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Page Name Birthday Description
Beppe Beppe Jul. 18

Beppe is OK Motors Icon.png OK Motors' own style savant. He's a whiz at whipping up outrageous new paint jobs for your camper and...literally nothing else. Do not let him work on your engine!

Blathers Blathers Sep. 24

Blathers is the operator of Blathers's Treasure Trek which can be accessed from the map.

Brewster Brewster Oct. 15
C.J. C.J. Mar. 7

C.J. is the current host of most recent Fishing Tourney Events.

Carlo Carlo May 3

The main wrench at OK Motors Icon.png OK Motors, Carlo has forgotten more about being a mechanic than most people will ever learn. Not to worry—he's still plenty capable...of everything but small talk.

Carlo is seen standing next to Brake Tapper and can be talked to to trade Caps.

Celeste Celeste Sep. 7
Chip Chip Dec. 9

Chip was the host of many Fishing Tourney Events.

Cyrus Cyrus Jan. 26

A master craftsman, Cyrus can build any piece of furniture you order! And the best part? He also delivers! Now that he and Reese Icon.png Reese have their mobile shop—Re-Tail on the Road—he can even craft larger amenities, such as tents and tree houses.

Daisy Mae Daisy Mae May 5
Digby Digby Dec. 20

Digby is Isabelle's twin brother and one of the judges of the Happy Homeroom Icon.png Happy Homeroom.

Flick Flick May 10
Franklin Franklin Oct. 10
Giovanni Giovanni Sep. 6

If you have a camper, Giovanni is the bird to befriend! He keeps OK Motors Icon.png OK Motors running smoothly and always has a nugget of earthy wisdom to dispense to his customers.

Gracie Gracie Nov. 14
Gulliver Gulliver May 25

The player can send Gulliver to islands via Gulliver Ship Icon.png Gulliver's Ship and he will bring back clothing, villagers, and snacks, along with other souvenirs.

Harriet Harriet Jan. 31
Harvey Harvey Aug. 2
Isabelle Isabelle Dec. 20

If you have a question about your campsite, chances are Isabelle knows the well as the answer to five other questions you didn't even think to ask! You can find her at the town hall satellite office, providing support to anyone who needs it.

Isabelle is located in the Market Place Icon.png Market Place, where the player can talk to her to bring up the Event Schedule, and Common Questions.

Jack Jack Oct. 31
Jingle Jingle Dec. 24
K.K. Slider K.K. Slider Aug. 23
Kapp'n Kapp'n Jul. 12
Katie Katie Oct. 22
Katrina Katrina Oct. 28
Kicks Kicks Nov. 30

This natty skunk runs a shoe shop named after himself. Market Place Icon.png Market Place itself gets a bit more fashionable every time he shows up with his wares.

Labelle Labelle Oct. 31

Labelle brings a high-fashion pedigree to her curated selection of hats and accessories, having studied under fashion legend Gracie Icon.png Gracie. So whether you need something cute or couture, she's your hedgehog.

Label sells accessories like hats and glasses in the Market Place Icon.png Market Place.

Leif Leif Aug. 8
Lloid Lloid Aug. 28

Lloid tirelessly monitors the mining conditions at Shovelstrike Quarry Icon.png Shovelstrike Quarry. He's always in the market for minerals and will gladly offer Bells and craft materials in exchange for them.

Lloid can be found in the Garden and helps the player with various gardening tasks such as selling seeds and trading flowers for furniture.

Lottie Lottie Sep. 12

Lottie is one of the Happy Homeroom Icon.png Happy Homeroom judges and host of recurring Happy Homeroom event, Lottie's Moving Up.

Lyle Lyle Jun. 6

Lyle is one of the Happy Homeroom Icon.png Happy Homeroom judges. He is Lottie Icon.png Lottie's uncle and Digby Icon.png Digby's boss.

Mabel Mabel May 22

If you spot Mabel's smile at Market Place Icon.png Market Place, you know a selection of fashionable clothing and accessories can't be far behind! Always happy to make a deal, she'll gladly buy something from you, too.

Mabel sells tops, pants, skirts, and dresses.

Niko Niko Jan. 11

Niko is a guest judge of the Happy Homeroom Icon.png Happy Homeroom.

Pascal Pascal Jul. 19
Pavé Pavé Mar. 3
Pelly Pelly Mar. 19
Pete Pete Mar. 8

Pete is the operator of Pete's Parcel Service which can be accessed from the map.

Redd Redd Oct. 18
Reese Reese Jul. 5

While most of her time is spent running Re-Tail, Reese also lends a hand with her husband Cyrus Icon.png Cyrus's crafting business. Together, they're an entrepreneurial dream team!

Reese is located in the Market Place Icon.png Market Place where the player can talk to her to bring up the Crafting menu.

Rover Rover Feb. 1
Sable Sable Nov. 22

Whether at home or on the road, Sable can usually be found behind a sewing machine! As the less gregarious Able sister, she's happy to spend her time creating the fashions that she and her sisters sell out of their mobile store, Able Sisters To Go.

Sable can be found in the Market Place Icon.png Market Place working in the background in the trio's vehicle.

Timmy Timmy Jun. 7

From time to time, Timmy likes to get away from his day job over at Nookling Junction and set up shop at Market Place Icon.png Market Place. Be sure to stop by and see what he's got for sale!

Timmy sells exclusive furniture that cannot be crafted.

Tom Nook Tom Nook May 30
Tommy Tommy Jun. 7

Whenever Tommy needs a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, he heads to Market Place to sell things the old-fashioned way—from right out of his truck!

Tommy sells Fortune Cookies at a stand in the Market Place Icon.png Market Place. There are regular and special fortune cookies. These cookies have a chance to contain furniture or clothing items.

Tortimer Tortimer Dec. 31
Wardell Wardell Feb. 19

Wardell is a guest judge of the Happy Homeroom Icon.png Happy Homeroom.

Wisp Wisp Feb. 26
Zipper Zipper Mar. 11