Cool Diner 2

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Cool Diner 2
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Catalog Category
Cool Banner.png
Passing Grade
410+ Points

Description[edit source]

Cool Diner 2 is a Happy Homeroom class that features Anicotti Icon.png Anicotti and items mainly from the Shop category.

Medal Requirements[edit source]

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3 Perfect Score
410+ Points 535+ Points 615+ Points 669 Points

Medal Rewards[edit source]

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3
300 Bells 1,000 Bells 4,000 Bells

On-Point Items[edit source]

Name Type Size Rarity Materials Bell Cost Craft Time Unlocked by
Furniture Sleek Table.png
Sleek Table
Furniture Table Icon.png
4x2 6 Material Steel.png Steel 460 Bells  30 Minute(s) Unlock Freya
Int oth tablesoccer.png
Foosball Table
Furniture Toy Icon.png
4x2 ★★★ 75 Material Steel.png Steel

75 Material Wood.png Wood

4 Material Sporty Essence.png Sporty Essence

2 Material Sparkle Stones.png Sparkle Stones
9,660 Bells 14 Hour(s) 30 Minute(s) Reach Level 10 Friendship and start Jitters' Special Request
Furniture Sleek Chair.png
Sleek Chair
Furniture Seat Icon.png
2x2 6 Material Steel.png Steel

3 Material Friend Powder.png Friend Powder
340 Bells 3 Minute(s) Unlock Tex
Furniture Natural Bench.png
Natural Bench
Furniture Seat Icon.png
4x2 ★★ 30 Material Cotton.png Cotton

30 Material Wood.png Wood

3 Material Natural Essence.png Natural Essence
1,790 Bells 9 Hour(s) Unlock Naomi
Int oth clockN usa.png
Kitschy Clock
Furniture Prominent Furniture Icon.png
Prominent Furniture
2x2 30 Material Steel.png Steel 1,000 Bells 2 Hour(s)  Unlock Anicotti or Fuchsia
Int oth chairs.png
Furniture Seat Icon.png
2x2 15 Material Cotton.png Cotton

15 Material Steel.png Steel
1,310 Bells 1 Hour(s) Unlock Zell
Int oth neon.png
Neon Sign
Furniture Store Decor Icon.png
Store Decor
2x2 ★★★ 150 Material Steel.png Steel

4 Material Hip Essence.png Hip Essence

2 Material Sparkle Stones.png Sparkle Stones
10,460 Bells 23 Hour(s) Reach Level 15 Friendship and start Anicotti's Special Request
Int oth hamburger.png
Veggie-Burger Meal
Furniture Food Decor Icon.png
Food Decor
2x2 ★★★ 150 Material Preserves.png Preserves

4 Material Hip Essence.png Hip Essence

2 Material Sparkle Stones.png Sparkle Stones
10,130 Bells 23 Hour(s) 30 Minute(s) Reach Friendship Level 15 and start Patty's Special Request

Room Requirements[edit source]

HH 15-8a.png

Completed Room[edit source]

HH 15-8b.png