King Salmon

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River Fish
King Salmon
Fish kingsalmon.png
Catalog Category
Other - Fish
Sells For
4,000 Bells.png Bells
Spawn Rate
Night Spawn Rate
Net Catch Rate
4 (Rare)
Shadow Size
6 (Huge)
113.7 cm - 166.3 cm

How to Obtain[edit source]

Not currently collectable from recreational spots.

Ways to Use[edit source]

This creature may be sold directly from the inventory, listed in the player's market box, or given to villagers for requests.

Islands That Want This[edit source]

Name Travel Time Points Required Completion Bonus
Name Travel Time Points Required Completion Bonus
River-Fish Island
Gulliver ship icon island 00 01.png River-Fish Island
2 Hour(s)
600 pts.
River Throw Net.png River Throw Net x2