Marshal And Mitzi Are Here! (Dec. 21, 2017)

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20171221 News 01 Image 01.png

New animals are here!

We've also added some of their favourite furniture. Hope you like ranch style! Giddyup!

20171221 News 01 Image 02.png

As always, craft an animal's favourites and you can host him or her at your campsite.

You can complete special requests to unlock additional items, too!

Marshal Icon.png Marshal

Unlockable item: Furniture Siphon.png


20171221 News 01 Image 03.png

Mitzi Icon.png Mitzi

Unlockable item: Rmk jpn pot.png

Ceramic Hot Pot

20171221 News 01 Image 04.png

June Icon.png June

Unlockable item: Furniture Water Cooler.png

Water Cooler

20171221 News 01 Image 05.png

Drake Icon.png Drake

Unlockable item: Fobj bench log.png

Log Bench

20171221 News 01 Image 06.png

Vesta Icon.png Vesta

Unlockable item: Furniture Spinning Wheel.png

Spinning Wheel

20171221 News 01 Image 07.png

Goose Icon.png Goose

Unlockable item: Furniture Rooster of Barcelos.png

Rooster of Barcelos

20171221 News 01 Image 08.png

Avery Icon.png Avery

Unlockable item: Furniture Storefront.png


20171221 News 01 Image 09.png

Host the Most Initiative

Right now, it's easier than ever to raise your Friendship Level with animals!

For a limited time, your friendships will grow more quickly than usual when completing requests.

It's a great chance to grow the crowd at your campsite!

<Event Schedule>

From Dec. 21, 2017 at 6:00 a.m. UTC to Dec. 27, 2017 at 5:59 a.m. UTC


  • New animals and furniture will appear in the game at regular times.
  • New animals may not appear until you reach a certain level.
  • New furniture may not be available to craft until you reach a certain level.
  • To host new animals at your campsite, you will need to fulfil their special requests.

Posted: December 21, 2017 at 6:00 AM