Hoppy Bunny Day! (Apr. 12, 2019)

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20190412 News Image 01.png

Hippity skippity! Hoppity ho! Allow me to say...a warm


Flowers in bloom! Sun in the air!

I'm the lucky spring bunny...you all know this hare!

20190412 News Image 02.png

With a skip, and a bounce, and a hop in my step...

I'd like to introduce myself! I'm Zipper T Bunny Icon.png Zipper!

...But surely we've already met!

Did you know it's almost Bunny Day?


During last year's garden event, you campers were scrambling to catch all those scramblers!

How much fun was that?!

20190412 News Image 03.png

Now, prepare yourself for this year's eggcellent event...

It's a Bunny Day Egg Hunt! Time to find out where all the eggs went!

20190412 Scavenger Image 01.png

During this event, gather bunny-day eggs,

and you'll be able to craft colorful bunny-day eggs!

Life is the best when you're on an egg quest!

Want to hear my Bunny Day Egg Hunt song?

Okay, then here we go!

Let's hunt eggs!

Let's hunt eggs!

Here and there!

Scattered everywhere!

Where could they be?

Where could they be?

Maybe on the ground...

Or up in a tree!


By the way, if you gather a bunch of bunny-day eggs,

you'll be able to craft a Int 3990 pyn cmps.png Giant Zipper Plushie!

20190412 Scavenger Image 03.png

Who is that posing in the picture, you ask?

It's another camp manager, wearing a mask!

I know it looks like me, but don't be confused...

I'm the only spring rabbit and your Bunny Day muse!

...Look, just because that camp manager is wearing a costume doesn't mean I'm not the real deal.


Now it's time for our Bunny Day tune!

All together now...

Bunny day is here!

Time to spread some cheer!

To folks far and near!


Well...what are you looking at? You won't find any eggs just standing there.

Posted: April 12, 2019 at 6:00 AM

Source: https://support.ac-pocketcamp.com/en-US/public_announcements/ANNOUNCEMENT_1904123?country=AU