Cool Essence Map

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essence Map
Cool Essence Map
Adventuremap 04 09.png
Goal Reward
Cool Essence x30
Roll Cost
Steel x6
Total Spaces

How to Obtain[edit source]

Cool Essence Map is a Blathers's Treasure Trek Map of normal rarity. It can be obtained by completing villager requests or found in balloons.

Found on the following Gulliver's Islands: None

Cost & Rewards[edit source]

Roll Cost Common Rewards Rare Reward Goal Reward
Main Secondary
Steel x6 Cool Essence x1 Cool Essence x2 Cool Essence x8 Cool Essence x30

Map Details[edit source]

Total Spaces Normal Spaces Movement Spaces Common Reward Spaces Rare Spaces Goal Spaces
Main Secondary
21 9 5 3 2 1 1

Map[edit source]

Cool Map.png