Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki

How Gyroidites Appear[ | ]

Gyroidites can randomly appear at the Market Place, OK Motors, Breezy Hollow, Lost Lure Creek, Saltwater Shores, and Sunburst Island.

Gyroidites will never appear in any Campsite*, Garden, Camper, or Cabin.

Once the player begins collecting gyroidites, new gyroidites will appear over time.

When playing continuously in locations where gyroidites can appear, 1 x new gyroidite will re-appear at a random location every 4 minutes.

Once there are 18 x uncollected gyroidites, no new gyroidites will appear.

*The player can sometimes get gyroidites as gifts at their campsite. See Gifted Gyroidites, below.

Maximizing Gyroidites[ | ]

No matter how the player chooses to play the game, they can only collect a maximum of 15 x gyroidites per hour.

But if the player spends at least 72 minutes in areas where gyroidites cannot appear, then 18 x new gyroidites will have re-appeared across the map.

(For example, the player could find 4 x gyroidites at OK Motors, 3 x gyroidites at Breezy Hollow, 1 x gyroidite at the Market Place, and 2 x gyroidites at Lost Lure Creek.)

And the first place the player travels to will (usually) have many gyroidites that can be collected at once.

During these 30 minutes, the player can still freely interact with, and travel between their (and other players’) campsite, garden, and camper.

To illustrate, after collecting the first 18 x gyroidites:

  • If a player spends the next 2 hours doing activities around the map, they can search for and collect 1 x new gyroidite every 4 minutes (an extra 30 x gyroidites, for a total of 48).
  • But if a player travels to their campsite for 72 minutes, collects 18 x new gyroidites around the map, then returns — then repeats this after 48 minutes — they will still collect the same total of 48 within the same 2 hours, but can spend less time searching for individual gyroidites.

Gifted Gyroidites[ | ]

Every 3 hours, the player can talk to some of the villagers they have invited to their campsite. And occasionally these guests can give the player a gift bag of essences and materials.

During a Scavenger Hunt event, sometimes those gift bags can also include several gyroidites.

Note: Beginning with Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt 6, gifted gyroidites DO count towards Event Goals.

Shovelstrike Quarry Gyroidites[ | ]

From time to time, Shovelstrike Quarry can offer a gyroidites reward during Scavenger Hunt events.

For details of the potential rewards, see the Gyroidites section of the Reward Calculations table in Shovelstrike Quarry.

Note: Beginning with Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt 6, Shovelstrike Quarry gyroidites DO count towards Event Goals.

Easy-to-Miss Locations[ | ]

Gyroidites that appear on non-fruiting trees and in open areas can be easy to find by moving along the foreground of an area, from all the way to one side, across to the opposite side.

But certain locations may sometimes be easy to miss:

  • Breezy Hollow: against the front wall, hidden behind a tree (near the picnic table)
  • Breezy Hollow: middle-right, behind the visitor’s camper
  • Lost Lure Creek: middle-far-left, behind the player’s camper, between the tree stump and the wall
  • Saltwater Shores: against the back wall, to the left of the tent
  • OK Motors: behind the tool box cart in the center
  • Sunburst Island: at the back-left, between the visitor’s camper and coconut tree

Previous Appearance Rates[ | ]

Before Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt 7, gyroidites reappeared only every 10 minutes, but with a full extra 10 appearing if the player spent at least 30 minutes in an area where they did not appear.