Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki
Furniture Plant Icon.png Plant
Cypress Plant
Rmk oth goldcrest.png
Catalog Category
Craft Time
4 Hour(s)
Selling Price
320 Bells Bells
Animal Reactions
No reaction.
Conversation Piece
Favorite Gift
Group 113

How to Obtain[]

Name Material Cost Bell Cost How to Unlock How to Obtain
Rmk oth goldcrest.png
Cypress Plant
30 Wood

3 Friend Powder
850 Bells Bells Unlock Bitty or Peanut Obtained via crafting

Villagers Who Love This[]

Classes That Use This[]

Name Type Start Date End Date
Ftr pzl 2200033.png Terrarium Room Normal
Ftr pzl 3003022.png Lovely Terrace 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 4005014.png Fountain Park 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 5000001.png Royal Chocolatier 1 Event Feb 1st 2022 May 2nd 2022
Ftr pzl 4407013.png Lottie's Holiday Market Event Dec 12th 2021 Dec 26th 2021
Ftr pzl 4406002.png Darling Dollhouse 2 Event Nov 27th 2021 Feb 25th 2022
Ftr pzl 4404027.png Lottie's Aquarium Outing Event Oct 28th 2021 Jan 11th 2022
Ftr pzl 4200008.png Sanrio Characters Party 2 Event Mar 26th 2021 May 10th 2021
Ftr pzl 4102011.png Pop Quiz: Spring Fling 2 Event Mar 15th 2021 Mar 29th 2021
Ftr pzl 4101002.png Secret Sunlit Garden 2 Event Mar 1st 2021 May 30th 2021
Ftr pzl 4002005.png Merrymaking at Home 2 Event Dec 21st 2020 Dec 30th 2020
Ftr pzl 4001011.png Pop Quiz: Toy Day Eve (2020) 2 Event Nov 30th 2020 Dec 30th 2020
Ftr pzl 3403026.png C.J.'s Fintastic Friends 2 Event Nov 12th 2020 Nov 18th 2020
Ftr pzl 3101006.png Spring Tulip Garden 3 Event Feb 29th 2020 Mar 11th 2020