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The Garden was introduced in Version 1.1.0 and allows the player to plant and grow flowers. These flowers can then be harvested and traded in for an assortment of clothes and furniture.

The garden is accessible at the very left of the player's Campsite.

Seasonal events can take place specifically in the Garden, for more information see Garden Events.

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Garden Basics[ | ]

A player needs to be Camp Manager Level 3 or higher in order to enter the Garden.

The garden has 20 spots to plant and grow various flowers. Flowers take several hours to grow and must also be watered during their growth time. After the growth period a flower fully blooms and a player can then either cross-pollinate, to receive more seeds (including rare unpurchasable seeds), or harvest the flower and trade it to Lloid Icon Lloid for other items.

When a player enters the Garden for the first time, Lloid Icon Lloid will walk the player through a gardening tutorial to teach the player how to plant seeds, use flower fertilizer, harvest flowers, cross-pollinate, and trade flowers for items. By the end of the gardening tutorial, the player will have received:

  • 20Red Tulip Seeds Red Tulip Seeds
  • 20 Orange Tulip Seeds Orange Tulip Seeds
  • 50 Flower Food Flower Food
  • 1 Yellow Tulips Yellow Tulips
  • 1 Furniture Potted Red Tulips Potted Red Tulips

Seeds[ | ]

A player must plant a flower's seed in order to grow that flower.

For a full list of seeds see Seeds.

Lloid Icon Lloid sells the following types of seeds for 80 Bells Bells each:

Other colors of flower seeds can be obtained through cross-pollination.

Growth Period[ | ]

Every seed goes through a growth period once it's planted, growing from a sprout to a bud before fully blooming. For common seeds, this growth time is 3 hours, while rare seeds take 4 hours to grow.



Flower Food[ | ]

Flower Food is an item which can be used to decrease the amount of growth time a flower has to fully bloom by 30 minutes.

Lloid Icon Lloid also offers the Lloid Fertilizing Service, which uses a different type of homemade Flower Food, at a rate of 1 Flower Food for 1 Leaf Ticket Leaf Ticket. This Flower Food decreases the amount of growth time a flower has to fully bloom by 60 minutes.

Watering[ | ]

While a flower is growing, its dirt dries up after approximately 1 hour and becomes a light brown color. At this point, the player or a friend will have the option of watering it.

If the dirt remains dry for 2 hours (3 hours total of no water) the flower will wilt, pausing the growth timer. A wilted flower must be watered to continue growing, either by the player or a friend. This means that common flowers, which have a growth time of 3 hours, will bloom even if they are not watered.

A fully bloomed flower left in the garden will maintain wet dirt and will not need to be watered.

Harvesting[ | ]

When a flower is fully bloomed, a player can harvest the flower and receive the flower item. These flower items can be traded to Lloid Icon Lloid for various floral items or used for cross-pollination.

Cross-Pollinating[ | ]

In order to obtain different and rarer color seeds, a player must cross-pollinate various flowers together. Cross-pollinating is done by harvesting a flower, tapping a planted fully bloomed flower patch of the same species, and then selecting the cross-pollination option.

The seed color result of cross-pollination depends on the flower colors selected for cross-pollination. It is also possible for cross-pollination to fail.

For more details, see Cross-Pollination.

Friends[ | ]

Using the Friend List, a player can visit friends' gardens to help water and cross-pollinate.

When a player helps water a friend's dry flower patch, the player will receive 1 Material Friend Powder Friend Powder. The amount of Friend Powder given per watering does not vary, even if a player waters all 20 plants.

A player can only help water a specific garden once per 3-hour cycle, and only 5 gardens total per 3-hour cycle; this is the same 3-hour cycle as the Recreation Spots. For example, if a player waters any plants in Friend-A's garden at 6:05 and receives Friend Powder, the player will not be able to water any more plants for Friend-A's until 9:00. The player can still water flowers for Friend-B, C, D, and E, but will then need to wait until 9:00 to water plants for Friend-F.

A player can also cross-pollinate using a friend's flower, as long as the friend leaves a fully-bloomed flower unharvested in the garden. The friend will sometimes be sent Material Friend Powder Friend Powder in their mailbox after a player has cross-pollinated in their garden.

List of Flowers[ | ]

For a more detailed list see Flowers.

Pansies[ | ]

Tulips[ | ]

Roses[ | ]

Dandelions[ | ]

Event Flowers[ | ]

List of Flower Trade Items[ | ]

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Potted Plants[ | ]

Event Potted Plants[ | ]

Topiaries[ | ]

Floral Furniture[ | ]

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