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In Scrapbook, you'll see the episodes known as Memories.

Unlocking Memories[]

To unlock Memories, you need to invite the specific villagers to your campsite and have done the additional requirement (e.g. villagers need to be certain level or above or having the specified furniture, usually 5-star furniture from Event Fortune Cookies).

List of Memories[]

Name Required Villagers Other Requirements
Episode image detail 0119.png
Ione's River of Stars
Ione Icon.png Ione
Stu Icon.png Stu

You have a Int foc100 mainship cmps.png Large Starry River Boat.
Episode image detail 0118.png
A Minor Mail Mishap
Nan Icon.png Nan
Hornsby Icon.png Hornsby
Scoot Icon.png Scoot
You have a Int foc97 post cmps.png Tree-Trunk Mailbox.
Episode image detail 0117.png
Vivian's Sunburst Song
Vivian Icon.png Vivian
Dotty Icon.png Dotty
Bam Icon.png Bam
You have a Int foc96 mainshop cmps.png Drizzly Town Building.
Episode image detail 0116.png
Sherb's Rainy-Day Respite
Sherb Icon.png Sherb
Peggy Icon.png Peggy
Tex Icon.png Tex
You have a Int foc95 loftbed cmps.png Nap-Time Loft Bed.
Episode image detail 0115.png
Quinn's Café Close-Up
Quinn Icon.png Quinn
Marshal Icon.png Marshal
Kidd Icon.png Kidd
You have a Int foc94 counter cmps.png Clear Kitchen Counter.
Episode image detail 0114.png
Beauty by Pancetti
Pancetti Icon.png Pancetti
Felicity Icon.png Felicity
Molly Icon.png Molly
You have a Int foc93 counter cmps.png Cosmetics-Shop Counter.
Episode image detail 0113.png
Pinky's Decor Dilemma
Pinky Icon.png Pinky
Zoe Icon.png Zoe
Cyrus Icon.png Cyrus
Reese Icon.png Reese
You have a Int foc92 sofa cmps.png Elegant Pastel Sofa.
Episode image detail 0112.png
Mystical Nighttime Sakura Walk
Snooty Icon.png Snooty
Angus Icon.png Angus
Bones Icon.png Bones
You have a Int foc91 pond cmps.png Sakura-Garden Bridge.
Episode image detail 0111.png
All Aboard the Flower Train!
Azalea Icon.png Azalea
Apple Icon.png Apple
June Icon.png June
Shep Icon.png Shep
You have a Int foc90 maintrain cmps.png Floral Locomotive.
Episode image detail 0110.png
Mint's Tip-Top Tea Shop
Mint Icon.png Mint
Candi Icon.png Candi

You have a Int foc89 maincounter cmps.png Tea-Shop Loft.
Episode image detail 0109.png
Detective Beardo's on the Case!
Beardo Icon.png Beardo
Rudy Icon.png Rudy
Flora Icon.png Flora
You have a Int foc88 desk cmps.png Private Detective's Desk.
Episode image detail 0108.png
Kitty's Chocolate Twist
Kitty Icon.png Kitty
Broccolo Icon.png Broccolo

You have a Int foc87 display cmps.png Royal Chocolatier Display.
Episode image detail 0107.png
Fang's Fine-Dining Rescue
Fang Icon.png Fang
Puck Icon.png Puck
Rhonda Icon.png Rhonda
You have a Int foc85 stage cmps.png Sterling Concert Stage.
Episode image detail 0106.png
A Musical Shrine Visit
Shino Icon.png Shino
Dora Icon.png Dora
Chabwick Icon.png Chabwick
You have a Int foc84 shrine cmps.png Camellia Shrine.
Episode image detail 0105.png
Grizzly's Big Break
Willow Icon.png Willow
Marcie Icon.png Marcie
Grizzly Icon.png Grizzly
You have an Int foc83 fireplace cmps.png Angelic Fireplace.
Episode image detail 0104.png
Bianca's Gift Delivery
Bianca Icon.png Bianca
Celia Icon.png Celia

You have a Int foc82 mainhouse cmps.png Decked-Out House.
Episode image detail 0103.png
Mystery Floral Decor
Shari Icon.png Shari
Mint Icon.png Mint
Peggy Icon.png Peggy
Skye Icon.png Skye
You have a Int foc81 mainroom cmps.png Large Cottage Living Room.
Episode image detail 0102.png
Ursala's Dried-Flower Shop
Ursala Icon.png Ursala
Merry Icon.png Merry
Pierce Icon.png Pierce
You have a Int foc80 sofa cmps.png Boho-Bouquets Chaise.
Episode image detail 0101.png
Kevin and Cyd's Day-Off Dilemma
Henry Icon.png Henry
Cyd Icon.png Cyd
Kevin Icon.png Kevin
You have a Int foc79 fire cmps.png Vacation House Fire Pit.
Episode image detail 0100.png
Queenie's Good Fortunes
Queenie Icon.png Queenie
Stella Icon.png Stella

You have a Int foc78 fortune cmps.png Fortune-Teller's Booth.
Episode image detail 0099.png
The Legend of Poncho
Poncho Icon.png Poncho
Simon Icon.png Simon
Curt Icon.png Curt
You have a Int foc77 dragon cmps.png Dungeon-Boss Dragon.
Episode image detail 0098.png
Olive and the Mushroom Village
Olive Icon.png Olive
Pompom Icon.png Pompom
Claude Icon.png Claude
You have a Int clt76 bighouse cmps.png Fairy Mushroom House.
Episode image detail 0097.png
Plucky's R&R and PR
Blanche Icon.png Blanche
Sylvana Icon.png Sylvana
Plucky Icon.png Plucky
You have a Int foc75 viproom cmps.png Country-Inn Suite.
Episode image detail 0096.png
Meet the Sea-Floor Explorers!
Opal Icon.png Opal
Cobb Icon.png Cobb
Dobie Icon.png Dobie
Pate Icon.png Pate
You have a Int foc74 obj cmps.png Sea-Gem Hourglass.
Episode image detail 0095.png
Marina's Fish-Friend Concert
Marina Icon.png Marina
Ruby Icon.png Ruby
Julian Icon.png Julian
You have a Int foc73 mainstage cmps.png Mermaid Choir Reef.
Episode image detail 0094.png
Cheery Donut Shop
Ellie Icon.png Ellie
Moe Icon.png Moe
Rolf Icon.png Rolf
You have a Int foc71 counter cmps.png Donut-Shop Counter.
Episode image detail 0093.png
Wendy's Winter Picnic
Wendy Icon.png Wendy
Beau Icon.png Beau

You have a Int foc34 tree cmps.png Winter Folktale Tree.
Episode image detail 0092.png
Dotty's Sophisticated Tea Party
Dotty Icon.png Dotty
Tasha Icon.png Tasha
Bruce Icon.png Bruce
You have a Int foc32 sweets cmps.png Royal-Rabbit Treats (Gothic).
Episode image detail 0091.png
Nana's Wishing Well
Nana Icon.png Nana
Colton Icon.png Colton

You have a Int foc28 fountain cmps.png Stained-Glass Fountain (Pastel).
Episode image detail 0090.png
Yuka's Chic Chapel
Yuka Icon.png Yuka
Stitches Icon.png Stitches
Claudia Icon.png Claudia
You have a Lily-Wedding Stage.png Lily-Wedding Stage (Grim).
Episode image detail 0088.png
A Weekend with Agnes
Agnes Icon.png Agnes
Carmen Icon.png Carmen
Soleil Icon.png Soleil
You have a Int 4250 bath cmps.png Grandiose Bath (Grim).
Episode image detail 0087.png
Kitt's Plushie Project
Kitt Icon.png Kitt
Katt Icon.png Katt

You have a Int 3350 bear cmps.png Large Patchwork Bear (Nordic).
Episode image detail 0086.png
Tasha Sets the Stage
Tasha Icon.png Tasha
Savannah Icon.png Savannah
Bianca Icon.png Bianca
Ursala Icon.png Ursala
You have a Car rug other 3270 cmps.png Gothic Rose Rug (White).
Episode image detail 0085.png
Isabelle Appreciation
Isabelle Icon.png Isabelle
Rosie Icon.png Rosie
Goldie Icon.png Goldie
You have an Int 2930 counter cmps.png Isabelle Counter.
Episode image detail 0084.png
Food Truck Festival!
Rex Icon.png Rex
Twiggy Icon.png Twiggy
Gonzo Icon.png Gonzo
You have a Int foc72 maincar cmps.png Taco-Bowl Truck.
Episode image detail 0083.png
Scorching Summer Paradise!
O'Hare Icon.png O'Hare
Octavian Icon.png Octavian
Bud Icon.png Bud
You have a Int foc70 slider cmps.png Pool-Paradise Slide.
Episode image detail 0082.png
Welcome to the Rose Oasis Spa!
Reneigh Icon.png Reneigh
Queenie Icon.png Queenie

You have a Int foc69 rosebath cmps.png Luxurious Rose-Petal Bath.
Episode image detail 0081.png
Starlight Wedding Show
Gloria Icon.png Gloria
Anabelle Icon.png Anabelle
Diva Icon.png Diva
You have a Int foc68 sofa cmps.png Starry Centerpiece Sofa.
Episode image detail 0080.png
Snake's Exciting Escape!
Snake Icon.png Snake
Blanche Icon.png Blanche
Buzz Icon.png Buzz
You have a Int foc67 room cmps.png Ninja Tatami Room.
Episode image detail 0079.png
Floral Notes with Friends
Annalisa Icon.png Annalisa
Lobo Icon.png Lobo
Cleo Icon.png Cleo
You have a Int foc66 engawa cmps.png Hydrangea Tatami Room.
Episode image detail 0078.png
Dreamin' of Diners
Roscoe Icon.png Roscoe
Tammy Icon.png Tammy
Hopkins Icon.png Hopkins
You have a Int foc65 counter cmps.png Decade-Diner Counter.
Episode image detail 0077.png
Behold Bonbon's Bunny Park
Bonbon Icon.png Bonbon
Rooney Icon.png Rooney
Henry Icon.png Henry
You have a Int foc64 slide cmps.png Hoppin' Playground Slide.
Episode image detail 0076.png
Daisy's Strawberry Fever
Daisy Icon.png Daisy
Pancetti Icon.png Pancetti
Shari Icon.png Shari
You have a Int foc62 step cmps.png Very-Berry Staircase.
Episode image detail 0075.png
Piper's Palpable Performance
Piper Icon.png Piper
Jeremiah Icon.png Jeremiah

You have a Int foc61 gazebo cmps.png Sunlit Garden Gazebo.
Episode image detail 0074.png
The Purrfect Pastry Shop
Felicity Icon.png Felicity
Olive Icon.png Olive
Diana Icon.png Diana
You have a Int foc60 maindisplay cmps.png Kitty-Bakery Counter.
Episode image detail 0073.png
A Shared House
Pecan Icon.png Pecan
Maple Icon.png Maple
Sherb Icon.png Sherb
You have a Int foc59 tower cmps.png Balcony-View Tower.
Episode image detail 0072.png
The Lonesome Queen
Sprinkle Icon.png Sprinkle
Eloise Icon.png Eloise
Fang Icon.png Fang
You have an Int foc58 balcony cmps.png Ice-Palace Balcony.
Episode image detail 0071.png
Inspiration for a Haiku
Cranston Icon.png Cranston
Genji Icon.png Genji
Annalisa Icon.png Annalisa
You have a Int foc57 temple main cmps.png Sunrise-Temple Main Hall.
Episode image detail 0070.png
Snowstorm Salutations
Egbert Icon.png Egbert
Fauna Icon.png Fauna
Hans Icon.png Hans
You have a Int foc56 stove cmps.png Cozy-Lodge Stove.
Episode image detail 0069.png
Aspiring Santa
Erik Icon.png Erik
Aurora Icon.png Aurora
Ribbot Icon.png Ribbot
You have a Int foc55 tree cmps.png Toy Day Tree Gift Slide.
Episode image detail 0068.png
Dom’s Dream Theme Park
Dom Icon.png Dom
Maple Icon.png Maple
Wolfgang Icon.png Wolfgang
You have a Int foc54 wheel cmps.png Funfair Ferris Wheel.
Episode image detail 0067.png
Welcome to Judyland
Judy Icon.png Judy
Merry Icon.png Merry

You have a Int foc53 balloon cmps.png Pastel Hot-Air Balloon.
Episode image detail 0066.png
Kiki’s Curios
Kiki Icon.png Kiki
Bruce Icon.png Bruce
Maddie Icon.png Maddie
You have a Int foc52 fireplace cmps.png Fancy Feline Hearth.
Episode image detail 0065.png
Chief’s Mysterious Magic
Chief Icon.png Chief
Yuka Icon.png Yuka
Wade Icon.png Wade
You have a Int foc51 carriage cmps.png Magic-Pumpkin Carriage.
Episode image detail 0064.png
Carrie's Family Recipe
Carrie Icon.png Carrie
Mira Icon.png Mira
Filbert Icon.png Filbert
You have an Int foc50 kitchen cmps.png Autumn Apple Kitchen.
Episode image detail 0063.png
The Library Super Sleuth
Raymond Icon.png Raymond
Sylvana Icon.png Sylvana
Beau Icon.png Beau
You have a Int foc49 mainbookshelf cmps.png Scholarly Staircase.
Episode image detail 0062.png
An Unexpected Taste Test
Pekoe Icon.png Pekoe
Pinky Icon.png Pinky
Drago Icon.png Drago
You have a Int foc48 counter cmps.png Boba-Shop Counter.
Episode image detail 0061.png
Guided by the Stars
Lolly Icon.png Lolly
Chadder Icon.png Chadder
Patty Icon.png Patty
You have a Int foc47 waterfall cmps.png Glittering Waterfall.
Episode image detail 0060.png
Almost the Ocean
Zell Icon.png Zell
Daisy Icon.png Daisy
Broccolo Icon.png Broccolo
You have a Int foc46 bigaquarium cmps.png Reef Aquarium.
Episode image detail 0059.png
There's a Pirate Ship?!
Rod Icon.png Rod
Cube Icon.png Cube
Wendy Icon.png Wendy
You have a Int foc99 ptrshipbow cmps.png Giant Pirate Ship Bow.
Episode image detail 0058.png
A Sweet and Sour Surprise!
Audie Icon.png Audie
Megan Icon.png Megan

You have a Int foc45 wagon cmps.png Lemonade Cart.
Episode image detail 0057.png
Wish upon a Lantern
Butch Icon.png Butch
Olivia Icon.png Olivia
Poppy Icon.png Poppy
You have a Int foc44 sofa cmps.png Candlelit Love Seat.
Episode image detail 0056.png
Celia's First Gig
Celia Icon.png Celia
Pecan Icon.png Pecan

You have a Int foc43 organ cmps.png Chapel Pipe Organ.
Episode image detail 0055.png
The Savvy Stylings of Alice
Alice Icon.png Alice
Bluebear Icon.png Bluebear
Jacques Icon.png Jacques
You have a Int foc42 counter cmps.png Natural Salon Counter.
Episode image detail 0054.png
Chef Punchy, Entrepreneur
Punchy Icon.png Punchy
Ketchup Icon.png Ketchup

You have a Int foc41 counter cmps.png Crunchy-Veggie Buffet.
Episode image detail 0053.png
Mitzi's Mystery Friend
Mitzi Icon.png Mitzi
Carmen Icon.png Carmen
Opal Icon.png Opal
You have a Int foc40 birdgym cmps.png Little Birds' Playground.
Episode image detail 0052.png
A Scenic Sakura Treat
Merry Icon.png Merry
Molly Icon.png Molly
Boone Icon.png Boone
You have a Int foc39 space cmps.png Sakura-Viewing Picnic Set.
Episode image detail 0051.png
Vesta's New Style
Vesta Icon.png Vesta
Penelope Icon.png Penelope
Kidd Icon.png Kidd
You have a Int foc38 loft cmps.png Fashion Studio Loft.
Episode image detail 0050.png
Flowers Have Feelings Too
Maggie Icon.png Maggie
Charlise Icon.png Charlise

You have a Int foc37 parasol cmps.png Parasol Flower Display.
Episode image detail 0049.png
Pancake Pleasantries
Eloise Icon.png Eloise
Apple Icon.png Apple

You have a Int foc36 kitchen cmps.png Pancake-Parlor Kitchen.
Episode image detail 0048.png
A New Queen of Hearts
Olivia Icon.png Olivia
Goose Icon.png Goose
Bob Icon.png Bob
Claudia Icon.png Claudia
You have a Int foc35 bigchair cmps.png Royal-Red Sofa.
Episode image detail 0047.png
Relaxation Springs to Mind
Chevre Icon.png Chevre
Flip Icon.png Flip
Pompom Icon.png Pompom
You have a Int foc33 onsen cmps.png Serene Outdoor Bath.
Episode image detail 0046.png
The Magic of Pop-Up Books
Rhonda Icon.png Rhonda
Bunnie Icon.png Bunnie
Butch Icon.png Butch
You have a Int foc31 xmasbook cmps.png Toy Day Pop-Up Book.
Episode image detail 0045.png
Flurry's Gift of Music
Flurry Icon.png Flurry
Punchy Icon.png Punchy

You have a Int foc30 clock cmps.png Winter-Village Tower.
Episode image detail 0044.png
Bree's Passion for Fashion
Bree Icon.png Bree
Fuchsia Icon.png Fuchsia

You have a Int foc29 display cmps.png Boutique Display Case.
Episode image detail 0043.png
Belles and Spells at the Ball
Skye Icon.png Skye
Peanut Icon.png Peanut
Zell Icon.png Zell
You have a Int foc27 mainstage cmps.png Striking Clock Balcony.
Episode image detail 0042.png
Bob's Back Under the Big Top
Bob Icon.png Bob
Pietro Icon.png Pietro
Margie Icon.png Margie
Boots Icon.png Boots
You have a Int foc25 stage cmps.png Big-Top Tightrope.
Episode image detail 0041.png
An Extra Spooky Surprise
Lucky Icon.png Lucky
Dotty Icon.png Dotty
Vic Icon.png Vic
Kiki Icon.png Kiki
You have a Int foc24 chief cmps.png Frightful Manor.
Episode image detail 0040.png
Maple's Secret Hideout
Maple Icon.png Maple
Penelope Icon.png Penelope
Snake Icon.png Snake
You have a Int foc23 stump cmps.png Tree-Stump Hideout.
Episode image detail 0039.png
Wolfgang's Stellar Discovery
Wolfgang Icon.png Wolfgang
Ketchup Icon.png Ketchup

You have an Int foc22 telescope cmps.png Astronomer's Telescope.
Episode image detail 0038.png
Beau's Bakery
Beau Icon.png Beau
Egbert Icon.png Egbert
Fang Icon.png Fang
You have a Int foc21 counter cmps.png Bakery Counter.
Episode image detail 0037.png
The Rumored Photo Spot
Phoebe Icon.png Phoebe
Alfonso Icon.png Alfonso

You have a Int foc18 tower cmps.png Three-Storied Pagoda.
Episode image detail 0036.png
Julia and the Magic Carpet
Julia Icon.png Julia
Leopold Icon.png Leopold

You have a Int foc15 bigcarpet cmps.png Decorated Magic Carpet.
Episode image detail 0035.png
Mermaid Mystery
Francine Icon.png Francine
Peanut Icon.png Peanut
Tex Icon.png Tex
You have a Int foc12 sofa cmps.png Seashell Sofa.
Episode image detail 0034.png
An Irresistible Nap
Stella Icon.png Stella
Mira Icon.png Mira
Moe Icon.png Moe
You have a Int foc11 moon cmps.png Dreamy Floating Lounge.
Episode image detail 0033.png
Colton's Prophetic Door
Colton Icon.png Colton
Cheri Icon.png Cheri

You have a Int foc01 stairs cmps.png Ethereal Stairway.
Episode image detail 0032.5.png
Apollo's Feature Film
Apollo Icon.png Apollo
Eugene Icon.png Eugene
Cyrus Icon.png Cyrus
Reese Icon.png Reese
You have a Int foc00 screen cmps.png Classic Cinema Screen.
Episode image detail 0032.png
The Li'l Devils' Epic Jam
Cherry Icon.png Cherry
Fuchsia Icon.png Fuchsia
Bree Icon.png Bree
Alice Icon.png Alice
You have a Int 4190 drum cmps.png Li'l-Devil Drum Stage.
Episode image detail 0031.png
Chrissy's Super Huge Tea Party!
Chrissy Icon.png Chrissy
Tia Icon.png Tia
Pierce Icon.png Pierce
You have a Int 3980 sweets cmps.png Royal-Rabbit Treats.
Episode image detail 0030.png
Lobo's Table for One
Lobo Icon.png Lobo
Mitzi Icon.png Mitzi

You have a Int 3950 loft cmps.png Retro-Café Special Seat.
Episode image detail 0029.png
Campsite Marching Band
Broccolo Icon.png Broccolo
Maple Icon.png Maple

You have a Int 3860 float cmps.png Marching-Band Stage.
Episode image detail 0028.png
Diana's Fay Flight
Diana Icon.png Diana
Cobb Icon.png Cobb

You have a Int 3710 thumbelina cmps.png Giant Fairy Flowers.
Episode image detail 0027.png
The Mystical Mirror Says...
Apple Icon.png Apple
Broccolo Icon.png Broccolo

You have a Int 3640 fountain cmps.png Stained-Glass Fountain.
Episode image detail 0026.png
The Subtly Sweet Chocolatier
Poppy Icon.png Poppy
Gaston Icon.png Gaston
Merengue Icon.png Merengue
You have a Int 3610 kitchen cmps.png Chocolatier Kitchen.
Episode image detail 0025.png
Frozen Fun with Hamlet
Hamlet Icon.png Hamlet
Colton Icon.png Colton
Freya Icon.png Freya
You have a Int 3500 sled cmps.png Snow Park Slide.
Episode image detail 0024.png
The Legend of Gladys's Bridge
Gladys Icon.png Gladys
Phoebe Icon.png Phoebe
Drago Icon.png Drago
You have a Int 3330 bridge cmps.png Camellia Arched Bridge.
Episode image detail 0023.png
A Gift for Fauna Claus
Fauna Icon.png Fauna
Angus Icon.png Angus

You have a Int 3230 bigsled cmps.png Snowy Toy Day Sleigh.
Episode image detail 0022.png
A Year of Campsite Favorites
Goldie Icon.png Goldie
Rosie Icon.png Rosie

You have a Int 3120 musicbox cmps.png First-Anniv. Music Box.
Episode image detail 0021.png
A Rivalry to Remember
Chrissy Icon.png Chrissy
Francine Icon.png Francine
Eugene Icon.png Eugene
You have a Int 2990 stage cmps.png Dazzling Stage.
Episode image detail 0020.png
Goldie's Library Lesson
Goldie Icon.png Goldie
Carmen Icon.png Carmen

You have a Int 2810 car cmps.png Library On Wheels.