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Furniture Outdoor Furniture Icon Outdoor Furniture
Beacon Fire
Int frt fire
Catalog Category
Craft Time
8 Hour(s)
Selling Price
280 Bells Bells
Animal Reactions
No reaction.
{{#tip-text: Conversation Piece | If a villager at your campsite interacts with this furniture, there is a chance for the villager to have a conversation with the player regarding the furniture for +5 EXP.}}
{{#tip-text: Favorite Gift | The group identifier for matching up furniture with villagers, when asked by one villager which furniture piece to give to another villager.}}
Group 107

How to Obtain[]

Name Material Cost Bell Cost How to Unlock How to Obtain
Int frt fire
Beacon Fire
60 Material Wood Wood

3 Material Natural Essence Natural Essence
2,250 Bells Bells Unlock Phoebe Obtained via crafting

Villagers Who Love This[]

Classes That Use This[]

Name Type Start Date End Date
Ftr pzl 2200042 Fun Campfire 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 3302009 Foreboding Castle Normal
Ftr pzl 4401027 Taiko Drum Festival Normal
Ftr pzl 4405014 Taiko Drum Festival 2 Normal
Ftr pzl 4403014 Lottie's Royal Guard Event Oct 19th 2021 Nov 1st 2021
Ftr pzl 4402002 Daring Dungeon Crawl 2 Event Oct 1st 2021 Dec 30th 2021
Ftr pzl 4003014 Lottie's New Year's Shrine Event Dec 29th 2020 Jan 4th 2021
Ftr pzl 3002007 Serene Hot Spring 1 Event Dec 29th 2019 Mar 28th 2020
Ftr pzl 2602011 Under the Big Top 2 Event Oct 19th 2019 Jan 17th 2020