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20180806 News 01 Image 01.png

Beautiful new terrain options: Fireworks Sky and Lakeside Field are now available to use when customizing your campsite!

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■ Sky

■ Background

Combine them with the items from Redd’s Summer Festival event as well as the yukata that are currently available to craft, and create a gorgeous summer evening at your campsite like this...

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You'll be able to hear the sounds of a festival performance! Make sure to collect them all and create some fun summer memories!


  • To customize your campsite's terrain, check the Terrain Customisation Icon.png screen in the Arrange menu.
  • The ability to customize your campsite's terrain is unlocked when you reach level 13.
  • Leaf Tickets are required to purchase the fireworks sky terrain.
  • New terrain options will appear in the game on a regular basis.

Posted: August 06, 2018 at 6:00 AM