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Villager Monkey Icon.png Monkey
Shari Picture.png
Shari Icon.png
Cute Banner.png
Big sister
Apr 10
Primary Reward Material
Material Steel.png
Group 113
Group 201
Release Date
May 01, 2018

Shari takes no lip from anyone. Those who fling gossip around town might find something much worse flung back at them.

Requirements to Invite[edit source]

Minimum Required Friendship Level: 3

Furniture Name Materials Bell Cost Craft Time
Rmk flo stool.png
Azalea Stool
6 Material Wood.png Wood 560 Bells.png Bells 1 Minute(s)
Car rug square grass.png
Ornate Rug
6 Material Paper.png Paper 690 Bells.png Bells 1 Minute(s)
Int mon 08.png
Fireworks Table
6 Material Steel.png Steel 470 Bells.png Bells 1 Minute(s)
Int oth lilylamp.png
Lily Lamp
30 Material Steel.png Steel 1,050 Bells.png Bells 3 Hour(s)
Int oth sitar.png
30 Material Wood.png Wood 840 Bells.png Bells 2 Hour(s) 30 Minute(s)

Friendship Rewards[edit source]

Level Reward(s)
Level 7 Tops flw yuzen shts.png Material Sparkle Stones.png
Silk Bloom Tee x1 and Sparkle Stones x1
Level 9 Material Sparkle Stones.png
Sparkle Stones x1
Level 15 Int oth wreath.png
Flashy-Flower Sign
Special Request Craft Unlock*
Level 20 Bromide mnk07.png Material Sparkle Stones.png
Pic of Shari and Sparkle Stones x1
Level 25
Level 30
Level 35
Level 40
Level 45
Level 50
Material Sparkle Stones.png
Sparkle Stones x1

* Crafting this item and completing the villager's special request rewards the player with +10 Friendship EXP, 1,000 Bells.png Bells, Request Ticket.png Request Ticket x1 and Calling Card.png Calling Card x1.

Level Unlocks[edit source]

Level Unlock
Level 4 Outfit Change Unlock Icon.png
Unlocks Outfit Changing
Level 6 Lost Requests Unlock Icon.png
Unlocks Lost Item Requests

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