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By using Gulliver's Ship, you can export items to various islands in exchange for souvenirs.

Loading Gulliver's Ship

50 export points are needed to send Gulliver to Safety-First Island.

Export Item Export Points Max Quantity
Gulliver export 00 00.png Plain Package 15 pts -
Gulliver export 00 01.png Plain Crate 30 pts 1
Furniture Red Cone.png
Red Cone
10 pts -
Int cst weightp.png
Traffic Cone
15 pts -
Int csx sawhorse.png
10 pts -
Int cst arrowsign.png
Detour Arrow
10 pts -
Rmk csx warning.png
Wet-Road Sign
10 pts -

Souvenirs Offered

Rates show the chance you'll get an item from a souvenir. The rates change as you take souvenirs from the island.

Souvenir Available Appearance Rate
Sparkle Stones x1 2 20%
Gourmet Cheesecake x2 1 20%
Tasty Cheesecake x3 2 20%
Cheesecake x8 1 20%
Bells x30,000 1 20%

When all souvenirs have been obtained from this island, you will receive the following as a completion bonus:

Completion Bonus
Sparkle Stones x3