Lucky Tangerine Gift+

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Lucky Tangerine Gift+
Friendgift reg 202009 02.png
Gifts Required
Selling Price
1,200 Bells.png Bells

How to Obtain[edit source]

You can obtain Gifts by completing requests from animals, camp caretaker reports, and participating in various events.

Usage[edit source]

This item is only for sending to friends. Only the friend you send this item to can open it.

Gift Contents[edit source]

This gift is guaranteed to contain one of these fortune cookies. The cookie inside will be random.

Fortune Cookie
Fg fortune 2200 cmps.png Marshal's Pastry Cookie
Fg fortune 2520 cmps.png Julian's Stardust Cookie
Fg fortune foc18 cmps.png Phoebe's Fiery Cookie
Fg fortune 3610 cmps.png Poppy's Cocoa Cookie
Fg fortune 2300 cmps.png Stitches's Patch Cookie
Fg fortune 2190 cmps.png Rosie's Pop-Star Cookie
Fg fortune 2230 cmps.png Hopkins's Game Cookie
Fg fortune foc40 cmps.png Mitzi's Aviary Cookie
Fg fortune foc38 cmps.png Vesta's Chic Cookie
Fg fortune 2930 cmps.png Isabelle's Café Cookie
Fg fortune foc29 cmps.png Bree's Boutique Cookie
Fg fortune foc32 cmps.png Gothic Royal Cookie
Material Civic Essence.png Civic Essence
Material Cool Essence.png Cool Essence
Material Cute Essence.png Cute Essence
Material Elegant Essence.png Elegant Essence
Material Harmonious Essence.png Harmonious Essence
Material Hip Essence.png Hip Essence
Material Historical Essence.png Historical Essence
Material Modern Essence.png Modern Essence
Material Natural Essence.png Natural Essence
Material Rustic Essence.png Rustic Essence
Material sanrio00.png Sanrio Essence
Material Sporty Essence.png Sporty Essence
Gift pub01.png Tasty Custard
Gift coo01.png Tasty Chocolate Bars
Gift fun01.png Tasty Donut
Gift ggs01.png Tasty Tart
Gift ori01.png Tasty Manju
Gift pop01.png Tasty Lollipop
Gift old01.png Tasty Pound Cake
Gift mdn01.png Tasty Cheesecake
Gift ntl01.png Tasty Waffle
Gift cnt01.png Tasty Cookies
Gift spt01.png Tasty Popcorn

Also has a chance of Honey.png Honey, Sea Throw Net.png Sea Throw Net, or River Throw Net.png River Throw Net.
Each gift also gives the Lemon.pngGrapes.pngLychee.png local fruit of the player that sent it.