Cookie-Jar Gift

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Cookie-Jar Gift
Friendgift spe 005.png
Gifts Required
Selling Price
1,800 Bells

How to Obtain[edit source]

You can obtain this Gift by participating in the Cookie Gift Week event.

Usage[edit source]

This item is only for sending to friends. Only the friend you send this item to can open it.

Gift Contents[edit source]

The contents of this gift are random.

Judy's Blooming Cookie
Raymond's Scholar Cookie
Lolly's Celestial Cookie
Li'l Snowy Cookie
Chevre's Serene Cookie
Rhonda's Holiday Cookie
Pastel Glazier Cookie
Maple's Autumn Cookie
Phoebe's Fiery Cookie
Stella's Sleepy Cookie
Cherry's Rockin' Cookie
Nordic Patch Cookie
Gladys's Camellia Cookie
Rosie's Pop-Star Cookie