Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Wiki

Change your clothing to match the favorite style of the animal camper you're taking to for better in-game opportunities!

Though Pocket Camp is an abbreviated version of previous AC games, developers went to great lengths to ensure that each wearable item was given a style designation, as well as being part of a clothing set, as viewed in the Catalog.

Previous AC titles relied heavily on clothing choices to influence the in-game opportunities presented to players and Pocket Camp is likely to follow in that tradition.

Unlike previous AC games, there have been no game guides published for Pocket Camp, even in Japanese language.

Previous AC games that required clothing to unlock higher levels involve:

In New Leaf:

The Katrina hats (Tingle Hood and Celebration Hat) unlocking all 24 possible human characters' highest Daily Luck topics, each day. In New Leaf, there are 12 possible Pink TPC card humans and 12 possible Blue TPC card humans, based on birthday and astrological sign.

Wet Suits allowing players to dive for a new category of sea life.

Complete Santa outfit allowing players to participate in the Toy Day mini-game.

Gathering clothing to pass Gracie's Fashion Checks, allowing for the highest level of Nook's shop to be unlocked.

It is also possible that players could earn higher levels of friendship if they changed clothing before chatting with each animal neighbor. There are extensive lists of animal neighbor preferences, typically used for birthday gifts, but it is highly likely that players should also follow these lists of favorites before chatting with each animal neighbor.