Request Ticket

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Leaf Ticket Item
Request Ticket
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10 Leaf Ticket.png Leaf Tickets

Description[edit source]

A Request Ticket can be used to ask a villager to give a player three more requests. Using the Request Ticket will also give +3 Friendship EXP as well with that character.

How to Obtain

Request Tickets are sometimes given as daily log-in bonuses. Player also gets one Request Ticket as a reward for leveling up every five levels. One Request Ticket is also given by a villager as a reward for crafting his or her special request item.


To use a Request Ticket, speak to the villager and select the first option. Typically this will option will be along the lines of "Need something?", "What do you want?", etc.


Request ticket can only be used 3 times per villager per day. Request Tickets cannot be used on villagers currently at a player's campsite.