Make Your Campsite an Undersea Playground! (Aug. 19, 2018)

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Get creative with the campsite terrain, Icon mcs sea.pngseafloor!

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If you combine the Amenity Merry-Go-Round 2.png Merry-Go-Round and the elegant amenity Lobj ggs castle00 01.png Regal Castle with the Furniture Teacup Ride.png Teacup Ride that Francine asks you to can change your campsite into an undersea playground!

If you want to fill your campsite with underwater whimsy, this is one way to do it!

How to Obtain

■ By crafting:

■ From animal requests:

■ From flower trade:

■ From Timmy's fortune cookie:

■ From clothing fortune cookie:


  • To customize your campsite's terrain, check the Terrain Customisation Icon.png screen while in Arrange mode.
  • The ability to customize your campsite's terrain is unlocked when you reach level 13.
  • Leaf Tickets are required to purchase the seafloor terrain.
  • Animals need to be at a certain friendship level in order to make furniture requests.
  • Standard flowers are required to get items through flower trade.

Posted: August 19, 2018 at 6:00 AM