Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki

A player can craft the majority of furniture of the game as well as purchase exclusive furniture from the Market Place. Some furniture (eg. Villager Pictures) are obtained as friendship rewards.

Lists by Furniture Type[ | ]

These are furniture lists based on how the furniture is organized by section in a player's furniture inventory.

*Note that Wallpaper and Flooring can only be used inside the player's Camper or at the Cabin.

Special Request Furniture[ | ]

Special Request Furniture crafts are unlocked upon reaching Level 10 or 15 and starting that villager's special request.
For a list of all villagers' special request furniture in the game, see Special Requests.

Craftable Furniture[ | ]

For a list of all furniture that can be crafted, see Furniture/Craftable.
Also, see Short Normal Crafts for furniture that takes less than an hour to craft.

Villager Pictures[ | ]

Villager pictures are furniture rewarded upon reaching Level 20 Friendship with a villager.
For a full list of all villager pictures, see Furniture/Villager Picture.

Nookling Global Exclusive Furniture[ | ]

The furniture sold at Timmy and Tommy's is exclusive to their store.
For a full list of all furniture exclusive to Timmy and Tommy's store, see Furniture/Timmy and Tommy Exclusive.

Furniture with Animal Reactions[ | ]

Furniture with animal reactions are pieces of furniture where a villager will do some type of action when interacting with the furniture (eg. Turning on/off lamp lights).
For a full list of all furniture with animal reactions, see Furniture/Furniture with Animal Reactions.

Conversation Piece Furniture[ | ]

A conversation piece furniture is furniture where if a villager at your campsite interacts with this furniture, there is a chance for the villager to have a conversation with the player regarding the furniture for +5 EXP.
For a full list of all conversation piece furniture, see Furniture/Conversation Piece Furniture.

Event-Exclusive Furniture Items[ | ]

These are items that could be crafted and/or received as a gift during a certain event period. The following links to the general events page where a list of all of the events, and their event-related furniture, can be found: Category:Events.