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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki
Furniture Seat Icon.png Seat
Plain Tree Stump
Furniture Plain Tree Stump.png
Catalog Category
Craft Time
1 Minute(s)
Selling Price
80 Bells Bells
Animal Reactions
Gives your guests a place to sit.
Conversation Piece
Favorite Gift
Group 107

How to Obtain[]

Name Material Cost Bell Cost How to Unlock How to Obtain
Furniture Plain Tree Stump.png
Plain Tree Stump
6 Wood 980 Bells Bells Unlock Boots Obtained via crafting

Villagers Who Love This[]

Classes That Use This[]

Name Type Start Date End Date
Ftr pzl 2200042.png Fun Campfire 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 2200053.png Fun Campfire 3 Normal
Ftr pzl 2600012.png Gifts of Autumn 1 Event Sep 16th 2019 Dec 15th 2019
Ftr pzl 2600016.png Truffle Treasures 2 Event Sep 19th 2019 Sep 25th 2019
Ftr pzl 3103010.png Lottie's Playground Event Mar 25th 2020 Apr 8th 2020
Ftr pzl 4200009.png Sanrio Characters Party 3 Event Mar 26th 2021 May 10th 2021
Ftr pzl 4203018.png Spring Fairy Forest 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 4208020.png Lottie's Obstacle Course Event Jul 22nd 2021 Jul 31st 2021
Ftr pzl 4401001.png Mystical Mushroom Forest 1 Event Sep 18th 2021 Dec 17th 2021
Ftr pzl 4401021.png Ore Excavation Normal
Ftr pzl 4403016.png Lottie's Fall Frolic Event Oct 19th 2021 Nov 1st 2021
Ftr pzl 3200004.png Garden Wedding 2 Normal