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Black V-Neck Splat Tee
Tops 2730 shirts cmps
Hip Banner
Catalog Category
Splatoon 2 (Blitz Clam)
Craft Time
1 Hour(s)
Selling Price
700 Bells Bells
Animal Suitability
Can wear
{{#tip-text: Favorite Gift | The group identifier for matching up clothing with villagers, when asked by a villager which clothing piece to wear}}

How to Obtain[]

Name Material Cost Bell Cost How to Unlock How to Obtain
Tops 2730 shirts cmps
Black V-Neck Splat Tee
80 Material 2730 00 Blitz Clam 1,200 Bells Bells Obtained via crafting during the Blitz Clam Scavenger Hunt event.


Reissue crafting available for a limited time period.

Name Material Cost Bell Cost Craft Time Availability
Tops 2730 shirts cmps
Black V-Neck Splat Tee
5 Material fukkoku00 Reissue Material

1 Material furniturepuzzle00 HH Material

3 Material Sparkle Stones Sparkle Stones

30 Material Hip Essence Hip Essence

50 Material Paper Paper
12,000 Bells Bells 8 Hour(s) Jun. 10, 2019 - Jul. 8, 2019

Aug. 20, 2022 - Sep. 26, 2022


Islands That Give This[]

  • None

Classes That Use This[]

  • None