Blue Rosettes

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Event Flowers
Blue Rosettes
Ev flower 013 00.png
Catalog Category
First Anniversary (Garden)
Sells For
40 Bells

How to Obtain[edit source]

Obtained via planting Ev seed 013 00 cmps.png Blue-Rosette Seeds and harvesting after 3 Hour(s).

Lloid Trade-in Rewards[edit source]

Furniture[edit source]

Name Theme Catalog Category Size Obtain Rarity
Int 2870 flower1 cmps.png
Potted Blue Rosettes
Elegant Banner.png
First Anniversary (Garden) 2x2 Obtained in the following ways during the Isabelle's Party-Prep Project event:
  • Trade with Lloid in the garden Ev flower 013 00.png Blue Rosettes x20

Clothing[edit source]

  • None