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Furniture Speaker
Catalog Category
Craft Time
7 Hour(s)
Selling Price
400 Bells Bells
Animal Reactions
No reaction.
{{#tip-text: Conversation Piece | If a villager at your campsite interacts with this furniture, there is a chance for the villager to have a conversation with the player regarding the furniture for +5 EXP.}}
{{#tip-text: Favorite Gift | The group identifier for matching up furniture with villagers, when asked by one villager which furniture piece to give to another villager.}}
Group 104

How to Obtain[]

Name Material Cost Bell Cost How to Unlock How to Obtain
Furniture Speaker
30 Material Steel Steel

3 Material Friend Powder Friend Powder
1100 Bells Bells Unlock Tex Obtained via crafting

Villagers Who Love This[]

Classes That Use This[]

Name Type Start Date End Date
Ftr pzl 4005013 Electronics Store Normal
Ftr pzl 5305014 Studio Hangout 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 4405022 Fancy Fashion Show 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 4405014 Taiko Drum Festival 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 4405005 Fancy Fashion Show Normal
Ftr pzl 4301004 Training Room 4 Normal
Ftr pzl 4203026 Garden Gazebo Concert 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 4203025 Wild West Film Set 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 4203020 Garden Gazebo Concert Normal
Ftr pzl 2520008 Recording Studio Normal
Ftr pzl 3403024 D.J.'s Set 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 3304016 Lottie's Planetarium Event Aug 24th 2020 Sep 3rd 2020
Ftr pzl 3300008 Lottie's Summer Concert Event Jun 26th 2020 Jul 5th 2020
Ftr pzl 3300002 Colorful Melody 2 Event Jun 22nd 2020 Jun 29th 2020
Ftr pzl 3001001 Countdown Blowout 1 Event Dec 22nd 2019 Dec 29th 2019
Ftr pzl 2605004 Blue Jazz Session 1 Event Nov 13th 2019 Nov 19th 2019
Ftr pzl 2600011 Sidewalk Showstopper 3 Event Sep 11th 2019 Sep 17th 2019