
  • "Leisurely floating around the campsite is so relaxing. I love taking in the fresh air! You should try floating with me sometime! ...Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize humans can't float..."
  • "I've noticed folks here really like gathering around a campfire and telling scary ghost stories... Can we NOT with the ghost stories? I seriously don't get the appeal! How does everyone sleep at night after hearing such spooky tales?!"

Int snp10 pyn cmps.pngZipper's Dance Stage[]

Initial Dialog
  • "Do I ever tire of dancing all day? Of course not! It's my bunny way! There's always a spring in my step! But, to tell you the truth, my legs have been cramping since last night... But, everybody looks so HOPPY when I dance around, so I'll just keep on hoppin' along!"
  • "I might be a little biased, but I think this stage is an EGGScellent addition to your campsite! My, my! I love to dance around for everyone to see. If I teach you my dance, would you join in with me? Hip, hop, hooray! Ready? I call this little number... the Bunny Day scramble! Hip! Hop! Hip! Hop! The fun doesn't stop! Remember, Bunny Day doesn't have to end here. You can do this dance any time of the year!"
  • "Up and down! Up and down! This stage can move all around! Lucky for me, this stage has a back, so I don't have to worry about a sneaky staring attack. Folks keep trying to approach me from behind even though I've made it clear that I very much mind... Seriously, why is everyone obsessed with looking at my back lately? It's creepy."
  • "I love how this stage has taken shape...literally! There couldn't be a more EGGScellent design. The ears especially fill me with glee because they make this stage look a little like me! I'm so hoppy that I could start dancing right now...and I will! Here we go! Boing! Boing! Boing! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hop! Hop! Hop! ... That's it. Show's over, kid. Move along."
  • "Oh, [PLAYER], I feel like this stage has taken my dancing to new heights! Being up there makes me want to jump, jitter, and jive with all my might. I will admit that this bunny could use a short break. I love to hop, but occasionally I need to stop... Just momentarily, though! Then I'll get right back to hopping along."
Consecutive Dialog
  • "Hippity, hoppity, hello! I'm Zipper, the lucky bunny! Hooray! ...That's your cue to clap. This happy hare is here to fill your days will [sic] plenty of cheer. Now, it's time to dance, [PLAYER]! Hop along to my favorite song! Hoppy! Hoppy! Hoppy! ...What? Were you expecting more?"
  • "I have a question for you, if you don't mind. I'm curious... What's your favorite item to find? I, of course, am all about eggs! ...If you didn't already know that, you need to pay more attention. I'll search high, low, near, and far to see how many eggs there are! Now I can't wait for the next Bunny Day egg hunt!"
  • "So, there's this one thing I forgot to mention... Recently, I've felt like the center of attention. What's with that peculiar stare? Have you never seen a dancing hare? What's that on my back, you say? Nothing! Why are you looking there anyway? Seriously. That's just plain rude."
  • "I've heard there's a rumor hopping around that I'm just wearing a bunny costume... O-of course that's not true! Why would I ever lie to you? By the way, is it just me, or do you think it's rather warm today? ...Just me, huh? Whatever."
  • "Hi there, camper! How do you do? I'm super-dooper excited to run into you! Please don't mind me. I'm just taking a short break to recharge my bunny battery. Hopping takes a lot out of a rabbit, but as long as it makes folks smile, I'll always keep at it!"