Snowfall Snowman

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Furniture Special Furniture Icon.png Special Furniture
Snowfall Snowman
Int 3470 snw cmps.png
Catalog Category
Special - Special
Craft Time
0 Seconds
Selling Price
Not Sold
Animal Reactions
No reaction.
Conversation Piece
Favorite Gift

How to Obtain[edit source]

Name Material Cost Bell Cost How to Unlock How to Obtain
Int 3470 snw cmps.png
Snowfall Snowman
350 Leaf Ticket 0 Bells

Available for a limited time from Jan. 25, 2019 to Mar. 26, 2019.

Obtained via crafting.


Reissue crafting available for a limited time period.

Name Material Cost Bell Cost Craft Time Availability
Int 3470 snw cmps.png
Snowfall Snowman
300 Leaf Ticket 0 Bells 0 Seconds Dec. 26, 2019 - Jan. 10, 2020
Dec. 5, 2020 - Dec. 30, 2020

Villagers Who Love This[edit source]

  • None

Classes That Use This[edit source]

  • None


Interaction text:
"You might be wondering why you should care about getting your snowman's proportions perfect. It's easy to get something 70 percent of the way done. But being dedicated enough to go that extra 30 percent takes you from amateur hour to pro."

"You can't do things halfway when you're crafting a snowperson! You have to put your whole heart into it. Place every flake with care! You can't just plop a head on a heap of snow and say, "Gee, that looks good enough to me!""

"Hey! You wanna play rock-paper-scissors? One, two... Sorry...I just wanted to try."

"Yeah, I'm pretty much this place's new mascot. I mean, can you blame folks for liking me so much? I'm gorgeous! But I've gotta stand out even more if I wanna liven this place up!"

"I feel like everyone's checking me out 'cause I look soooo goooood! It's a little embarrassing!"

"Man, every time I think about how well made I am, it just makes me want to sing!"

"Even snowmen have times when we're cold! Sometimes I just need someone to hold me tight..."

"To melt because of the passionate stares of one's fans is an honor for a snowperson. That said... I suppose I can't melt here, can I? Stare away, adoring fans! Stare away!"

"I'm considering entering a contest for finest snowman in the world, despite not being wholly perfect. Fortunately, people are drawn to slight imperfections rather than outright flawlessness."

"If I had arms and legs, I would roll me up the perfect girlfriend! Her head would be slightly smaller than her body, and her complexion would be pure as the driven snow! Awwww... Chasing dreams can be tough."

"Snowpeople really do draw a lot of energy from the cold. This constant dusting of snow has me feeling gloriously alive!"

"Name my best feature? That's easy. My sparkling personality is what makes me so popular. Of course, having a body molded after the gods is a close second."

"This color! This shine! This shape! All flawlessly executed! If you take a picture with me, it'll knock everybody's wool socks off. It'd cause a blizzard of praise! Feel free to take our picture at any time. I won't be...going anywhere."

"This heavyset body! This tightly packed head! And the solid stability created from uniting the two! Whoever made me this time was obviously a true master. And now I'm the recipient of a constant shower of snow, you can admire my perfection all year long!"

"My handsome presence here clearly makes this place cool. The only thing that'd be cooler is if you had a whole family of snowpeople! ...Cough, cough!"

"While I recognize the magnificence of the original snowman form... Would it kill someone to design me ONCE with a proper set of limbs?"

"Brrrrrrr! I know I'm under a snow cloud and all, but DANG it's cold!"

"It's hard to imagine how my good looks could be improved. However...perhaps some new accessories are in order? After all, I won't be dissolving into a puddle of expired snowman this time around!"

"As a snowman, normally I personify the fleeting nature of things. With these new living arrangements however..."

"Just like every snowflake is different, no two snowpeople are quite the same! Unfortunately for some..."

"...Huh?! Sorry! You've caught me lost in thought. Did you want something?"

"When it's really cold, I wouldn't mind a nice, cozy sleeping bag! Or a hug..."

"......Zzzzz. Mumble mumble... Mockery of wintertime fun... Why'd you do it...mumble mumble..."