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A player can purchase and obtain clothes to customize the way their character looks. Clothes can be purchased from the Market Place, obtained as Friendship Rewards from Villagers, given in log bonus, or can be crafted( edited 7th April UAE)

Lists by Clothing Type[ | ]

These are lists based on how the clothing is organized by section in a player's clothing inventory.

List of Wigs[ | ]

For a list of all hair replacements, see Clothes/Wigs.

Clothing at the Market Place[ | ]

The clothing sold at the Able Sisters is often only obtainable by purchasing with bells from their store.
For a full list of all clothing sold at the Able Sister's store, see Clothes/Market Place.

Animals-Given Clothing[ | ]

For a list of all clothing that is given through animals, see Clothes/Villager Friendship

==Craftable Clothing==(customizing clothes) For a list of all clothing that can be crafted, see Clothes/Craftable.

==Animal Suitable Clothing==(Dress up Animals) For a list of all the clothing that can be worn by animals like Rosie and Goldie see Clothes/Suitable.