Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki

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Gulliver Icon Gulliver has arrived on Sunburst Island!

If you have extra furniture or clothing items, try giving them to Gulliver. ♪

Gulliver will load your extra items onto his cargo ship. Once it's full, Gulliver's ship will set sail.

When the ship returns, you can get snacks as souvenirs from Gulliver.

You can give the snacks you receive from Gulliver to animals you want to become better friends with. ♪

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Sometimes, Gulliver might even bring some new animals back with him...


  • ※ Furniture and clothing given to Gulliver will disappear from your inventory.
  • ※ You can hold up to 9,999 of each type of snack.

Posted: April 10, 2018 at 6:00 AM