Ancient Zen Room

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Ancient Zen Room
Ftr pzl 2605017.png
Catalog Category
Harmonious Banner.png
Passing Grade
185+ Points

Description[edit source]

Ancient Zen Room is a Happy Homeroom class that features Curt Icon.png Curt and items mainly from the Zen category.

Medal Requirements[edit source]

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3 Perfect Score
185+ Points 235+ Points 315+ Points 357 Points

Medal Rewards[edit source]

Medal 1 Medal 2 Medal 3
300 Bells.png Bells 1,000 Bells.png Bells 4,000 Bells.png Bells

On-Point Items[edit source]

Name Type Size Rarity Materials Bell Cost Craft Time Unlocked by
Int oth go.png
Go Board
Furniture Toy Icon.png
2x2 ★★★ Obtained by eating Timmy's Fortune Cookie (3% chance).
Int jpn armor.png
Samurai Suit
Furniture International Furniture Icon.png
International Furniture
4x2 ★★★ 75 Material Paper.png Paper

75 Material Steel.png Steel

3 Material Sparkle Stones.png Sparkle Stones
10,180 Bells.png Bells 19 Hour(s) Reach Level 10 Friendship and start Curt's Special Request
Furniture Zen Cushion.png
Zen Cushion
Furniture Seat Icon.png
2x2 3 Material Cotton.png Cotton

3 Material Paper.png Paper
980 Bells.png Bells 1 Minute(s) Unlock Curt
Rmk jpn pot.png
Ceramic Hot Pot
Furniture Food Decor Icon.png
Food Decor
2x2 ★★★ 75 Material Preserves.png Preserves

75 Material Steel.png Steel

4 Material Natural Essence.png Natural Essence

2 Material Sparkle Stones.png Sparkle Stones
10,090 Bells.png Bells 22 Hour(s)  Reach Level 15 Friendship and start Mitzi's Special Request

Room Requirements[edit source]

HH 14-3a.png

Completed Room[edit source]

HH 14-3b.png