Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki

Regular Fortune Cookies[]

Regular cookies can be received from completing villager requests and have a chance to appear in the cookie shop.

Name Cost
Fg fortune 0000 cmps.png Tommy's Fortune Cookie 500 Bells.png Bells
Fg fortune 0001 cmps.png Timmy's Fortune Cookie 500 Bells.png Bells
Fg fortune 0002 cmps.png Clothing Fortune Cookie 500 Bells.png Bells

Special Fortune Cookies[]

Special cookies can be bought from the cookie shop for 50 Leaf Ticket Leaf Tickets and have a low chance to appear for 5,000 Bells Bells. Some special cookies can also be obtained through gifts.
See Fortune Cookie Events for dates.

Name ★★★★★
Fg fortune 2210 cmps.png Filbert's Rocket Cookie Int 2210 rocket cmps.png Rocket Launchpad
Fg fortune 2200 cmps.png Marshal's Pastry Cookie Int 2200 kitchen cmps.png Pastry-Shop Kitchen
Fg fortune 2190 cmps.png Rosie's Pop-Star Cookie Int 2190 stage01 cmps.png Yellow Pop-Star Stage
Fg fortune 2230 cmps.png Hopkins's Game Cookie Int 2230 switch01 cmps.png Nintendo Switch NB/NR
Fg fortune 2300 cmps.png Stitches's Patch Cookie Int 2300 bear cmps.png Large Patchwork Bear
Fg fortune 2360 cmps.png Lily's Hydrangea Cookie Int 2360 gazebo cmps.png Hydrangea Gazebo
Fg fortune 2430 cmps.png Whitney's Rose Cookie Int 2430 stage cmps.png Rose Wedding Stage
Fg fortune 2490 cmps.png Roald's Beach Cookie Int 2490 parasol cmps.png Summer Beach Parasol
Fg fortune 2510 cmps.png Bluebear's Party Cookie Int 2510 parfait cmps.png Giant Ice-Cream Sundae
Fg fortune 2520 cmps.png Julian's Stardust Cookie Int 2520 planetarium cmps.png Giant Planetarium
Fg fortune 2590 cmps.png Bunnie's Li'l Red Cookie Int 2590 tree cmps.png Folktale Forest Tree
Fg fortune 2670 cmps.png Tia's Rosewater Cookie Int 2670 bath cmps.png Grandiose Bath
Fg fortune 2680 cmps.png Inkling's Splatted Cookie Int 2680 respawn1 cmps.png Green Spawn Point
Fg fortune 2790 cmps.png Muffy's Creepy Cookie Int 2790 mirror cmps.png Hexed Witch's Mirror
Fg fortune 2810 cmps.png Goldie's Library Cookie Int 2810 car cmps.png Library On Wheels
Fg fortune 2930 cmps.png Isabelle's Café Cookie Int 2930 counter cmps.png Isabelle Counter
Fg fortune 2990 cmps.png Dazzling Duo Cookie Int 2990 stage cmps.png Dazzling Stage
Fg fortune 3230 cmps.png Fauna's Toy Day Cookie Int 3230 bigsled cmps.png Snowy Toy Day Sleigh
Fg fortune 3270 cmps.png Tasha's Hip-Rose Cookie Car rug other 3270 cmps.png Gothic Rose Rug
Fg fortune 3330 cmps.png Gladys's Camellia Cookie Int 3330 bridge cmps.png Camellia Arched Bridge
Fg fortune 3350 cmps.png Kitt's Plushie Cookie Int 3350 bear cmps.png Large Patchwork Bear
Fg fortune 3500 cmps.png Hamlet's Chilly Cookie Int 3500 sled cmps.png Snow Park Slide
Fg fortune 3610 cmps.png Poppy's Cocoa Cookie Int 3610 kitchen cmps.png Chocolatier Kitchen
Fg fortune 3640 cmps.png Apple's Glazier Cookie Int 3640 fountain cmps.png Stained-Glass Fountain
Fg fortune 3710 cmps.png Diana's Fay Cookie Int 3710 thumbelina cmps.png Giant Fairy Flowers
Fg fortune 3860 cmps.png Broccolo's Band Cookie Int 3860 float cmps.png Marching-Band Stage
Fg fortune 3950 cmps.png Lobo's Solo Table Cookie Int 3950 loft cmps.png Retro-Café Special Seat
Fg fortune 3980 cmps.png Chrissy's Royal Cookie Int 3980 sweets cmps.png Royal-Rabbit Treats
Fg fortune 4210 cmps.png Cherry's Rockin' Cookie Int 4190 drum cmps.png Li'l-Devil Drum Stage
Fg fortune 4250 cmps.png Agnes's Grand Cookie Int 4250 bath cmps.png Grandiose Bath
Fg fortune foc00 cmps.png Apollo's Cinema Cookie Int foc00 screen cmps.png Classic Cinema Screen
Fg fortune foc01 cmps.png Colton's Gilded Cookie Int foc01 stairs cmps.png Ethereal Stairway
Fg fortune foc11 cmps.png Stella's Sleepy Cookie Int foc11 moon cmps.png Dreamy Floating Lounge
Fg fortune foc12 cmps.png Francine's Sea Cookie Int foc12 sofa cmps.png Seashell Sofa
Hello Kitty Cookie.png Hello Kitty Cookie Hello Kitty Couch.png Hello Kitty Couch
Cinnamoroll Cookie.png Cinnamoroll Cookie Cinnamoroll Couch.png Cinnamoroll Couch
Pompompurin Cookie.png Pompompurin Cookie Pompompurin couch.png Pompompurin Couch
My Melody Cookie.png My Melody Cookie My Melody Couch.png My Melody Couch
Fg fortune foc15 cmps.png Julia's Palace Cookie Int foc15 bigcarpet cmps.png Decorated Magic Carpet
Fg fortune foc18 cmps.png Phoebe's Fiery Cookie Int foc18 tower cmps.png Three-Storied Pagoda
Kerokerokeroppi Cookie.png Kerokerokeroppi Cookie Int foc20 sofa cmps.png Kerokerokeroppi Couch
Kiki and Lala Cookie.png Kiki and Lala Cookie Int foc19 sofa cmps.png Kiki and Lala Couch
Fg fortune foc21 cmps.png Beau's Artisanal Cookie Int foc21 counter cmps.png Bakery Counter
Fg fortune foc22 cmps.png Wolfgang's Cog Cookie Int foc22 telescope cmps.png Astronomer's Telescope
Fg fortune foc23 cmps.png Maple's Autumn Cookie Int foc23 stump cmps.png Tree-Stump Hideout
Fg fortune foc24 cmps.png Lucky's Frightful Cookie Int foc24 chief cmps.png Frightful Manor
Fg fortune foc26 cmps.png Yuka's Grim-Lily Cookie Lily-Wedding Stage.png Lily-Wedding Stage
Fg fortune foc25 cmps.png Bob's Circus Cookie Int foc25 stage cmps.png Big-Top Tightrope
Fg fortune foc28 cmps.png Nana's Glazen Cookie Int foc28 fountain cmps.png Stained-Glass Fountain
Fg fortune foc27 cmps.png Skye's Lavish Ball Cookie Int foc27 mainstage cmps.png Striking Clock Balcony
Fg fortune foc29 cmps.png Bree's Boutique Cookie Int foc29 display cmps.png Boutique Display Case
Fg fortune foc30 cmps.png Flurry's Powdered Cookie Int foc30 clock cmps.png Winter-Village Tower
Fg fortune foc31 cmps.png Rhonda's Holiday Cookie Int foc31 xmasbook cmps.png Toy Day Pop-Up Book
Fg fortune foc32 cmps.png Dotty's Tea-Party Cookie Int foc32 sweets cmps.png Royal-Rabbit Treats
Fg fortune foc33 cmps.png Chevre's Serene Cookie Int foc33 onsen cmps.png Serene Outdoor Bath
Fg fortune foc34 cmps.png Wendy's Snowy Cookie Int foc34 tree cmps.png Winter Folktale Tree
Fg fortune foc35 cmps.png Olivia's Whimsical Cookie Int foc35 bigchair cmps.png Royal-Red Sofa
Fg fortune foc36 cmps.png Eloise's Flapjack Cookie Int foc36 kitchen cmps.png Pancake-Parlor Kitchen
Fg fortune foc37 cmps.png Maggie's Florist Cookie Int foc37 parasol cmps.png Parasol Flower Display
Fg fortune foc38 cmps.png Vesta's Chic Cookie Int foc38 loft cmps.png Fashion Studio Loft
Fg fortune foc39 cmps.png Merry's Sakura Cookie Int foc39 space cmps.png Sakura-Viewing Picnic Set
Fg fortune foc40 cmps.png Mitzi's Aviary Cookie Int foc40 birdgym cmps.png Little Birds' Playground
Fg fortune foc41 cmps.png Punchy's Crunch Cookie Int foc41 counter cmps.png Crunchy-Veggie Buffet
Fg fortune foc42 cmps.png Alice's Salon Cookie Int foc42 counter cmps.png Natural Salon Counter
Fg fortune foc43 cmps.png Celia's Chapel Cookie Int foc43 organ cmps.png Chapel Pipe Organ
Fg fortune foc44 cmps.png Butch's Candlelit Cookie Int foc44 sofa cmps.png Candlelit Love Seat
Fg fortune foc45 cmps.png Audie's Lemon Cookie Int foc45 wagon cmps.png Lemonade Cart
Fg fortune foc99 cmps.png Rod's Adventure Cookie Int foc99 ptrshipbow cmps.png Giant Pirate Ship Bow
Fg fortune foc46 cmps.png Zell's Aquarium Cookie Int foc46 bigaquarium cmps.png Reef Aquarium
Fg fortune foc47 cmps.png Lolly's Celestial Cookie Int foc47 waterfall cmps.png Glittering Waterfall
Fg fortune foc48 cmps.png Pekoe's Boba Cookie Int foc48 counter cmps.png Boba-Shop Counter
Fg fortune foc49 cmps.png Raymond's Scholar Cookie Int foc49 mainbookshelf cmps.png Scholarly Staircase
Fg fortune foc50 cmps.png Carrie's Apple Cookie Int foc50 kitchen cmps.png Autumn Apple Kitchen
Fg fortune foc51 cmps.png Chief's Fall Feels Cookie Int foc51 carriage cmps.png Magic-Pumpkin Carriage
Fg fortune foc52 cmps.png Kiki's Black Cat Cookie Int foc52 fireplace cmps.png Fancy Feline Hearth
Fg fortune foc53 cmps.png Judy's Blooming Cookie Int foc53 balloon cmps.png Pastel Hot-Air Balloon
Fg fortune foc54 cmps.png Dom's Funfair Cookie Int foc54 wheel cmps.png Funfair Ferris Wheel
Fg fortune foc55 cmps.png Erik's Workshop Cookie Int foc55 tree cmps.png Toy Day Tree Gift Slide
Fg fortune foc56 cmps.png Egbert's Cozy Cookie Int foc56 stove cmps.png Cozy-Lodge Stove
Fg fortune foc57 cmps.png Cranston's Temple Cookie Int foc57 temple main cmps.png Sunrise-Temple Main Hall
Fg fortune foc58 cmps.png Sprinkle's Crystal Cookie Int foc58 balcony cmps.png Ice-Palace Balcony
Fg fortune foc59 cmps.png Pecan's House Cookie Int foc59 tower cmps.png Balcony-View Tower
Fg fortune foc60 cmps.png Felicity's Kitty Cookie Int foc60 maindisplay cmps.png Kitty-Bakery Counter
Fg fortune foc61 cmps.png Piper's Sunbeam Cookie Int foc61 gazebo cmps.png Sunlit Garden Gazebo
Fg fortune foc62 cmps.png Daisy's Berry Cookie Int foc62 step cmps.png Very-Berry Staircase
Fg fortune foc63 cmps.png Sanrio Characters Cookie Int foc63 carousel cmps.png Sanrio Carousel
Fg fortune foc64 cmps.png Bonbon's Bunny Cookie Int foc64 slide cmps.png Hoppin' Playground Slide
Fg fortune foc65 cmps.png Roscoe's Diner Cookie Int foc65 counter cmps.png Decade-Diner Counter
Fg fortune foc66 cmps.png Annalisa's Calm Cookie Int foc66 engawa cmps.png Hydrangea Tatami Room
Fg fortune foc67 cmps.png Snake's Ninja Cookie Int foc67 room cmps.png Ninja Tatami Room
Fg fortune foc68 cmps.png Gloria's Starlight Cookie Int foc68 sofa cmps.png Starry Centerpiece Sofa
Fg fortune foc69 cmps.png Reneigh's Luxury Cookie Int foc69 rosebath cmps.png Luxurious Rose-Petal Bath
Fg fortune foc70 cmps.png O'Hare's Pool Cookie Int foc70 slider cmps.png Pool-Paradise Slide
Fg fortune foc72 cmps.png Rex's Food-Truck Cookie Int foc72 maincar cmps.png Taco-Bowl Truck
Fg fortune foc71 cmps.png Ellie's Donut Cookie Int foc71 counter cmps.png Donut-Shop Counter
Fg fortune foc73 cmps.png Marina's Mermaid Cookie Int foc73 mainstage cmps.png Mermaid Choir Reef
Fg fortune foc74 cmps.png Opal's Jewel-Lab Cookie Int foc74 obj cmps.png Sea-Gem Hourglass
Fg fortune foc75 cmps.png Blanche's Inn Cookie Int foc75 viproom cmps.png Country-Inn Suite
Fg fortune foc76 cmps.png Olive's Toadstool Cookie Int clt76 bighouse cmps.png Fairy Mushroom House
Fg fortune foc77 cmps.png Poncho's Hero Cookie Int foc77 dragon cmps.png Dungeon-Boss Dragon
Fg fortune foc78 cmps.png Queenie's Mystic Cookie Int foc78 fortune cmps.png Fortune-Teller's Booth
Fg fortune foc79 cmps.png Henry's Glamping Cookie Int foc79 fire cmps.png Vacation House Fire Pit
Fg fortune foc80 cmps.png Ursala's Bouquet Cookie Int foc80 sofa cmps.png Boho-Bouquets Chaise
Fg fortune foc81 cmps.png Shari's Cottage Cookie Int foc81 mainroom cmps.png Large Cottage Living Room
Fg fortune foc82 cmps.png Bianca's Lights Cookie Int foc82 mainhouse cmps.png Decked-Out House
Fg fortune foc83 cmps.png Willow's Winged Cookie Int foc83 fireplace cmps.png Angelic Fireplace
Fg fortune foc84 cmps.png Shino's Shrine Cookie Int foc84 shrine cmps.png Camellia Shrine
Fg fortune foc85 cmps.png Fang's Sterling Cookie Int foc85 stage cmps.png Sterling Concert Stage
Fg fortune foc87 cmps.png Kitty's Chocolate Cookie Int foc87 display cmps.png Royal Chocolatier Display
Fg fortune foc88 cmps.png Beardo's Sleuth Cookie Int foc88 desk cmps.png Private Detective's Desk
Fg fortune foc89 cmps.png Mint's Tea-Shop Cookie Int foc89 maincounter cmps.png Tea-Shop Loft
Fg fortune foc90 cmps.png Azalea's Train Cookie Int foc90 maintrain cmps.png Floral Locomotive
Fg fortune foc91 cmps.png Snooty's Blossom Cookie Int foc91 pond cmps.png Sakura-Garden Bridge
Fg fortune foc92 cmps.png Pinky's Regal Cookie Int foc92 sofa cmps.png Elegant Pastel Sofa
Fg fortune foc93 cmps.png Pancetti's Beauty Cookie Int foc93 counter cmps.png Cosmetics-Shop Counter
Fg fortune foc94 cmps.png Quinn's Clear Cookie Int foc94 counter cmps.png Clear Kitchen Counter

Other Fortune Cookies[]

The following cookies were obtainable in a different way than regular fortune cookies and special fortune cookies.

Name Obtain
Fg fortune etc09a cmps.png Elegant Kimono Cookie This cookie was included as a Bonus Item when purchasing the Elegant Kimono New Year's Fortune Pack.
Fg fortune etc09b cmps.png Tasteful Kimono Cookie This cookie was included as a Bonus Item when purchasing the Tasteful Kimono New Year's Fortune Pack.
Fg fortune etc09c cmps.png Wig Collection Cookie This cookie was included as a Bonus Item when purchasing the Wig Collection New Year's Fortune Pack.