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Schoolroom Pants
Btms 4030 pants cmps.png
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Catalog Category
Selling Price
400 Bells.png Bells
Animal Suitability
Cannot wear
Favorite Gift

How to Obtain

Name How to Obtain
Btms 4030 pants cmps.png

Schoolroom Pants

Obtained during Fishing Tourney 13 (Schoolroom) by reaching a total size goal.


Reissue crafting available for a limited time period.

Name Material Cost Bell Cost Craft Time Availability
Btms 4030 pants cmps.png

Schoolroom Pants
2 Material fukkoku00.png Reissue Material

1 Material furniturepuzzle00.png HH Material

1 Material Sparkle Stones.png Sparkle Stones

5 Material Civic Essence.png Civic Essence

20 Material Paper.png Paper
5,000 Bells.png Bells 3 Hour(s) Nov. 3, 2019 - Nov. 9, 2019

Apr. 30, 2020 - May 7, 2020

Apr. 17, 2021 - Apr. 23, 2021

Islands That Give This

  • None

Classes That Use This

  • None
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